Dil Se Dil Tak 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shorvari tapes for Parth

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Indu was in the kitchen worried about Parth and the recent developments at home. She was about to hold the hot pot when Baa comes there. Indu was upset that her son was burning in a fake love. She can see hope in Teni. It is clear that Shorvari won’t return, but how can a child be brought up without a mother. Baa says she has been unable to decide. Mohini comes there and says Teni isn’t wrong, she holds equal rights over Teni. She taunts how unjust can someone be. Indu sends Baa to take Teni’s meal, she has to speak to Mohini. When Baa has left, Indu drags Mohini to her room. Ramnik was also shocked to see the reaction. Indu grabs the cheque book and pen and tells him to give her a cheque of 20 lac. Ramnik says he hasn’t yet spoken to Babu ji. Indu says Mohini doesn’t care about any tension

at home, she only cares about her own right. She joins hands to Mohini and says she can no more bear any taunts from her now. Mohini thinks she will take the rest of one quarter part of her inheritance as well. Indu was curt that this is her elder sister. Ramnik assures Indu that he and other family members are with her. Baa comes to the room worried and says Teni isn’t at home again.
In the hospital, Shorvari denies having a bitter medicine. Teni says she is only giving her medicine, any girl would have run away. Teni blackmails her for a toffee. Shorvari laughs wondering who blackmails someone for a sweet, she takes the medicine and toffee both. Teni breaks into a cry. Shorvari shows Teni a magazine with dress and jewellry for her wedding, she wish to make Teni up as a bride. Teni asks if Shorvari isn’t angry. Shorvari says she wish Teni and Parth unite, she must be happy. Teni gets a call from Indu but she doesn’t take the call. Shorvari wish to clarify to Parth about her position. Teni insists to share everything with Parth now. Shorvari says Parth would isolate himself, and their child won’t get the love of either mother or father. They tape a video.
Shorvari corrects her hair. She films for Parth beginning with a greeting .She says when Parth will watch the video she might no more be in this world. She had vowed to be with him forever, but may be life fall short for her. She couldn’t share with him about her ailment, because she knew he won’t marry anyone else otherwise. He gave her love in such a small time she couldn’t ever think about. It was really difficult to fill his heart with hatred for her, she suspected him, sent him to jail and did a lot with him. She felt at peace thinking about him and Teni together. She requests him to forgive Teni, and she will think he has forgiven her. She will always be with them in this interesting relation. Both break into a cry, Teni hugs Shorvari. Shorvari tells Teni to put a password on the cell phone. Teni says Parth will always hate her, Shorvari was sure that after getting to know the truth he won’t. The phone gets off. Teni says battery is dead, she will protect the phone first thing at home.
At home, Indu was worried that both Parth and Teni aren’t attending any calls. Both wish Parth holds hand with Teni. Dadi says it’s important because of Parth’s child. Mohini hears this and says it’s her responsibility to fill her Sejal’s life with happiness. Her Sejal must get half of this property and Rishab.
There at home, Rishab and Sejal select a car. Sejal selects one and says it would even suit him. Rishab says it’s her car. Sejal places a hand over his shoulder and says since they are friends, they can share their cars. Jagruti comes there and dislikes their intimacy. She asks why he didn’t come to meet her, she had to come then. Sejal explains she came to take his help in selecting a car. Jagruti wonders if a car for 80 lacs. Sejal says they belong to Bhanushali’s, it’s not difficult for them to buy such cars. Rishab tells Jagruti to leave, he will speak to her at night. Sejal smirks that Jagruti must now be used to it.
Teni returns home and says she won’t tell anyone where she was. Indu says she must inform them before leaving again. She needs to take more care of her now. Teni says even Parth must take care of her. In the room, she was about to put a password on the recording. Parth snatches the phone. Teni asks her phone back, Parth asks what’s in it. Teni says either there is something or not, its unethical. He asks about her decision. Parth clarifies, we only lives once; die once; and even love once. He only loves Shorvari. He says she and Shorvari can’t switch places, she must drop the hope. Teni tells him to stop hoping and get his child. Parth asks if she thinks he is an easy target for her after Shorvari. Teni asks if he takes such meaning from friendship. He could neither understand friendship nor love. Baa and Indu come there. Teni says it was her mistake, she considered he would understand. She expected them all as well, they must have spoken to him as well. He is playing with the future of his child as well. Who would take care of her child otherwise? If he has decided now, she will also leave the house now.

PRECAP: Parth comes to Teni’s room. There was Shorvari’s call. He tries to guess the password. Teni tells Shorvari its “Parth”. Shorvari wish Parth doesn’t guess and panics.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Please for God sake..either change the story line or please leave this channel, now no one likes this melodrama ..

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    I hope Parth find outs soon! The story is dragging toooooo much!

  3. S story is dragging too much. Boaring to watch past two weeks.

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    Feeble storyline and a lot of repetition. Either the show producers come up with a better storyline or end this serial.

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