Dil Se Dil Tak 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
All family members are in lounge. Priest checks kundlis. Baa asks Dada what is happening? Dada says wait, you will know. Shorvori think Teni must have done something again. Teni thinks I am stuck again. Dada asks what is your birth date Teni? Teni murmurs to Shorvori that I dont know it, people say I was born near Diwali, Shorvori stammers and says it was 11th november, priest asks year of birth, Teni murmurs I dont remember, Shorvori says 1993. Priest says I have created the kundli, their kundlis match perfectly, all are stunned. Aman smiles at Teni, Teni tries to smile back. Dada says if their kundlis are matching then pundit give date for their wedding, Pundit sees date and says date after 20 days is a very good date for their wedding, Parth, Teni are stunned, priest says if this date

passes then next date will be after 5 years, all are more shocked. Teni says we will get married after 5 years, we will get time to prepare more. Bharat says you can have two babies in 5 years that will be playing with Dada, Aman blushes. Dada says its decided, Teni and Aman will get married after 20 days. All are happy except trio. Aman hugs family members, Teni looks on. Dada asks Shorvori to come to him, she sits with him. Dada says you said Teni is not ready for wedding but when I got to know that Teni has accepted this relation so I decided to get them married, i know time is less but we can try together and everything will be prepared, right? Teni says marriage is important decision of a girl, girl has to mentally prepare, i need 8months to mentally prepare for that. Dada says didnt you listen priest saying we wont have any date in next 5 years and also Shorvori will be 9 month pregnant and wont be able to be part of your happiness. Teni asks Aman to ask them to postpone wedding. Aman says I cant do anything, Dada has given me everything, sorry. Baa says we have to prepare for son’s wedding and daughter’s kanyadan, lets prepare. Parth looks on.

Teni comes to Shorvori and Parth’s room. Shorvori says I am not saying you are doing wrong but you saw what happened? we had relation, you would forget everything and leave? this relation is above our promise? Teni says i am not breaking my promise, I will give you your baby. Parth says how will baby come in 20days? will you marry Aman without telling anything? you would promise to live life with him by starting with a lie? the relation which is based on a lie cant stand the rough winds, and even if you tell truth to Aman, what if he tells to whole problem? we will be gone. Teni says I didnt know this would happen, I will tell truth to Aman, i know he loves me and will love me even after knowing truth. Shorvori says you dont know Aman that much, we can lose everything. Parth says this is not love but business, and when intentions are not right then God wont be with you. Teni says who told you that I dont love him? if i didnt love him then I wouldnt agree to marry him, you have no right to call my love as business. Parth says do you even know what love feeling is? we dont shout when we love, we can see in eyes, when you love someone, you wil to lose everything, you look sincere in love but your eyes shows fear and greed only, this is not love, Teni looks on and says you are scaring me, i will prove you that I have all this in me. Parth says if you love Aman truly then tell him truth, either he would understand you and accept you or he destroy us all, i am willing to risk it for your true love, are you willing too? Teni says yes, this is no risk, I know he will marry me even after knowing truth, Shorvori says what are you doing Parth? Parth says to Teni then do one thing, take this phone, call Aman and tell him whole truth, Teni gets tensed. Parth asks what happened? you cant do it? your love is true then why afraid? Teni takes phone from him. She calls Aman and says I.. meet me at lovers garden in evening, I want to talk to you, she ends call. Teni says to Parth that i will tell him truth face to face looking in his eyes. She glares at Parth and leaves. Shorvori says what you did Parth? what if Aman didnt agree? Parth says we had to take this risk, they are getting married after 20days, we had to do this. Jalpa comes there and says what is happening? Teni and Aman are getting married? Parth says its long story, how are you? Jalpa says thank you for taking care of Bharat and Jayu, I have talked to lawyer, we are hopeful to get everything back. Jalpa asks if Aman know Teni is your surrogate? Parth says no till now but he will know in evening. Jalpa sadly looks at them.

Scene 2
Teni comes to restaurant, she says to God that I need strength to do this, be with me. Aman comes there and hugs her from behind, she gasps. Aman says sorry but I cant wait for these 20days. Teni moves away. Aman says why did you call me here? Teni says I have important work. Aman gives her red rose and smiles. Teni says first hear me. Teni says to Aman that I want to say something important to you. He asks if someone is coming between them? she is not someone but whole family, Shorvori is not my sister, we have no relation, I am their surrogate. Teni tells Aman everything about how she became Parth and Shorvori’s surrogate and carrying their baby. Teni says we are getting married so I cant lie to you. I have told you everything because my heart is clean. Do you love me still? you will marry me even after knowing truth right? Aman gets angry hearing it, he slaps her hard across her face, he gasps at him and screams. Aman says such big cheating? you kept lying to me? you hid such big secret from me? how I couldnt see your real face. How coudl you cheat people who loved you and respected you. You cheated every relation and wants to me have relation with you? with you? you dont even deserve to be seen by me. Aman takes off his ring from her finger and says you dont deserve this ring. I am breaking off this wedding. Aman says your lie wont be lie anymore, I will bring your truth out to Dada. Teni cries and pleads. Aman throws rose away and glares at her, he leaves. Teni cries and pleads him to listen…. this all turns out to be Teni’s dream. Teni is still in restaurant, she wipes her tears. Aman calls her and asks if she reached? I am coming there, Teni says Shorvori asked me for some work, meet me at home, he says you tease me a lot, he ends call. Teni says I cant tell truth to Aman, he would hate me after knowing truth, i would bear that but I cant let Parth and Shorvori’s truth to come out, I cant cheat them like that.

Teni dejectedly returns to house. Parth comes there and gives her tissue, he asks her to wipe her sweat, he says you didnt have guts to tell Aman truth right? Teni looks on.

PRECAP- Teni says to Parth that I am like a thirsty person who is seeing love everywhere, she puts hand around Parth’s arm and lies her head on his shoulder. Aman comes there and sees them like that.
Aman is in hospital, he calls Parth and says Teni had accident, you come there. Aman comes to ward, doctor checks unconscious Teni and says to Aman that you should have taken care of her in this delicate condition. Aman asks delicate condition? Doctor says dont you know that your fiance is pregnant, Aman is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I feel aman will start suspecting parth n teni. he will join the three once he gets to know the truth…
    I think aman n teni will get married.. they can portray the baby bump of teni as teni n aman’s child… at the time of delivery, it can be shown that teni’s child died due to early pregnancy (as per family calculation)
    Parth n shor can have their kid as shorvori delivered after completing the pregnancy period…shor will adjust baby bump with the artificial one…
    My thoughts…??

    1. I too thought d same…..
      Ammu ma neengla???

    2. Pinkpearl

      Hope it goes as per ur prediction..coz I really love to see aman teni together..they make a amazing pair on screen

  2. And during this whole period of pregnancy, teni will realize the importance of love n family through aman’s care n love…she too will fall in love with him.

    1. Pinkpearl

      i wish teni ko bhi aman se dil se dil tak wala pyaar ho jaye…really really hoping this to happen

  3. damn the precap. anyway Aman gets to know the truth.

  4. i can’t wait to for the next episode

  5. Wah wah…..most stupid show ever…….like literally….itna lamba precap stretch kiya……told you naa Aman and teni won’t be separated….,Aman and teni are the worst couple ever made? ..,….why teni needs to marry Aman…jab chipakna usse Parth see he Hai…I know for saying this people will be behind me but still ….Zara seeChez ka it bada pahad bana Diya……actors’ chemistry is awesome ?? chemistry aise jiska reaction kharab aur ghatiya hoo ?…….End for meet

  6. Aww poor teni afraid . But why did they stretch the precap when all knew that has to be dream ?


    Now aman will doubt on teni and aman relation. And i read on spoiler that he will confront teni and parth about baby and parth will beat him.
    I hope aman do not trun into negative as i like aman and teni more than any one pair on colors.

    1. Pinkpearl

      Same here even I like to see aman teni together..makers should make teni fall for aman coz this can help improving the show TRP..I wonder how parth and shorvari got best jodi award..they are the boring couple..aman teni rocks


        Its becoz teni and aman are not married yet

  8. teni you are tooo good

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