Dil Se Dil Tak 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Dada ji decides a single wife option for Parth

Dil Se Dil Tak 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Bhanushalis were restlessly waiting for Priya. Teni was eager to give her a few slaps. Priya arrives then and says she must be ready for another court notice in that case. She takes a seat and calls Spursh. Bharat asks her about her cost. Priya asks Bharat what he owns, he opened a hospital on loan. The Bhanushali’s can give what she wants. Shorvari asks the meaning. Priya says there must be Jalpa’s share in the whole Bhanushali’s empire, she wants half of that. Mohini smirks that if Priya gets the share, she might give half of it. Indu calls Priya as selfish. Priya says they can’t see how lonely she is, she is Spursh’s mother. Priya wasn’t ready to give up on her demand and says she knows well how to get her right. Dada ji announces she won’t get a penny from this house. This money

has been earned honestly and only the children of this family have a right to inherit it. She must get lost. Priya says they will now meet in court. Indu calms them down. Priya suggests them to call an ambulance outside the court, Dada ji might get a heart attack when Bhanushali’s respect is ruined in court. Parth charges over Priya but Teni stops him. Dada ji trembled, the family presents her a glass of water.
Mohini follows Priya outside and asks about her further planning. Priya says she must drag Bhanushali family into the court. Mohini says there is no guarantee they get anything through prolonged court case. Priya was determined to break the relation of trio of she doesn’t get her right. Mohini decides Priya is of no use to her anymore.
Bharat tells Dada ji that they must find a way to settle with Priya. Dada ji says there is no need for a settlement. Baa says they have this single option. Dada ji says no matter how much we attempt our society won’t accept bigamy. He speaks to Parth that society will walk over the rules it has made. Even when Ipshita begins going to school, which mother will be introduced. Parth inquires what he suggests them to do. Dada ji says there is a single way to solve the matter, he must select any one of the wife. Any one from Teni or Shorvari must sacrifice the rights of her relation, as legally only a single one of them will be rightful as a wife. They must mutually decide who will sacrifice the rights.

PRECAP: Teni announces they couldn’t reach any decision. They have decided to leave the decision over God about who will get the right. Dada ji holds a paper and was about to announce who will stay as Parth’s wife.

Update Credit to: Sona

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