Dil Se Dil Tak 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni and Shorvari buy Valentine’s gift for Parth

Dil Se Dil Tak 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Teni was confused and tells Shorvari she hasn’t ever celebrated Valentine’s Day and doesn’t know how to get Parth a gift. Shorvari promises to help Teni. Teni asks what gift with Shorvari will bring to Parth. Shorvari says she won’t celebrated Valentine’s this time, as per Dada ji’s challenge. She assures Teni they will celebrate this day in the many years to follow. Teni says the gift she will bring Parth will have the love from both of them. They shop online for Parth. Teni prepares tea for both of them. Teni likes a shirt, but Shorvari was sure Parth won’t like it. Shorvari suggests about selecting something other than clothes.
Jalpa discuss with Indu on call that there is no chance of Teni and Shorvari’s fight. She feels bad for not being able to meet Shorvari, but has

huge responsibility of Spursh and Jayu and even Bharat is unwell and has taken pain killer. Bharat wakes up then, and asks Jalpa about her plans for Valentine’s Day; it’s a good day for lovers. Jalpa makes up that she has an important meeting. Bharat wonder’s what is more important for her than him and asks her about her plans for today. Jalpa says she has head ache and feels like cold and cough. He forces Jalpa to take a seat and massages her head. Spursh comes to the room, Jalpa was concerned about his fever. Bharat suggests about giving him multi-vitamins. Jalpa says he is allergic to multi-vitamins like Bharat. Spursh goes to sleep after wishing them. Jalpa complements a woman in magazine to be pretty. Bharat says she is a normal pregnant woman. Jalpa says women are most beautiful when pregnant and only men don’t realize this. Bharat thinks if Jalpa appears pregnant to yoga trainer, he would not be interested in her anymore.
Teni wakes up in the middle of night having decorated the room with flowers, candles and balloons. She gets him the box of his Valentine’s gift. Parth wishes her in return. Teni asks him for her gift. He holds her hand, walks close to her and carries her to bed. Teni avoids Parth and goes to sleep on the couch instead.
The next morning, Teni knocks at Shorvari’s room door. Parth wakes up and wonders where Teni has gone. Shorvari opens the door for Teni. She was upset and tells Shorvari she ruined everything. Shorvari asks if Parth didn’t like the gift. Teni says he hugged her straight away but she pushed him. She felt shy and whispers it into her ear. Shorvari was shocked. Shorvari says she must have told him its genuine problem. Teni says she is a new wife and isn’t as frank, she requests Shorvari to tell him about it. Shorvari agrees.
In the room, Parth wonders why Teni behaved so strange. Shorvari brings Ipshita into the room. Parth wish Shorvari a Happy Valentine’s day. Parth goes to bring a gift for Shorvari. She was excited about it then withdraws her hands. Teni stood at the door watching this.

PRECAP: Parth hugs both wives wishing them Valentine’s together. He suggests about doing something in the party that everyone realizes the strength of their relation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I dont like what parth its doping Withe His wives îs horrible Why he dont choose One ? Its playing Withe Both shame on you parth banushali this îs whath you Wish FOR you daughter ipshita to the same like you?

    1. This serial is going a wrong track. Its encouraging a man to keep 2 wives. Will go down on TRP as people wont accept it. Will be shut soon.

  2. Bakwaas serial. Stop this nonsense.

  3. Alister La Frenais

    Listen all you moaning minis. Which normal red blooded man would turn down the opportunity to having two beautiful women. I definitely would not say no to having two loving, young and beautiful women. Think of the possibilities, waited on hand and foot, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with one wife. Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the other wife, with Sunday being my day of rest. Wow it would be like Christmas all year round.

  4. this is such a dirty serial.parth is just so annoying cant watch it anymore its shit they should ban it

  5. I totally agree with you all!!! This is ridiculous, I mean how can you have love for the other person when you love one. This is cheating doesn’t matter who. This is a wrong message to the society. I use to love this show in the beginning the way Parth and Sorvari love and respect each other and the way Parth support his wife knowing his family never liked her. I get it you get surrogate mother but then it should have stopped there and not go forward. I mean Teni herself should have said I wouldn’t have like if you stay with me and sorvari its better I leave because my work is done here. I mean when Sorvari came back and she is the actual mother you don’t need learn how to handle a baby she have 3 women the family anyway. Now this show is showing all types of shit and everyone know now one like to share a partner doesn’t matter if its a husband or a wife, jealously & hate will come in between. I mean they have daughter what will they teach her, to have more then one relationship? how will Parth sleep two wife on either sides and him in the middle!!! DISGUSTING!!!!!

  6. What a stupid serial.in my life i never watch this much of worst serial.pls guys pls comment to stop this serial or tweet to rashmi to quit from tis serial or try down trp .

  7. What a stupid serial.in my life i never watch this much of worst serial.pls guys pls comment to stop this serial or tweet to rashmi to quit from tis serial or try down trp .

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