Dil Se Dil Tak 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Teni gives an ultimatum of Diwali for marriage

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Parth reaches the room from one side to Teni’s room, while she and Shorvari had left from the other. He comes inside and finds the plate hand finished and was relieved. He decides to speak to her tomorrow and goes back to his room.
The doctor warns Teni that Shorvari is careless and it may prove fatal. He excuses himself to go to a patient. Teni assures she is here. Shorvari asks what Teni was saying at that time. Teni speaks about her love for Parth, but Shorvari couldn’t hear what she was saying. She lay with open eyes, but brain having ceased to work. She apologizes Shorvari but Shorvari begins to succumb. Teni apologizes Shorvari and says she never wished to snatch Parth from her. Parth would never be hers, she always wished to see them together. She joins her hands, but Shorvari

lay with her eyes opened, her hand fell off the bed. Teni holds the hand and kisses it. She was happy Shorvari held her hand even after knowing the truth. Shorvari was unconscious. The doctor comes inside then. Teni was concerned, the doctor says she has fallen asleep due to effect of medicine. He says its morning, she should also go home. Teni requests the doctor to call her when she wakes up.
Parth wakes up on the couch in his room. He says Teni is worried about them, but he will speak to her. Her tension shouldn’t affect their child. He thinks Teni must be awake and goes to speak to her. Indu stops Parth and asks if Teni isn’t in his room, she took breakfast for her. Parth was worried and goes to the room. Indu asks the family. Parth dial’s Teni’s number.
Everyone was worried as she had left her phone home as well. Mohini says she has run away. Baa scolds Mohini and was sure Teni will never do so. Mohini argues they couldn’t think Shorvari will do this, they why can’t Teni. Parth was sure Teni won’t do this. Teni comes from behind and says she will do so. She clarifies she understands well how is life without a mother, she won’t leave her child without a mother. Shorvari won’t return, why must her child suffer then? Parth was angry. Indu argues they all had a belief that Shorvari will return, she didn’t and she never will. Parth says alright but she will always be in his heart. Teni gives Parth an ultimatum till Diwali, if he wants his child he must marry her. Else she will leave. Parth now turns to her and asks what right she has for this. She is here because of the deal between them, she will get whole money as per deal. She must also remember after the baby is born she will have no right over him. Teni shows him the papers of the deals, she has understood all the rules with the help of a lawyer. The deal states the child will be brought up by Parth and Shorvari, since Shorvari isn’t here anymore this deal doesn’t mean anything. She tears the papers saying the deal has ended. Now it’s his decision, he has to live lonely or with his child.
Mohini enjoys Teni’s mood.
In the room, Teni sat upset. Teni cries holding Parth’s photo and apologizes for lying to him. She gets a call from Shorvari and says she lend them an ultimatum of Diwali; but she feels it’s so soon. Shorvari says she has to go to Singapore on Diwali, at least she will be relieved that Parth isn’t alone. Teni breaks into cry and asks Shorvari to keep herself in her place. Shorvari says its fate, Teni is in her place and she can’t anymore take her own place. Shorvari watches Parth’s photo and cries. Parth sat in his bed, doomed. Teni cries after cutting the call. In the room, Shorvari’s photo frame fell down and breaks. Parth was worried and senses Shorvari was in trouble. Shorvari was crying in the hospital.

PRECAP: Shorvari records an explanatory message for Parth in Teni’s cell phone and asks her to save it and put a password in cell phone. Parth comes to Teni from behind while she was dialing the password in her room, the video was open and Teni was alert.

Update Credit to: Sona

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