Dil Se Dil Tak 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Shorvori says to Teni that you said yes for marriage? Teni says yes, Parth says why you used to hate Aman? oh for money, i knew you had greed for money but I didnt know that you woild stoop that low for money,m Teni says my greed has increased, i want my family too, a family that would take care of me, you would throw me out after taking baby then who will be with me? to protect me? if Aman can give me all that then that be it. Shorvori this is wrong, you are doing a deal not relation. Teni asys dont teach me about right and wrong because you married Parth and set her life. Parth says how dare you talk to Shorvori like that? She married me because she loves me, she would have married me even if I didnt have this status, dont compare yourself to Shorvori again. Shorvori says you dont love

Aman but if you marry Aman then it wont matter. Teni says even marriages without love survive, Parth says people dont see their gain in marriage, this is deal, marriage is done out of love, Teni says I will fall in love too. Parth says there is no love in deal, your intentions are wrong, you can never love, you broke our deal for money then whats the guarantee that you wont leave Aman if someone offers you more money? Teni says who said I am breaking deal with you? I promised that I will give you baby and then I will marry, Parth says how will it happen? your baby bump will show then what will you tell Aman? Teni says I have told Aman that I cant marry him for 8months, I will make him leave for America then I will give you your baby but after that I will marry him and you both wont interfere in my life, my relation with you both is about this deal, you dont have right on my whole life, Parth says it was all deal to you? Teni says it was all deal, you both involved me in this happiness because I have your baby otherwise people like you would never look at poor like us. Shorvori says you are right, its our mistake, we came closer so we thought.. Teni says you people thought that you bought me? I understood my value when you gifted diamond necklace to Shorvori and gave me just watch, Parth and Shorvori are stunned. Teni says leave it, he is your husband, you have right on his everything but dont you think that I should have someone whose everything is mine too. I used to think that money is everything but after living in this house, I understood that money is not enough, family is needed if you want to live good life, if I want a family then why you both have problem with it? I am giving you baby then whats the problem? I might die and nobody would even know, I want someone in life who would walk with me in life, you both should be on my side, I have decided that I will marry Aman and if you both think that I am wrong then be it, but my decision wont change for anyone, she looks away from them and is in tears. Shorvori and Parth are hurt, Shorvori holds Parth’s hand and takes him away from Teni’s room, Teni looks on.

Parth and Shorvori sadly sits in their room, Dil se Dil tak plays, Shorvori says I told you before that Teni shouldnt flirt with Aman, see how fat it went in joke only, but she is not wrong, we have no right to take her life’s decisions, we are nothing to her. Parth says if Teni has started liking Aman or fell in love with Aman then i wouldnt have problem with it, I would have been okay with their relation but she doesnt love Aman, she is doing this for her insecurity and helplessness and its wrong, I know we should be practical but we cant be practical in relations and specially husband wife relation, Teni might form a relation but wont be able to give family to him. Shorvori says when everyone was congratulating me after seeing baby’s sonography, I felt like I am going to give birth to baby but now I feel everything is falling apart, why our happiness keep going away? Parth says i wont let this happen again, I will talk to Teni, this is not only about us but Aman’s happiness and Teni’s life, I dont want her to destroy everything.

Scene 2
In morning, Teni says they play nice music when heroine is sad, I should play too, Shorvori and Parth are showing me ego like I have done something big, I am just thinking about my future, Shorvori brought breakfast but didnt even look at me and Parth didnt come to meet me. Aman comes there and says I am your star, Teni says stars come out at night, Aman says i should call myself as sky as its always with us, you were worried that I didnt come to meet you? so I have come. Teni says who called you? you could give me two minutes alone, Aman says i thought you would be happy to see me, Teni says I am happy to see you but I dont want any family member to see us, Aman says you are right, lets go where no one can see us, he drags her out.

Aman brings Teni away from house, they sit in his car. HE says we are away from house and nobody is going disturb our romance, Teni says let me go, Aman says you have anything to say? you can tell me anything, Teni says its nothing, Aman smiles and holds her hand, he laces his finger with hers. Aman says you know what is important for marriage? she says what? Aman says love, Teni recalls Parth’s words that she cant love as she has wrong intentions. Aman says marriage is useless without love, you cant force anyone to love, if you dont love me then you can tell me. Teni jerks her hand away and says when i was not confessing, you were behind me and now I have confessed so you dont believe it, you are mad, Aman says yes but now I will be fine as I have found you. Aman plays song dil ibadat, he leans towards Teni, Teni thinks he is going to kiss me? she pushes him away, Teni says I dont like touchy touchy, Aman says but we love each other, Teni says somtimes hugging is good but you cant shove your tongue to mine, everything will happen after wedding, Aman says okay. Teni winces and says something has gone in my eyes, Aman says let me see, he leans in towards her and blows on her eyes. Bharat comes there and sees them all over each other and leaning towards each other, he thinks they are kissing, he knocks on their door, they get stunned, they come out of car. Bharat says you both have foudn good place to romance, Teni says nothing like that. Bharat says when family is ready to your wedding then take license and romance, Aman says I was telling her that only that we should take license, Teni says he is joking. Aman says dont lie to elders, Bharat says he is right, dont hide, I know you are both hesitating to talk to Dada but I will ask Dada to get you both married soon and then you can openly romance, he wont deny me, Aman nods, Teni thinks where I am stuck now.

Bharat comes house, Bharat says to Dada that you are elder of house thats why Aman and Teni hesitate to talk to you but they love each other, I am suggesting you to make them get married soon, Dada says we all want to bless them for wedding but Shorvori is not ready, she doesnt want Aman to marry her sister thats why we are not going ahead, Bharat says Shorvori shouldnt have problem with that, she did love marriage too, if you take final decision then nobody will go against it. Teni comes home and says Bharat will talk to Dada so before mess is created, I should talk to Parth and Shorvori but they are not talking to me, she comes in lounge and sees Dada and Bharat talking, she thinks that Bharat might have told him everything, I should leave before Dada talks about marriage, she tries to leave but Dada calls out to her, Teni thinks that its my death time.

PRECAP- Bharat asks Dada to take decision for Aman and Teni’s wedding. Dada says if their kundlis are matching then pundit give date for their wedding, Pundit sees date and says date after 20 days is a very good date for their wedding, Parth, Teni are stunned.
Teni says to Aman that I want to say something important to you. He asks if someone is coming between them? she is not someone but whole family, Shorvori is not my sister. Teni tells Aman everything about how she became Parth and Shorvori’s surrogate and carrying their baby. Aman gets angry hearing it, he slaps her hard across her face, he gasps at him. Parth and Shorvori comes there and sees it too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. guys I read somewhere ki aman teni ki bath sunkar gussa ho jata hea and he slap her ur tabhi parth sorvori ate hea ur aman ka behaviour dekhkar parth gussa ho jata hea and he start beating aman ki how he raise hand on teni..sorvori ur teni parth ko rokne ki koshis karte hea but o rukta nehi..yaha tak parth aman ko ye kehta hea ki agar usne dubara asa kia toh o aman ki jaan lelega..uske badh pata nehi..but ye series jitna aga ja raha hea utnahi new twists aa rahe hea..ab dekhna ye hea ki aman teni ka rista break hota hea ya nehi..

    1. English please! I want to be informed too lol

  2. See told you naa .,.ki teni is greedy ? very greedy and she doesn’t love Aman……stupid teni and Aman shippers…..he just sticks to her like a chewing gum …..??…..I find everything forced…..#dont feel bad#just a thought

  3. Angelk1

    I think the precap isn’t a dream. Teni does tell him, but he won’t say to dada. It was obvious she wasn’t in love with him. She’s not wrong on wanting to secure her future, but she’s going about it the wrong way. Parth was right.

  4. This Teni can never change!!what was the need of saying yes for Amans proposal now.She could let Aman go to America..then she could say yes on phone.so that Aman couldnt come back home & after 8 months when shorvori & parths baby is born he would come back & happily marriage teni…bt no this teni has messed up bcz of her greed.till now money matters to her.which she talking abt is insecurity,helplessness!!where was her that type of thinking before.did she think it who will take care od her when she danced on bar..Her luck is coming this house wid shorvori & parth…For them she found another money mechine ‘Aman’ so cheap Teni..

  5. Annie1

    Poor Aman . I am feeling really bad for him. Teni doesn’t love him at all. She deserves a slap from Aman.
    Teni should not have said harsh words to Parth and Shorvori.

  6. Shorwari and parth are too over

  7. It’s good if Tani will let aman know about everything.. aman will not forgive teny but I think he won’t say anything to dadaji..poor aman

  8. VINAL

    I think Aman is still playing game with how suddenly he realize his love for teni & I have doubt that mohini& sezal are also supporting aman in this………… just thought !!!!!$

  9. Pinkpearl

    I love aman..I have watching the show coz they hav paired aman and teni..teni should fall in love with him

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