Dil Se Dil Tak 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Teni helps Shorvari break her fast

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Everyone in the family sat tensed in the hall. Indu wonders what Parth would decide. Mohini says he must be more conscious. Teni poses to be sweet, what if she is marrying Parth for money. Baa forbids her to ruin the atmosphere.
Parth asks Teni how she even thought he can give her Shorvari’s place. Teni questions what’s wrong in it, and if what he is doing is right. Parth says she realizes well what place Shorvari holds in his heart. Teni says she is his friend, Shorvari has thrown him out of his life and he is even ignoring his responsibilities towards his child. Parth says Shorvari is still in his heart, she will always be there. Love never vanishes because of distance. He will wait for Shorvari for a lifetime. Teni says Shorvari has shown what she feels, she didn’t come even he was

fasting. Parth says he won’t be able to let Shorvari out of his heart in this life at least. Teni turns her face away and cries. Parth says he understands whatever she had just said about Shorvari was anger, not hatred. He asks her to be true to him, she also thinks Shorvari will return? Teni says she has announced her decision, he must also take one. She turns her face away from him. Parth leaves the room while Teni shuts the door behind him and cry. Shorvari knocks at the door of window for her to open. Teni pours water to herself and sobs; she says she never realized she will have to create such huge drams.
Indu asks Parth about the situation, downstairs. Parth says there is always something going on in Teni’s mind always. He won’t give Shorvari’s place to anyone. They ask to have dinner, but Parth goes inside as he isn’t hungry.
Indu holds Shorvari responsible for Parth’s condition. Even their unborn child would be effected now. She says Shorvari has left Parth and them all forever.
Sejal was packing her bag and deters to leave the house and Mohini. She will leave with Rishab and will see where she has to live. Mohini says she has spoken to everyone about money. Sejal says she can’t speak about 300 crores. Mohini asks how she will survive, she swears to speak about the money but Sejal must promise she won’t leave the house. Sejal says her promise depends upon Mohini’s action; Mohini needs to decide if she wants to part from the family or her. Mohini promises, but was worried.
Parth sat in the room with Shorvari’s photo in his hand. Shorvari comes to Teni’s room and asks why she broke into a cry. Teni says Parth holds true love for Shorvari in his eyes. Shorvari neglects Parth’s call. Shorvari says Teni must fight with the situation. She says she is leaving for Singapore on Diwali. Teni wish she had a magic wand, she could fix everything. Shorvari says Teni is the magic wand in her life. She says she committed a mistake today, she must have asked once from Teni about it. She says Parth was better husband than she wished for, but she must have asked Teni if she is ready to marry him? Teni thinks about her love for Parth and says it’s a huge matter when a wife is ready to give her husband away. Teni says she also wants to share with Shorvari about something; sometimes its better a few things are said thoughtfully. She asks her not to take her wrong. Shorvari gets a call from her doctor but gets a head ache at once, she fell unconscious. Teni speaks to doctor that Shorvari has fainted. The doctor says she must not have taken medicine. The doctor says he must send the ambulance, Teni promises to bring her hospital herself. The doctor tells her to feed Shorvari with something. Teni takes a chocolate from her drawer. She sprinkles water over her face. Shorvari wakes up and says she will only drink from Parth’s hand. Teni thinks for a while then leaves the room. Shorvari lay on the bed again.
Teni goes to Parth’s room. She brings him to kitchen and says he didn’t care she is also fasting. She poses to be getting dizzy and asks him to prepare thaali for her and a glass of water. She takes the thaal and water, saying if she stays Parth would argue with her. He must think calmly in his room if he will marry her, or should she leave.
Teni brings the water for Shorvari which Parth served with his own hands. Shorvari breaks into a cry and thanks her, as Teni had to lie to her best friend only because of her. Teni says they need to go to hospital now. Shorvari looks towards Teni as she helps her eat.
In the room, Parth thinks about going to check if Teni has finished her food or not.

PRECAP: Teni tells Parth to marry her by Diwali else she will leave with the child. Parth reminds her about the deal but Teni tears the deal papers.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. all of you that were calling Teni a whore you are all quiet now shame on you. you all don’t realize the pain of doing sacrificing yourself now Teni would have to marry someone who can never love her is that not sad

  2. all of you that were calling Teni a whore you are all quiet now shame on you. you all don’t realize the pain of doing sacrificing yourself now Teni would have to marry someone who can never love her is that not sad?

    1. Dint she ever want to marry parth? Wat was tat mastani tagline? Agar bajirao ki do biwiyan ho sakti hai toh parath ki kyun nahi? Wat was that? And when her wedding stopped and parth put off the fire becUse jalpa asked him to..dint she go into lalaland thinking oly parath is in her kismat as her husband? And u say she has to marry someone who doesnt love her….wah…if it wasnt for parth and if shorvari had asked teni to marry someother guy as her last wish..wud teni agree? Definitely not..since its parth she is agreeing..so please dont tell here that she is doing sacrifice..no one is doing any sacrifice..neither shorvari is doing any nor is teni..only parth is sacrificing his peace of mind by getting stuck with these two psychotic women

    2. Teni is really a whore … She should have told shorvori’s truth to parth , parth thinks teni to be his best friend …. What about a dieing wife who loves her husband , shorvori needs the love of her husband .

    3. Jasmin bhasin is best

      Agree with u Teni

  3. Same recape rahta he ye serial ka pura week Tak???

  4. Hate shorvori

    Shorvori is a b*t*h,whore. She is using teni

  5. Angelk1

    Aprently some people miss the EPs where ten I want a to tell parth and shovori said no. Stop finding ways for ten I to look bad. You people are disgusting. The girl is trying to help one friend while feeling pressured
    And worried for another. Both girls are hurting seeing the guy they love in pain. If anything, the wife should be the one to reveal the truth not ten I.

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