Dil Se Dil Tak 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Shorvori says to Teni that why you are dancing, its not safe for your condition. Aman is hiding behind curtain and gets stunned hearing it, Teni gets tensed and thinks I have to do something, Teni says you are right I cant dance in heels, Shorvori says not heels.. I mean.. Teni says you go to sleep,. Shorvori says what is wrong with you? Teni says i am sleepy, Shorvori says I will make you drink milk first, Teni says I will drink it, i am not a baby, you leave, Shorvori thinks why she wants me to leave? Shorvori turns to leave, Aman hides behind curtain. Shorvori goes near curtain, Aman thinks that if i get caught in Teni’s room at this time then Shorvori will kill me. Shorvori close off curtains and says to Teni that it will disturb your sleep. Parth comes there and sees Teni wearing

dress. Parth says you are looking good, where did you find this dress? Shorvori asks where is Jayu? Parth says Indu Maa took her, Teni says I bought this dress, Parth says lets go, its big day, we have seen our baby for first time, lets go to eat ice-cream, Teni says I will have flu so I will sleep, you both go. Parth says not bad Teni, you take care, lets go on drive then, Teni says you both go on romantic drive, I am sleepy. Shorvori says she must be tired, we both will go, Parth nods and they leave her room.
Shorvori says to Parth that Teni’s behavior was odd, like she wanted to throw us out of her room. Parth says it must be mood swing, we got chance to go on drive, Shorvori says anyone can see us, Parth says we will go stealthily, we will become parents soon so we should make most of this time.
Aman asks Teni is she is fine? Shorvori said you shouldnt dance in this condition, Teni says she was talking about my heels. Why did you hide behind curtain? what if Shorvori found you? our love story would have ended before starting. Aman says its adventurous and if she found us romancing then she would have make us get married in a month. Teni thinks that he will be shocked if he thinks to marry me in one month. She imagines. Aman marrying her, Aman coming to their room on marriage night and seeing baby in her arms, Teni says I told you wait for sometime, she breaks out of her dream and says I will take 8 months to marry so you should go back to US, we will enjoy long distance love too, Aman says you know all prospect of love, I am lucky to get you, I am not leaving for now, we will go for many things but rightnow we should go on date. Teni says if Parth and Shorvori sees us then I will be dead, you go alone. Aman says how can I go alone on date? we will get to know each other, Teni says I am not going, Aman says I will take you out for sure. Teni thinks that if I deny then he will do strike, so I have to say yes.

Parth and Shorvori are sneaking out of house for their drive. Aman and Teni are sneaking out for their date. Shorvori says to Parth that I am enjoying this hidden romance, he says I was about to say it too, they start leaving house but Dada comes there and asks where are you both going? come to my room, I have to talk, he nods. Shorvori murmurs not hidden love.
Parth and Shorvori comes to Baa and Dada’s room, she says we.. were just going to garden. Baa says enough. Dada nods at Baa, Baa brings something from cupboard and says you both are becoming parents right? she laughs, and says you both are scared like we would say something cruel, we wanted to give you something thats why called you here. Baa gives small gold toy to Shorvori, Baa says you both have given us happiness and this is thank you for that. my mother in law bought this for Ramnik then Parth played with it too so many memories are attached with it, this is for you. Parth and Shorvori touches their feet. Dada says now leave, they smile and leave.

Scene 2
Parth and Shorvori comes to cafe. Manager asks what they will take? Parth says cappuccino, Shorvori says cafe latte, Parth says you like cappuccino, Shorvori says you like cafe latte, PArth asks manager to bring cold coffee with ice-cream, he nods and leaves. Parth says you didnt change even after wedding, she says you too, she hugs him. Aman and Teni comes to same cafe, Aman pulls chair for Teni, they dont see other couple there. Parth turns and sees Aman and Teni there, she shows them to Shorvori too. Parth is stunned. Shorvori says I told you something was wrong, Parth says we have to find out what we are thinking is correct, he sees them flirting. Parth borrows cap from waiter, Shorvori hides her face with dupatta, she sit on table beside Aman and Teni and tries to hear their conversation. Parth is sipping his coffee but mistakenly drops it near Teni’s feet, Teni turns to scold him but is stunned to see Parth and Shorvori, Teni thinks that I am dead now. Parth glares at them, Aman is tensed. Shorvori says you with Aman here? Teni says you both left me to eat ice-cream so I brought Aman here. Parth says how did you know we were here? Teni says Aman told me, Aman thinks why she is trapping me, Aman says your favorite cafe is this so I brought her here, Teni says we just guessed it and came here, lets order and enjoy, Parth suspiciously looks at her and thinks that I hope Shorvori’s doubt about you and Aman is not correct.

Teni and Aman are in garden in house. Teni says to Aman that I told you to not take me out but you dont listen, I had to lie to Parth too.
Parth and Shorvori are in room. Parth says to Shorvori that Teni is lying to us but what she wants from Aman? she knows that he loves her a lot even then she is with him?
Aman says to Teni that people die in love and you are thinking too much about such small lie? he holds her hand, Teni jerks away and says I dont like touching, I have said yes for wedding but I can go back and say no. Aman says sorry, I didnt know you are scared of Parth and Shorvori otherwise I wouldnt have taken out. Teni thinks that i am not scared of anyone but our relation is such that I have to care about their feelings, our relation is so twisted and crispy and you wont understand it, infact your world would spin.

Teni comes to her room and says my life is a mess, Aman keep thinking about romance and Parth-Shorvori have doubt on me. I cant tell truth to Aman and I dont have guts to tell truth to Parth and Shorvori, I should get strength and tell truth to Parth. Door knocks, she opens door and sees Parth there, she says you here? He nods and says I came to ask how was coffee? she says it was nice and looks away, Parth says you didnt sleep till now? you were sleepy but you cant sleep because something might be going on in your mind that is not allowing you to look in my eyes. Teni looks at him and says I am talking while looking at you, he glares at her, she says yes I cant look at you, something is bothering. Parth I have said yes to marry Aman. Parth says what? you said yes to wedding proposal? They turn and sees Shorvori standing near door too.

PRECAP- Bharat says to Dada that you are elder of house thats why Aman and Teni hesitate to talk to you but I am suggesting you to make them get married soon. Teni gets tensed hearing it.
Teni says to Aman that I want to say something important to you. He asks if someone is coming between them? she is not someone but whole family, Shorvori is not my sister. Teni tells Aman everything about how she became Parth and Shorvori’s surrogate and carrying their baby. Aman gets angry hearing it, he slaps her hard across her face, he gasps at him. Parth and Shorvori comes there and sees it too

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shrilatha

    Same precap again and again…I don’t understand any character…they feel like one thing immediately they change themselves. ..so much confusion….I hope Teni changes..if aman is genuine

  2. i am unable to understand today’s episode.

  3. Angelk1

    The way they keep showing the Precap, makes it seem like something will happen causing teni to reveal the truth. But love how Parth can understand both women, Parth rocks.

  4. Tday also same precap…dont drag like tis ……..
    Not bad epi…

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