Dil Se Dil Tak 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhiman-Dil se Dil Tak MahaSangam (9.30-10.00pm)

Teni was upset as Aman asks her for a bite as well. She stuffs his mouth annoyed.
In Jaipur, Shorvari asks Meghna to come and dance with her. Meghna sends Naina instead. They dance on Prem Ratan Dhan Paiyo. The contractor comes to meet Meghna. She sends Naina to bring Nirmala at the backyard.
At home, Teni was worried what if Parth has read the letter. She hears Parth calling her, Parth hurries her to get ready and come with Aman. Teni finds the letter in the magazine and was about to tear it, she smells the perfume that Shorvari gifted to Parth and wonders why is there still fragrance when Parth didn’t read it.
Nirmala comes to the room. Meghna explains he came to tell them who spread the glass under the

soil so neatly. Nand Kishore comes there and before anyone could explain, he tells the contractor to leave before he calls police. He then scolds Nirmala for being busy in useless matters when guests are here.
On the way, Teni was nervous and restless. She tries to play music but doesn’t like any song. She thinks she can’t live without asking Parth, and can’t even ask him.
Shorvari suggests Meghna to play Antakshari and make Dada ji remember their old times. Kunal comes to Meghna and challenges her to say I love you in front of everyone. Everyone take their turns to sing and enjoy the game. Meghna fulfil’s Kunal’s condition and sings I love you. Shorvari was missing Parth when he arrives with Teni and Aman. Shorvari hug Parth at once.
Parth asks everyone about the tension between their grandfathers. Meghna says its about a girl they both loved. They all wondered where that doll is. Parth smirks and asks Baa why she didn’t tell everyone she was the doll. Baa wonders what she must have told everyone, she felt strange that they were fighting for her. She requests them directly to forgive each other. Both Dada come to hug each other, they thank their children to work so hard to get them united. Parth and Shorvari invite Chohan family for Teni’s wedding.

PRECAP: Meghna watches CM holding Shardha’s hand and slaps him hard on his face in the midst of Pooja. Shorvari tells Parth she was doubtful for no reason, Teni only has Aman in heart. Teni speaks to Parth that she has fallen in love.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I’m highly dissapointed with parth behaviour towards teni. How cud he ask teni to feed him. His such behaviour towards teni is only wen shorvary is not around. In front of shorvary he behave like an idol husband but he flirts with teni behind shorvary. I don’t know why teni was sitting with parth in front seat wen aman was their. Teni have proved that she is a whore and she will remain that only

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