Dil Se Dil Tak 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Parth asks Teni will she become mother of his child? Teni gets angry hearing it and slaps him hard, he is shocked. Parth says you are thinking wrong, Teni takes knife and says what you mean? if i wanted to do all that then i would have arranged money way back. She shows him passport and says this is fake because my best friend fooled me because i dont know english, i kept dreaming about going to America but my sister Parul cheated me and you want to take advantage too, you want to sleep with me? you will give me 10lacs for sleeping? Parth shouts that i dont want to sleep with you, Teni says so baby will fall from sky? Parth says Teni. tEni locks herself in washroom and says if you dont leave then it will be bad for you, Parth says let it be bad, i wont leave till you dont hear me

Dada is waiting for Mohini to come downstairs. Mohini sees him and says to Shorvori that he is waiting to punish me, Shorvori says no see he has gifts for you. Mohini comes there but hides behind Shorvori, Baa asks her to come forward, she gives gift to Mohini, Mohini thanks them, Ramnik wishes her birthday too, Mohini says without gift? Indu says never, Indu gives her jerwelry gift, Mohini hugs her and thanks her, Indu does her aarti, Suyog wishes her too, Mohini thinks that my birthday saved me. Dada says birthday is done so lets talk about what you did last day. Shorvori says let bygones be bygones, dada forget it. Dada says it was not about only small mistake, Shorvori had to bear stress and it might affect baby which i cant bear, Mohini has to bear punishment. Mohini sits in Baa’s feet and says you are like my mother, save me. Dada says you should protect yourself from your thinking and mother has duty to protect her kids so Baa will decide how to deal with you, all look on. Dada leaves with Ramnik and Suyog. Baa glares Mohini.
Parth says to Teni that you have misunderstanding. Teni sings tujhe mirchi lagi. Parth says i wont leave till you dont hear me, Teni says you filthy man, i wont listen to your dirty words. Nurse brings lunch and says she didnt eat anything since morning. Parth says to Teni fine i am backing out, eat lunch, you need to eat for your health, i am sorry for stressing you, i was right but i cant pressure you, i am leaving. Teni says he is lying, he wants me to come out so he can grab me, he is filthy man. Teni hears foot steps going away, Teni comes out of washroom, Parth says eat lunch, he starts to leave but Teni says that i cant eat this hospital food, take me to some food center but near my area so if i dont agree with your talk then i can runaway, Parth smiles at her and agrees.
Baa asks Jagruti to bring oil. Mohini says why oil? Baa says bring hot oil, all look on, Mohini says will baa cook my hands in hot oil. Jagruti bring hot oil, Baa gives bowl to Mohini, and says you will massage Shorvori’s feet daily with this oil, Shorvori says no, she is elder, i dont want it, Mohini says leave it, i am Mohini Bhanushali, massage girl can massage her, Baa says but you will do it from now, you will take care of Shorvori all day, you will be with her till she sleeps and you will give her everything she needs, this is your punishment, Mohini huffs. Indu and Shorvori gets tensed hearing that Mohini will remain with her. Indu thinks that this can be dangerous for Shorvori.
Teni is eating food. Parth asks show he bring more food? Teni says my stomach is full but my heart wants more, you can see my slim figure but its such good food, now you tell me what you want to say? Parth says this all started when we were going to America, Teni you were going to America too? Parth says my dada was forcing us to leave family and go away, Teni says give push to me too, i am sad because i want to go to America but i cant and you are sad because they were sending you America, what happened then? did someone cheat or dada didnt have money? Parth tells her how they had accident and got to know that Shorvori was pregnant then how dada accepted them then how Shorvori had accident and she lost her baby then how doctor informed them Shorvori cant become mother ever and whole family still thinks that she is pregnant, how decided to get baby, he says we want baby for our family. Teni says you have such item song type of life, you are rich and want to get stuck with baby? Parth says you dont understand, Teni says i wont, how will i get you baby? we have to cochocoho to have baby. Parth says nothing like that, doctor will plant mine and Shorvori’s egg in your uterus, Teni says what? Parth says you have to give your womb on rent to us, nobody will touch you, i wont touch you, doctors will do everything, you will give us baby and will go to America, we will get happy and your dream will be fulfilled too. Teni thinks and says what is guarantee that you will get me pregnant, what you runaway after 9months after your work is done, Teni throws juice box on road, Parth says put it in trash bin, Teni says why dont you do it if you are worried, she goes to throw trash. Mansok sees Teni on road and says you were going to America? will you give me autograph? Teni says shut up, Mansok says listen carefully, you cant rent my house again, get lost, Teni looks on.
Mohini brings soup for Shorvori. Baa is there too, Mohini says drink it! Baa says its hot, Mohini cool it and then make Shorvori drink it with your hands, Shorvori says no i will drink it, Baa says she will make you drink it with love. Mohini’s phone rings, Mohini says my friend must be calling to wish me, can i take call? Baa says okay. Mohini takes call and says yes i will book place to arrange party, she ends call. Mohini asks Baa can i leave to celebrate my birthday, Baa says you go every year so go this time too, Mohini thinks that this Shorvori is burden on me now, Baa says Shorvori will go to party with Mohini too, Mohini says this is not fair, give me death sentence, Shorvori says Baa dont do it. Baa says this is between me and Mohini so Shorvori dont say anything, she leaves. Mohini huffs and says to Shorvori that drink soup fast, i know Indu wants me to become servant and see i am servant now, drink your soup, she leaves, Shorvori smiles.
Parth says to Teni that we will sign legal contract so you wont get cheated this time. Teni sees Mansok sitting, she says i dont believe all this contract, if you want me to believe you then go and slap that man, she shows him Mansok, Parth says why should i slap him? Teni says he insulted me, slap him so hard that whole city hears it, if you do it then i will trust you and our deal will be done otherwise i wont help you, Parth looks at Mnasok and says fine. Parth goes to Mansok, Teni smirks. Mansok asks Parth what? Parth talks to him about something, Teni says what is he talking? Parth gives his card to Mansok, Mansok hugs him. Teni says i asked him to slap him and he is meeting him like brother. Parth comes back to Teni, Teni says i will pay lunch bill some other time and we dont have anything now, dont meet me, i am leaving, Parth says but i did your work, Teni says you were kissing and hugging him, you take revenge like this? Teni can bear anything but can bear insult, Parth says listen to me, if slapped him then he would have insulted you again but now he wont do anything, Teni asks what you did? Parth says i bought his house, you can live in that house and do what you want and he cant say anything, now whose way of revenge is more good? Teni is stunned and says you bought his house just like that? for how much? Parth says 4lacs, Teni smiles and says i trust you, i know you will give me 10lacs, lets have deal, i will become your surgogaate, she smiles and leaves. Parth smiles too and have sigh of relief. Teni comes back and says you will come back tomorrow right? you will not cheat me right? Parth says never, will you cheat me? Teni says i dont listen to myself once i take advance and do commitment, i will give you baby, i promise you that, be happy, Parth nods, Teni runs away saying i am going to America, Parth laughs.

Indu says

PRECAP- Shorvori is in parlour. Teni is there and has facepack on her face. Shorvori sees Teni wearing her mangalsutra, she thinks my mangalsutra? she sees her mangalsutra missing from her neck. She comes to Teni and starts taking off mangalsutra saying that its my mangalsutra, how dare you wear it? She tries to take it off but it breaks, Teni says it brokedown. Later Shorvori slaps Teni and says you are curse to women, you are a black mark on women, Teni is hurt to hear it. Otherside Parth says to lawyer that her name will be Teni Bhanushali from now on, Teni is best for us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Teni actiion super. I love dis srl very much .eagerly waiting for next epusodes

  2. Presha


  3. Vajra-SG29

    jasmin acting superb…..

  4. Angelk1

    hi!! Everyone, Love today eps. I think shivori misunderstood the situation in the precap. And that was hurtful of her to say that to teni. But teni has bad habits at time, because she was brought up that way. I think parth will teach her to be more considerate , and by spending more time he will start liking her.

    I just hope all three get along . With this baby on the way, shivori might get jealous and a little bit shady. But it will be interesting to see.

  5. Ossam episode n iam eager to see episodes between shour n teni

  6. Teni is a brilliant actress, day by day story is becoming more interesting.

  7. Nitee

    Episode was superb.. Main track of the show kick started, yes Teni said ok to Parth request and too promised to give his child, I hope she will fulfil her words atlast.. Precap seems interesting, felt bad for Teni.
    I know there would be a love triangle after surrogacy drama starts definitely shorvori would have felt insecurity while seeing Parth taking care for Teni, but she have to understand the situation afterall he do all this for her, and whatever the situation might be I don’t want Parth and Shorvori to get separated, I want Parori and their child to unite atlast..Infact I know it would be very difficult for Teni to bear this pain, but she should not snatch another girl happiness, I don’t want any grey shade in her character, I love Teni and I hope she would fulfill her promise and I think she would get the love which she hasn’t get until now in this surrogacy period..

    1. Angelk1

      Even i agree, but at the same time. She will loose two things. Love and baby, if they were to make her fall for parth. I dont want to see such a bubbly character alone.

      1. Nitee

        yeah ur right..

  8. Chithu

    It was good episode. It was wise of dadi to give punishment to mohini but Mohini always escapes. Teni have agreed for the surrogacy now the real track comes. Shorvori is angry as Teni put her mangalsutra. What will happen if she starts staying with them. Surely after a point Shorvori will get jealous of Teni for the care and attention she will get from Parth. Hope Teni dont get too attached to the baby. Else she will have a tough time giving the baby to them

  9. Hello everyone i am new here and just wanna say i love this new show and the theme song dil se dil tak is so nice, first i thought that this serial is alike chori chori chupke chupke but now i feel it is totally different and i just love it, the accent of teni is superb

    1. Nitee

      Hello Arbaz.. welcome to this forum 🙂

    2. Angelk1

      Yeah theycwill spice it up a bit. I think instead of teni giving the child up she will fight to keep it. And the family will support parth an shavori. But welcome

  10. Just love this show

  11. Nivu99

    hai arbaz…..
    welcome to this forum

  12. Wow a mindblowing epi.Too gud.Teni just nailed it.She just rockf.Gosh now surrogacy drama would start so excited.N agree with u angelik I too don’t wanna see such a bubly character alone.N sry guys for not cmting since so many days now 3 more days n I will b regular.N welcome arbaz.

    1. Angelk1

      I know i want all three to get along and help each other. I think a twist will happen where teni will end up marrying parth. I mean she tied her fate with them and shavori mangalsutra broke. Their probably small hints of that happening.

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