Dil Se Dil Tak 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
All look at Aman. Teni silently grabs Aman and brings him to corner. She says i said yes to marriage and you told everyone? Aman says why be scared of love? everyone is happy. Teni thinks that happiness will fade if Parth gets to know it. Aman says i know you want to romance in hiding thats why you didnt want me to tell. Teni says yes yes, we should get 8 months to romance before wedding. Aman says you are right but I told everyone already. Teni says now go back to US. Aman says you are cute, relax I didnt tell anyone. Teni says then flowers for whom? Aman says for Shorvori.
Baa asks Parth to start playing sonography video, all are waiting. Mohini says to Bharat that you are now a living in son in law but dont be sad. Teni says to Aman that they get happy on such small thing, they

did all this drama for this video? Aman says all these have special feelings attached to it, when we will get married and you will become mother of my baby then you will know why people become filmy, Teni thinks that everything is opposite for me, first pregnancy then wedding. Baa calls Aman. Aman and Teni comes in lounge, all are waiting to see sonography video. Aman plays it, all watch baby moving on screen and gets emotional. Baa prays to God and thanks him, Baa says Indu Parth looked same when it was your sonograpghy, Indu says yes. Aman says he doesnt look like Parth but like me, his smile is like me. Dada says let qualified doctor Bharat tell us. Bharat tells them where baby’s head, limbs and etc are, all are happy to see it, Shorvori holds Parth’s hand whole time and weeps silently. Teni looks on. Baa says to Shorvori that you dont know how much happiness you have brought to this family, i pray for your every moment. Aman says what age has come, this is happy news and you all are getting sad? Baa you are going to be great grand mother, you all should be smiling, all smile emotionally. Shorvori comes to Teni and says you are like goddess for us, I cant pay you back, thank you. Parth says Teni this happiness is because of you. Teni thinks how to tell them that I am thinking about my happiness alongwith them, how to tell them that I have said yes to Aman’s proposal, I just hope that my happiness doesnt in way of their happiness.

At night, all are sitting in lounge. Parth asks Aman how did he comeback? Aman says you have problem with me coming back? Parth says no, i just mean that you must have some reason to comeback, Shorvori says it was big day for us and you left so we were shocked to see you back. Aman says I know you are all shocked, but I was trying to do some deal for somedays, it was not getting done so I thought to leave but on the way I got call and that deal worked out for me so I had to stay back. Shorvori says so you have professional reason to stay back. Aman says I have personal reason to stay back and its bigger one and that reason is Teni.. Teni gets tensed, all look on. Teni thinks that my Buffalo is in water now. Aman says yes I realized realize that I am going to become uncle so I cant leave before meeting tiny one, Teni says he wasnt talking about me but tiny baby. Shorvori says we know he is not talking about you, Teni sighs and says I dont feel like eating, i should get rest, sorry, she leaves abruptly. Shorvori murmurs what happened to her? Parth looks on.

Shorvori makes Jayu lie on bed, he cries but she plays with him. Parth asks why you are making him cry? Shorvori says his diaper need to be changed, Parth says then do it, Shorvori says you have to help change it to become perfect daddy, Parth says me? she says yes start now, Parth swallows and says alright, Parth comes to Jayu, he takes off his nappy, he tries to understand diaper and wraps Jayu in it, Shorvori smiles. Shorvori brings feeder and asks him to feed him, Parth says one lesson is enough for one day, she says no, Parth tries to feed him but spills milk on his face, he holds right again and feeds him. Shorvori wraps him in blanket and looks at Parth. Shorvori says to Parth that Aman returning is weird? Parth says I asked Aman, dont worry about it, relax. Shorvori says maybe Teni knows something, Parth says she would have told us, i dont think she knows anything. Shorvori says i felt Teni was different today, we can talk to her, you make Jayu sleep, I will take medicine and milk to Teni, she leaves.

Teni is tensed in her room and says I said yes for marriage but how will I handle my pregnancy, i thought he would leave to US and will comeback later till I was done giving birth to baby but he stayed back and now he will notice my baby bump. Aman comes there, she asks what are you doing here? Aman says i have come to romance, you said you like hiding romance, she says romance? Aman gifts her dress and says wear it, we are going to eat ice-cream. Teni says i dont wear dresses like these, Aman says try once, i have ordered this especially from US, it would look nice on you. Teni says what is special in this dress? you could have found it in local market. Aman says this from top brand of US, Teni says it must be expansive then, Aman says it was not before but please wear it. Teni says I dont wear dresses like these but I am wearing for your heart, but I will wear it in this room only, i wont leave, he nods and gifts her American sandals too. Teni thinks that I cant bear this clingy love, I have to make him leave for US soon, she says you splurge a lot, she goes to change. Aman sees her elastic jeans and says they wear it in pregnancy, it must be Shrovori’s. He hears Shorvori coming there and gets tensed. Shorvori comes there, Aman hides from her. Teni comes out of bathroom, Aman is hiding behind curtain. Teni twirls her dress, Shorvori sees her and is stunned. Teni is looking around for Aman, Aman sees her and murmurs wow hiding behind curtain. Shorvori makes Teni turn to her, Teni pales seeing here there. Shorvori says are you going to party? are you fine? Teni says I saw Katrina wearing this dress so I bought it, I was just trying it on, it looks nice? Shorvori nods. Teni sees Aman hiding behind curtain, she thinks that he is here, if Shorvori sees him then i am dead, she hints at him to hide. Shorvori asks Teni if you talked with Aman? Teni says no.. Shorvori says did Aman said anything to you? Teni says no, Teni says i will dance, you just see. Teni switches lights to dim, she says i am making surroundings, Teni starts dancing on Kala Chashma while Shorvori looks at her weirdly, Teni hints at Aman to go away. Aman stealthily turns to leave but Shorvori scolds Teni and says you cant jump and dance like this in your condition, Teni gets tensed, Aman looks on.

PRECAP- Teni says to Aman that I want to say something important to you. He asks if someone is coming between them? she is not someone but whole family, Shorvori is not my sister. Teni tells Aman everything about how she became Parth and Shorvori’s surrogate and carrying their baby. Aman gets angry hearing it, he slaps her hard across her face, he gasps at him. Parth and Shorvori comes there and sees it too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shrilatha

    Now Teni should change and 100% this is Teni’s dream….I want teman…Teni won’t tell him now..and later this will lead to misunderstandings….I don’t think Aman is a useless character …teman forever..if Aman leaves or turns negative, if teman is broken . I will leave .I won’t watch his show

  2. Annie1

    Aman is a very sweet guy.He is perfect for Teni.
    Hope it is Teni’s dream

  3. i like teni’s character

  4. i also like this aman and teni pair please dont break them

  5. Plese make them together for forever

  6. Wow again expensive gift to teni….
    Tis s d right and suitable character fr aman ……writer ji dont make him negative ..i couldn’t tolerate tis….
    Lov teman……parth and shorvori scene was too nice tday…..

  7. dilse diltak fan

    Hey I am watching this show from first episode there is only story of 3persons tps aman is just a part of teni…. Tps is important…Ok….then I have read spoilers in that aman will tell teni to abort baby before marriage…. He is just a part….. Don’t make him as a full story…

    1. Shrilatha

      May be dear but we fell with this Jodi what to do…they r so adorable

    2. Oye dil se dil tak fan, after reading spoilers also dere is no use till date none of spoiler given is shown in episode. I still think Aman is in 7day wala challenge game+I also think Aman know abt teni’s pregnancy. Still let’s see what happens next..

  8. dilse diltak fan

    Hai srilatha and muskan I also like Teman….. I just wanted to go this story not like ordinary daily soap….I wanted a meaningful way… Hope u all understand

  9. I find everything so forced and you all are loving teni and aman so called teman…..???……….the way he hugged her previously… Was so forced… And teni expression.. Was not good…….and she does not love aman….so why that drama???….because it is all trp game…..so that viewers like you keep watching so called teman..?….and I know that they will not remove aman…and make him with teni… I don’t think he is anymore a sidekick…#just a thought…. #don’t feel bad ??…..

    1. Angelk1

      I agree, with half of the stuff you said. Aman is a side character this is dil se dil tek, side characters are not important like that so teman won’t last , and it’s being forced. I don’t like that. Teni needs someone who could truly understand her, not someone that’s the same as her.

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