Dil Se Dil Tak 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni and Shorvari win the challenge

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Pandit ji forbids Parth and Teni to leave the pooja. Teni says she has been fasting since morning, she might not be able to sit in the pooja anymore. Pandit ji says it’s necessary for the wife to sit in the pooja. Teni looks towards Shorvari signaling the pooja will be completed. Shorvari asks the Pandit to sit in the pooja, she is also Parth’s wife and Ipshita’s mother. The Pandit allows. Shorvari takes Ipshita while Indu takes Teni aside. Dada ji and Dadi share victorious looks. Indu tells Teni that she didn’t concentrate and Shorvari took her place and Ipshita from her. Teni says it doesn’t matter Devki sits in pooja or Yashuda, their daughter is getting mother’s love. Indu was happy. Teni and Shorvari smile at each other, they recall when they were fighting Parth had heard about

it. He came complaining that is this they will live together. Teni and Shorvari laughed that the family wanted to create a misunderstanding between them, so they thought about teasing them. Parth asks about the pooja. Teni says they will share the time to sit in pooja as well. Parth asks why create much drama then. Teni tells them about Mohini spying over them.
After the pooja Pandit gives Parth the Prasad which only his wife can eat. Parth holds Ipshita while Shorvari takes the apple, then divide it into half, smiles and takes it to Teni. Everyone at home was happy about it.
Mohini was tensed and wonders how it is possible. She has seen them fighting over the matter to sit in pooja. Dada ji considers them winners of this challenge. They were thinking about their next challenge. Mohini gets a call for Valentine’s offer and scolds the person on phone. The family had decided the next challenge.
In the room, Teni, Shorvari and Parth sat together. Teni boasted about her acting skills, Shorvari seconds her. They promise each other to be a team member. Teni feels sleepy, Parth also goes to change the dress. Shorvari watches Teni’s lingerie fell off. Shorvari says Parth likes blue and leaves. As Parth comes out of the bath Teni asks if he doesn’t like red. Parth was confused. Later in the bed Teni thinks why she never thought about the color Parth likes. She decides Parth likes her anyway, no matter she wears any color.
Indu brings milk for Dadi and asks them about the next challenge for kids. Dada ji says this is a testimony of Parth to share his love amongst his wives. Love can’t be calculated and one will get more love than the other. And any one of them will feel about it.
The next morning at breakfast table, Mohini mentions about Valentine’s Day and asks where he would take Teni. Parth says he hasn’t decided where the three of them will go. Parth leaves for office, Teni hurries behind with office bag. Shorvari takes Ipshita to him. Mohini says they aren’t at all jealous of each other. Dada ji asks Parth about celebrating Valentine’s Day collectively. Parth agrees. Dada ji says the party is from his side but need Parth’s help in arrangements. Parth promises his help and leaves. Teni was thoughtful. Shorvari says they need to win Dada ji’s challenge and doesn’t care if she can’t celebrate this valentine’s with Parth. Teni thinks she must get some way out from Dada ji’s challenge.

PRECAP: Shorvari couldn’t sleep in her room as Parth and Teni gets close to each other in their room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This drama is soooooo cheap….

  2. Shit se shit tak

    Why is this show running still? I guess some people watch any shit thrown at em by makers! Truly we Indians are so gullible! Watching shitty concept of bigamy, affairs and lust! Oh not to mention illogical way a surrogate is branded the legal wife and mother! Like WTF!

  3. Shit se shit tak

    Wow and the surrogate now thinks of hogging the pervert Parth to herself and later she’ll act Mahan like mata. People will say oh teni is bubbly, lively and so good. Honestly I don’t know why ppeople still like Teni as a character. Dude she doesn’t have freakin self respect! Any woman in her place would’ve just become a nanny to the child instead of marrying the kid’s father and xx with him! So shitty!

  4. Wow great story. What a great message. If first wife accept, the men can able to live with two wifes. If husband accept, that lady live with 3 more husband. Wow this year oscar definitely for this writter only

  5. This is utter rubbish no wife would like to see husband with another woman. Shorwari instead of compromising and staying there to see the shit going on between Parth and teni why don’t you divorce Parth and move on in life. You can take ipshika cause as it us teni and Parth will have their own kids at least you ll have ipshika with you.

    1. TeniDivorceParth

      In the ancient times, women tolerated it when their husbands had other wives since they had no choice, not because they actively wanted it. The Ramayana shows that women still preferred being the only wife of their husband, such as Sita, who said that Ram’s love for her would get divided once he got a second wife. In these days, when it’s especially illegal in Hinduism, I don’t understand how Parth can stoop this low. I watch a lot of serials on Colors and previously concluded that Kunal (Swabhimaan), Harman (Shakti) and Parth were the ideal husbands, but my judgement of Parth has turned out to be wrong. Kunal never married the second woman that his father asked him to do, even though his wife asked him to obey his father and divorce her. Harman never cheated on his wife even though she’s an inters*x and they aren’t currently having a physical relationship. Even Rishi in Kasam, although he used to chase after several girls in his youth and never defended his second wife in front of his mother, took her for granted, never trusted her, etc. in the past, he never even looked at another woman for 23 years after his first wife’s death, until she reincarnated again as his second wife. But Parth, who used to be very faithful, took less than 3 months to marry another girl and have s*x with her. Like is that the depth of his so called love? I don’t think it’s the real Parth, the makers have ruined his character because they want to see him and Teni married and want to promote this bigamy. The family doesn’t even object to this, all they care about is their reputation and as long as it isn’t tarnished, they don’t think about these two women. I wonder if people would approve if this was a woman with 2 husbands. Teni should move one, get some self respect and marry a man who actually loves her and wants to commit to her. And Shorvori should either leave Parth and find another man or decide to forget the past, since it was her who initiated this bigamy thing, and demand Parth to be be faithful. I can even accept Parth consummating with Teni, while being unaware that Shorvari is alive, but he’s still continuing it now and spending Valentines Day with her… this serial is just too much bakwas.

  6. TeniDivorceParth

    I wish this serial had ended with Parth (Sidharth) dying of heartbreak after hearing the news of Shorvari’s death. And that Shorvari had actually died. Then I wouldn’t have to see this Parth & Teni romance and his character getting tarnished by the makers. Dil Se Dil Tak has become disgusting.

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