Dil Se Dil Tak 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Baa says to dada that i will tell you, calm down, lets go to room, dada says not in room, i will punish whoever did this, tell me who brought fish in house? all look on. Dada shouts that everyone is deaf and dumb now? tell me. Mohini says dont be angry, calm down, this mistake was done by Shorvori, but it was mistake. Parth says impossible, Shorvori can never do this., Mohini says i wish it was truth but we all saw, Baa saw it too that Shorvori did this mistake, i am sorry dada but forgive her, she ate it since childhood, she is pregnant so must have craved, she is Bengali lion so cant become gujrati so soon, i dont like it, we have accepted her so we will accept her likes and dislikes. Indu says like you have accepted your antics? Shorvori has stopped eating fish but i think you

have started eating, Shorvori didnt eat fish, it was you who brought fish, i have this bill which shows that you ordered fish and your number is written from which it was ordered. Mohini says you are blaming me to save your daughter in law? i didnt do it, i dont eat fish, this bill is fake. Indu says this bill was paid by your credit card, i accept that Shorvori can order on your name and give your phone number but how would she access your credit card? you put fish in her trash but you didnt clean your room’s trash. Dada Mohini? Mohini cries and says i did this but i did it for truth, Shorvori has eaten fish, she doesnt leave proof behind thats why i lied, i didnt do anything wrong, Baa angrily looks at her, Mohini shows her photo and says Shorvori was standing near fish hotel. Dada sees photo and looks at Shorvori, Mohini says fine, i am trapped so tell me what Shorvori is doing outside fish hotel? do you have any answer Indu? Indu says she didnt go in fish hotel, she went to infertility clinic, all look at her stunned. Mohini says why would she go there? she is already pregnant, women who cant become mother go there so Shorvori wont go there. Dada says what is all this? Jalpa comes there and says i called Shorvori there, all look at her confused. Jalpa smiles and says to Mohini that tomorrow is Mohini’s birthday so we thought to surprise her, she shows her photo frame and says we made collage of your photos, she shows her frame, Mohini says i tought some other thing, Jalpa says you doubt too much. Baa says we scolded Shorvori so much and she listened everything silently because kshe didnt want to spil your birthday surprise. Dada says you have done a lot of drama Mohini but enough, Mohini prays to God for her safety. Bharat comes there and says why all are so serious like i missed some drama, Baa says Mohini’s birthday is tomorrow so all drama will happen tomorrow, dont worry, Mohini gives cheeky smile, Mohini thinks that i will get scolded tomorrow, God save me.
Its night, Parth and Shorvori are in their room. PArth hugs Shorvori and says i am sorry for what happened today, Shorvori says where you were, it was more important than being with me, i didnt feel bad about Mohini’s words, anyone could think like that, first time Mohini’s misunderstanding saved me then Jalp saved me, its good that Jalpa knows it, someone from family is with us and she is best guide. Parth says i feel relaxed that Indu Maa is on your side too, she was upset at what happened with you, Shorvori says everything is happening nicely since surrogate mother has come, did you sign contract with her today? Parth says it will be signed tomorrow, Shorvori says we have only 22days remaining, Parth pulls her on lap and says its enough, you get ready to become mother, i will meet her tomorrow, Shorvori says you are taking her name at night and going to see her in morning too? Parth says you should get comfortable with me seeing with cute girl, with sweet smile, Shorvori gets jealous and starts beating him with pillow, Parth hugs her and says you are jealous? aw baby, i was talking about our daughter, junior Shorvori which is about to come, Shorvori hugs him.

Scene 2
Its morning, family does pooja. Baa says where is Mohini? Indu says maybe she is scared after yesterday’s mistake. Dada says why would she be scared? we all love her. Indu says today is her birthday so forget about her mistake, dada says as a owner of this house, its my duty to deal with everyone equally, she did wrong with Shorvori, if i forgive her then anyone can do mistake again and ask for it, this is my house and she has to bear punishment.
Mohini has locked herself in room. All are asking her to open door, its your birthday, Mohini says dada wont spare me, i will stay hiding in room. Shorvori says send cake pictures on her phone, Parth sends it. Mohini sees it and says dont eat cake, i am coming outside. She asks if dada is outside? Sejal says no. Mohini opens door, Sejal and all hug her and wishes her birthday, Shorvori says can we come in your room? she says come with cake. They bring cake, shorvori lights candles, Mohini blows on it and cuts cake, she makes Parth eat it first then Shorvori then her kids. All are smiling, Mohini thanks Shorvori and Parth, she says i dont have anything against you both, i am your aunt and like your mother, Shorvori makes her eat cake and says lets forget everything, just enjoy your birthday, Mohini says dada wont spare me, he will punish me, Shorvori says dont worry, i will talk to him, Mohini says talk to him nicely, make him forgive me, save me my dear daughter in law, Parth gets call and comes to corner. Nurse calls Parth and says the girl(Teni) you admitted has some complication so you come here, Parth says i am coming. Parth says to Shorvori that i have to leave, i have some emergency, he leaves.

Scene 3
Parth comes to Teni’s wardroom and doesnt find her there. He asks where did she go? did she runaway? nurses come there, their faces are bruised, one male nurse says it would have been good if she ranaway, she beat us and bruised our faces. Parth asks where is she? nurse says she has locked herself in washroom, you can press emergency button, you might need, they leave. Parth knocks washroom door and asks to open it, Teni throws water out of window, Teni says you leave, i wont spare anyone, i just drank some wine and you brought me to hospital and sold my kidney, Parth says what? Teni says world is against me, they snatch my money, she snatch my kidneys. Parth says you have misunderstanding, Teni says tell me how much did you take for my kidney? you will sell my more organs, PArth says if your kidney was taken out then you would have stitches on your belly, Teni checks it, Parth says you fell down from my car and i brought you here, TEni says you must have something to take from me too, no one does anything without any reason, all are doing things for their own benefit, you helped me for your benefit too. Parth says i understand people have cheated you a lot but i will pray for you from my heart. Teni recalls how she said same thing to Parth when she locked him in washroom. She says my visa? she says Parth bahnushali you brought me here? Parth says yes because i know you, Teni says i took money from you but my sister, my friend took my money and ranaway. Parth says i will send you to America, i will give you 10lacs. Teni is shocked and comes out of washroom, she asks are you saying truth? Parth says i will give you 10lacs, Teni says i fooled you, took 2lacs then why would to favour me? Parth looks away. Parth says i am not doing favor, i just want to do deal with you and then i will give your k10lacs, Teni says what you want me to do? you want me to murder? tell me i will do anything for 10lacs, PArth says i wanted you to become mine.. i mean our.. Teni says if you have problem saying anything then take breath and say everything in one breath, Parth says okay, he close his eyes and says Teni will you become mother of my baby? Teni looks at him in shock and slaps him hard, Parth is stunned.

yle=’color: #ff00ff’>PRECAP- Indu says to Shorvori that Mohini gets to know everything we say, you have to be careful, she should never know that you are not pregnant. Mohini is eavesdropping on their conversation and is shocked to hear that Shorvori is not pregnant. In hospital, Parth asks Teni if she will become mother of his child? Teni is stunned to hear it and slaps him hard, Parth is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Angelk1

    Hi everyone!!! Today eps took a while to update. Love today eps. When parth asks her to be his an then correct himself. Teni is a funny character lol and parth and shovori scene was cute and so was their conversation about baby.

  3. Shour part teni scenes were ossam

  4. Yep.. Conversation b\w shovori and Parth are awe? Lovng the serial!!

  5. Chithu

    Mohini’s lieslies was brought in front of dada by Indu. Its good that she found clue and saved Shorvori. I like Jalpa so much. She saved the day and handled the situation so nicely. It was funny watching Teni saying that the hospital ppl took her kidney.

  6. Nitee

    Episode was very nice.. Jalpa is so sweet, I hope she would be more helpful to parth and shorvori in their surrogacy drama..
    Parori scene was so cute as usual..
    And also Parni(parth and teni) scene was too good, looking forward to more scenes of them…

    Coming to my DSDTians.. H r u all guys..

  7. Yestrdae episode was the best!!shorvori n parth mkes d cutest couple of industry

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