Dil Se Dil Tak 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Aman greets everyone in house, he hugs Baa and says I will comeback soon. He touches Dada’s feet, Dada says you were not leaving till yesterday then how did you make program to leave suddenly? Aman says I got call about important meeting so I have to leave. Aman hugs Dada and looks around in house but doesnt find Teni anywhere, Aman greets everyone. He comes to Parth and Shorvori. Aman asks Parth to take care of Shorvori and my would be niece or nephew, I am becoming uncle for first time, he hugs Parth. Aman thanks Shorvori for taking care of him, Shorvori says I am sorry, I couldnt do much for you even if I wanted, Aman says no no, you did a lot for me, I have learned a lot from you, I should leave, he looks at stairs but Teni doesnt come, he thinks I wish i could see Teni last

time, he waves everyone and leaves. All are in tears. Shorvori says to Parth that i am responsible of breaking Aman’s heart, one lie made us do a lot. Indu feeds them yogurt and ask them to leave for sonography, they nod and leave.

Aman is in car, he recalls his moments with Teni. Aman recalls how Teni said that there cant be anything between them ever. Otherside Teni paces in her room and recalls Aman’s sweet and loving words. They both miss each other.channa meraya plays. Teni says when he came here, i wanted him to leave but now I feel i am doing mistake by sending him away.Teni imagines her counterpart, counterpart says you are kicking your fate, you came in this house and Aman was sent here so you can become rich, go to America and live life, how can you leave that chance? Teni says i came here for something else, i can become rich by working hard myself. Counterpart says be practical. Teni says what about my duty? Parth and Shorvori took care of me so i have to fulfill my promise. Counterpart says they took care of their baby not you, they did everything for baby, remember he brought diamond necklace for Shorvori and brought elastic jeans to support their baby? he did that for baby too, answer me when this baby will come to world and they will take it then where will you go? you will finish 10lacs then you wont have family to support you but this Aman is ready to take care of you, to give you good life, he loves you like crazy and you want to leave all that? are you mad? Teni thinks.

Aman is stuck in traffic. He is in tears, driver says traffic is jam. Aman says my flight time is near, i will lose it if i get late. Aman sees one rikshaw stopping beside his car, He looks out and sees Teni in rickshaw, he is stunned, Teni comes to him. Aman comes out of car, he is surprised. Teni smiles at him, he smiles broadly. Teni says sometimes we have to rewind to get what we want. Teni says I rewinded every moment I had with you and realized how much you love me, I am ready to marry you, will you marry me? Aman is stunned and hugs her, they smile at each other. Aman cant believe it, he shouts yes.. he hugs everyone on road in traffic jam, aaj mei upar plays, Aman jumps on cars and dances, Teni smiles. Aman comes to Teni and says you have made me so happy, i am the luckiest person on this planet, i knew my love would melt you. Teni thinks that I had to say yes because I am worried that i will be alone in life, I am holding your hand because I think only you cant support me, care for me and provide me money in life. Aman asks if she is playing trick again? Teni says see I am wearing ring you gave me to become your bride, Aman smiles and lovingly looks at her, Teni tries to smile at him and says how much will you stare?Aman says i am seeing happiness, i promise to keep fighting in life to keep this happiness, I love you. Aman asks why she is silent? Teni says i said i am ready to marry you,what else to say? Aman says say that you love me. Teni says I.. Lobe you too, he laughs and hugs her, he says i dont want anything else in life, Teni feels weird in his arms and thinks Shorvori and Parth must be waiting for me in hospital. Aman breaks hug and smiles at her.

Teni comes to hospital and says love acting is more difficult than pregnancy. She comes to doctor, Parth and Shorvori are there.Shorvori says this is Teni, my surrogate and friend, very few people can give happiness to others, God took my baby but sent Teni to us.Doctor says nobody does this for others these days. Teni thinks that they are praising me, how to tell them what mess I created.

Teni lies on bed and asks doctor if she will feel pain in sonography? doctor says no it will tickle a little. Doctor shows baby movements on screen, Teni says i can see my baby is pretty. Parth shows baby’s hand and feet, Teni says he is pretty. Teni thinks that I cant see anything on this black and white, what are they seeing? Shorvori gets emotional seeing screen. Parth holds her hand, they hug each other and smile. Parth extends hand and holds Teni’s hand too, they all smile looking at screen seeing baby that connect them, dil se dil tak plays.

Scene 2
Shorvori, Parth and Teni comes home, suddenly rose petals fall on them. Aman comes there with rose bouquets, Parth says Aman you here? all family members come there too, Teni gets tensed and thinks i think Aman told everything to everyone, Parth and Shorvori will get to know too and dont know how they will bear it. Indu says Aman has comeback because of important reason, Teni closes her eyes, Aman smiles at her.

PRECAP- Teni says to Aman that I want to say something important to you. He asks if someone is coming between them? she is not someone but whole family, Shorvori is not my sister. Teni tells Aman everything about how she became Parth and Shorvori’s surrogate and carrying their baby. Aman gets angry hearing it, he slaps her hard across her face, he gasps at him. Parth and Shorvori comes there and sees it too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    I am happy for teni and aman. And i am sure writers will not ruin his positive character.
    And lastly precap will be teni dream

  2. what the hell yaar..kisiko pata hei kia ki ye jo precap hei ye teni ki dream to nehi hei na..because how aman slap her..he loves her so much…plz writer don’t break teman.. plz..it lovely pair..

  3. fingers crossed for tomorrow episode

  4. Angelk1

    This won’t last, teni doesn’t love amen. Teni wants only security from him. This amen character is fishy. But we will see what happens next. And teni should have told party and shovori at least, they do have the right to know.

    1. Truee she doesn’t love him…..maybe she is greedy??

    2. She doesn’t love him but I’m sure eventually she will fall in love with him .. she is just too worried about the whole pregnancy deal .. I really hope to see her fall for him soon and I want her to tell Aman he will be okay and they all will be happy lol

  5. Even if precap is not Tenis’ imagination. I wish Aman supports Teni , Parth nd Shorvori. But Hasn’t Teni really fallen in love?

  6. I think precap is Teni’s dream.
    Hope Aman understands her.
    Sonography part was very emotional. Loved their bond..

    1. I hope precap teni’s dream

      Jald se jald uss bache ko annedo serial pe

  7. even i think it’s only teni’s imagination plz writters don’t spoil our teman Jodi ts vry nice

  8. Please make this jodi…..it is so nice…..Aman and teni both are very sweet couple …..don’t break ? this jodi…..but there is no feeling in teni’s heart….we love this jodi so much…….i think it will be tani’s dream….? fingure cross for today

  9. Please make this jodi…..it is so nice…..Aman and teni both are very sweet couple …..don’t break ? this jodi…..but there is no feeling in teni’s heart….we love this jodi so much…….i think it will be tani’s dream….? fingure cross for today

  10. Shrilatha

    Finger crossed precept will be a dream…Teni will hide her pregnancy due to this dream….don’t separate teman….

  11. Nice epi….if aman’s intention is to cheat teni and makes her fall in love then why he speaking vry emotionally..most feeling. ..and crying too in front of teni?????????
    Tday epi..when he hugging all that time he searching teni……i hope he s not that kinda guy who will cheat girls…..and another he burnt all d memories and pics of that girls………
    Hi everyone. ….

  12. Yes Koyel. Teni has no feelings yet but may be she will eventually. COz the way the character TeNi thinks is only about her America life and Money hahaha ?
    Unite TeMan ❤

  13. come on the whole reason to bring this aman wala character is to make sure tht shourvari ,parth and teni go to america .. thus they will be able to hide teni’s pregnancy and show will have enough content with this double romance story

  14. dilse diltak fan

    Hai friends in have to tell something that is if aman and teni united she will practically go to America then her wish will be satisfied but she won’t learn about true love or life……. So they won’t married… Then only it will give the story a meaning….. Seno graphy scene was superb…. Parth is superb when holding the hands of teni….waiting for tomorrow…

  15. Hi everyone. .I m new here .
    Can I join you all

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