Dil Se Dil Tak 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni and Shorvari’s tie to sit in Pooja with Parth

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Shorvari was going to Parth’s room when Mohini comes there. She tells Shorvari that she doesn’t need to bend in front of anyone in the house, she if the first wife of Parth and is rightful to sit in pooja.
Jalpa tells Indu about forgiving Bharat but only on a condition. She was happy that their relation would improve with this now. Bharat comes to leave for Bhanushali house but Jalpa says her yoga trainer is coming. They will leave after it. Bharat says she has some paper work for hospital left, and will be back. A handsome guy Puneet arrive as the yoga trainer. Jalpa holds his hands calling him Punnu frankly. Bharat doesn’t leave for pooja or any paper work and was visibly jealous of Puneet while he touches Jalpa to correct her yoga postures. Jalpa reminds him of his promise that he

will not have any problem even if Jalpa has an affair with anyone else now. He interferes with the yoga session. Finally Bharat mocks of having back ache. Puneet tells him to lay on the mat. Bharat was happy that at least he won’t stick to Jalpa now.
Shorvari and Teni get ready in their rooms for pooja. Downstairs, Dada ji asks about Shorvari and Teni. He thinks they will all know if they will be able to complete the challenge or not. Soon Ipshita begins to cry in the room. Shorvari takes her outside and comes across Teni. Shorvari informs Teni she is sitting in the pooja. Teni says she wants to sit in the pooja, Shorvari didn’t tell her. Shorvari argues that Teni is Parth’s wife for a single month only, and Shorvari has a greater right over Parth being his first wife. Parth stood behind and hears about it.
Puneet tells Bharat to close his eyes and relax, he says Bharat would now fell asleep. Bharat demands Puneet for a touch move to relieve his back ache. Puneet bends him backward while Bharat has a real strain in his back. They take him to hospital now. Indu informs the family about Bharat and Jalpa being together and that Jalpa apologized for not being able to attend the pooja. Mohini comes there excited and tells everyone about Teni and Shorvari’s argument. Mohini was hopeful that today’s pooja will be decisive of their relation. Dada ji says deciding and then living with their decision are two different things. According to his condition, Teni is Parth’s wife and Shorvari is Ipshita’s mother; they need to see how the three solve this matter. Parth, Shorvari and Teni walk downstairs together. Pandit ji asks them to take seats. After a few rituals, Pandit calls Parth’s wife and child’s mother to sit on the right side. Teni takes the seat with Parth. Mohini asks how she decided to sit with Parth. Teni replies that she is also Parth’s wife and even Kana ji had two mothers, Devki and Yashuda. The pooja begins. Shorvari brings Ipshita to Teni and sits behind. In the midst of pooja Teni feels dizzy and fell over Parth. Pandit ji says they can’t leave pooja in the mid.

PRECAP: Teni says she was fasting since morning and might not be participate in pooja anymore. Parth says Shorvari is also his wife, Shorvari takes Pandit’s permission to sit in pooja as Parth’s wife and Ipshita’s mother.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Miss the real PaRi

    What a nightmare this show has become? How long they’re going to show this illegal relationship continuing shame on the makers and actors. Indu goes on to advice kalpa, badi aayi advice dene ki.. woman you’re the next worst thing after that husband stealer teni.

  2. Teni has no right on parth.how dare she b*t*h

  3. Teni has no right on parth
    Their marriage is illegal.she is a blo*dy husband stealer.hate her b*t*h

  4. I just hate indu …..she is the worst woman in the world

  5. After shavori death only they married right then how teni will be illegal wife. The mistake is shavori’s y she did that accident drama and now she came back for that what teni will do

  6. Always pointing women for all the things happening parth mistake also is there he didn’t able to know shavori health condition and after her death he married teni and intimate with her now teni became as a illegal wife after shavori return nonsense actually shavori have no right on parth because she leave him and to foreign for her own treatment teni risk her life to save him and his child now she became illegal wife right

  7. Most Rubbish serial i ever seen

  8. What nonsense is shown…this show should be stopped immediately….It is giving bad msg to society…

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