Dil Se Dil Tak 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Bharat asks Parth what he is doing here? this is surrogacy clinic, Parth gets nervous.
Mohini says to Shorvori that why would you go to infertility centre when you are pregnant and other shop there was fish centre only so did you go to get baby or eat fish? Indu thinks that Shorvori went to clinic for her treatment, Shorvori might tell truth in pressure. Ambika asks Shorvori why did she go there? tell me answer, do you have answer? Mohini says Baa i told you to not trust this bengali girl, she broke your trust, you loved her so now punish her with full hands too, Baa says you are right, i have showered her with love so i have to punish her too.. but i cant because not only she but her unborn baby will have to bear punishment too which i cant bear. Mohini says Baa your heart

is soft so you cant punish girls like her but think what if dada knows? Ambika says dont you dare, dont dare anyone tell men of this house, specially dada shouldnt know because relations means honesty and trust to him, he wouldnt be able to bear that after his grandson parth, even his wife didnt respect the trust he has on her, Shorvori cries hearing it, Baa glares her and leaves.
Bharat asks Parth what are you doing here? Jalpa says i called him, i have some work, Bharat says i am doctor too so tell me, Jalpa says its surprise, wait for it, Bharat says you become on his side in an instant, Jalpa says why not? our blood is same, Bharat says true that, son is alone at home and i have meeting here, can you go home? Bharat says i have bought swing for my son, now it will be useful for your baby parth, he leaves from there. Jalpa closes door and looks at Parth confused.
Indu brings tea for Shorvori, Indu says when Parth married you going against everyone then i told myself that you are wrong person to snatch my son and boy of this house, i started cursing you, when Mohini showed fish that was found in your room, i thought you must have eaten it and you are wrong but when Mohini showed picture and you were standing near clinic, i realised you didnt go to eat fish but for baby treatment, i was so angry to doubt you, how could i not trust you? how could i keep blacken diamond we have? i know you didnt eat fish, i know now that no one can be better partner than you for Parth, i bless you with whole heart that you become mother soon, Shorvori hugs her and happily cries, Shorvori thinks that her wishes are going to fulfil, i may not give birth but we will have baby.
Parth tells about miscarriage to Jalpa, Jalpa says you didnt tell me because i was pregnant? you both hid your pain to not give it to others? you know there is only 33% of surrogacy to be successful, Parth says its enough for us, Jalpa says i am happy that you took this decision, Parth says not everything is fine, we started process but donor backed out from surrogacy, Jalpa says we will find another candidate, Parth says what if she backs out too? Shorvori cant bear more pain, she has had to bear a lot, first hatred of family then miscarriage then knowing that she cant become mother ever and now if she gets to know that surrogate mother backed out too then she will breakdown completely, i want a girl who doesnt have heart, has no family problems and just give us baby and leave our lives, Jalpa says where will we find that type of girl? Parth recalls how when he threatened Teni to send her to jail, she said that she doesnt have any family to get worried for her so she doesnt care, he says she all alone, he recalls how she said that we dont understand emotions, we poor people just want to get money, Parth says she does everything for money, she has no feelings, he recalls how she blackmailed them about miscarriage news, he says she didnt leak reports to anyone, he says to Jalpa that i found candidate who has no feelings, i will meet you later. Parth starts car and says thank God i found some path but where will i search her? he recalls how he saw her in restaurant last time. Parth comes to restaurant, he comes to manager Mansok and says i came here some time back, there was girl in orange top and black jacket here, Mansok says i know her, she is unique, Parth says you have her address? Mansok says she wants to go to America, she got her visa and might have gone to America till now, Parth says she cant go to America.
Forum comes to Mohini and sees her dancing, Forum says i got to know that you put fish in Shorvori’s room, she holds her arm and says bringing sadness and aggression in house and after that you are dancing? Mohini says how dare you hold my arm? i am your mother in law not your friend, Forum says i want you to remember it, what if Suyog gets to know what you did? Mohini says i am doing all this for you and my son, the much Parth and Shorvori bear the more good it will be for you, i just showed pictures of Shorvori till interval, end is still remaining, Forum says you want to do more with her? i and Suyog dont want anything, we are happy with everything we have, Mohini says okay i wont do anything, relax now, will you bring almond halwa for me? Forum goes to bring it, Mohini says i will eat almonds to make my brain work to bring Shorvori down.
Parth calls catering service which hired Teni as waiter earlier, he asks for Teni’s address, he gets her society’s address. He comes to owner of house and says Teni lives on rent in your house? owner says did she cheat you too? did she runaway with your money too? Parth says she didnt do anything, where is she? owner says she left this society to go to America, its good that she left, she might have sat on plane till now. Parth dejectedly comes out of society and sees a girl riding bicycle wearing clothes like Teni, he runs to her and say Teni? he sees girl is not Teni, girl says Teni gave me her clothes and went to America. Parth thinks where will i find Teni now? i am sorry Shorvori our last hope left too, how will i tell you?

Scene 2
Teni is sitting on some car’s roof on road and drinking wine, she says i am broke, i am destroyed, i always seen dreaming of going to America but its all lost now, its dead, why God is taking revenge from me? i earned 5lacs but still getting stale here.
Parth gets Shorvori’s call, she asks where are you? he says he will talk to you after i come home, Shorvori says our surrogate mother wears saree or suit? i wanted to buy gift for her, Parth gets tensed and says surrogate mother.. Parth sees Teni standing on car’s roof and shouting at people, he is stunned to see her infront of him, he smiles and says Teni.. he says to Shorvori that surrogate mother is with me, i will talk to you later. Teni falls down from car’s roof being drunk, Parth runs to her and asks people to him, he puts Teni in car and drives away.
Teni is wardroom of hospital, Parth says to nurse that tell me if anything is needed, nurse says she is fine, she will wake up tomorrow, Parth says i will leave then, Parth gets some call and is start to leave but Teni puts hand on his thigh still in sleep, she murmurs in sleep that everyone always cheated me, first my own father then my boyfriend used me and now Parul took my money and ranaway, why i always get cheated God? Parth hears it, he holds her hand and says nothing like that will happen now, he takes her hand away and says everything will be fine now, he looks at her.
Mohini says what should i do Sejal? Baa has asked me to not open my mouth but we can make it look like spit out of mistake. Servant asks Mohini that we take out trash of house from backside but why from frontside today? Mohini says dont question. They hear car noise and thinks Dada is coming there, Sejal deliberately strikes with servant and trash from her hands fall down which has fish too, door opens and Parth comes there, Mohini says it useless, i thought it was dada. Dada comes from behind and asks what is all this? Mohini gets happy seeing him. Mohini says to servant that put fish in trash can, dada will see. Dada sees fish and asks who brought fish in house? who broke rules of this house? Mohini says calm down. She calls Indu and Baa, She says to Baa that i didnt tell anything to dada, i was just asking to throw trash out of house but she dropped can here and dada got to know everything. Baa says to dada that lets talk in room, dada says why in room? lets clear it here so we punish the one, tell me who brought fish in house? all are silent, Shorvori looks down.

PRECAP- Indu says to Shorvori that Mohini gets to know everything we say, you have to be careful, she should never know that you are not pregnant. Mohini is eavesdropping on their conversation and is shocked to hear that Shorvori is not pregnant. In hospital, Parth asks Teni if she will become mother of his child? Teni is stunned to hear it and slaps him hard, Parth is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Everywhere story has a villain to spice up things but this Mohini is too much,!! Now she’s privy to what is going on about Shovori not being pregnant, and she will spill the beans. Of all people to hear this is the last person who should be hearing it….. Good episode. In the precap, Teni slapping Parth for asking her to be mother of his child, is hilarious……Teni brings the much needed relief in the story….

    1. Angelk1

      Even i agree naz. Teni character is unique. I’m sure people will live her. But i think dadi will hate ger

    2. Well sai Naz.

  2. Presha


  3. Ossam show

  4. Angelk1

    Poor teni….now i understand her character. Shes always been alone. I think that baby she will keep it ir grow to live it at the end. And will fight to keep it. I don’t know who is right when the time comes because teni had no one while shivori has parth. Mohini is annoying shes so nosy, why cant she leave them alone.

    But hi everyone hows everyone doing?

    1. Nitee

      Hi dr.. Hws u?

      1. Angelk1

        I’m fine and you?

    2. Chithu

      Yes Angel i feel bad for Teni. Even in chori chori chupke chupke preethi gives the child n go i think Teni will do the same. I wish she too get a loving partner in upcoming episodes.

      1. Angelk1

        True, but i think it will become a love triangle

  5. Nitee

    Jalpa is really nice, she is ready to help parth and shorvori and its really good she didn’t let his husband bharath to know about this matter, coz I hv a thought he won’t keep this matter secret…
    And Teni is really poor, how can her friend betray her..Parth and Teni scene was good..

  6. Chithu

    I am happy that finally Indu blessed Shorvori. Mohini is getting on by nerves. Y is she she always behind Indu n Shorvori. It was sweet of Jalpa to understand Parth. She had that similar experience for 20 years.

    1. Yes me too happy that Shocori is blssd by Indu!!?

    2. Angelk1

      True , i think the family will not like teni

  7. Same precap?

    Mohini is too much… Teni feeling sad fr hr!!?

  8. Why is there blank page in place of 16th February 2017 written update?

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