Dil Se Dil Tak 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Teni and Parul is sitting in restaurant. She sees man, Teni says he had to come here, she says Mansok brother you here? Mansok says you are living in my house and now will eat in my restaurant too? Teni says dont be dummy, dont jump out of your pants, i left your cheap house, i am leaving for America so i brought Parul to give her treat, Mansok says you didnt give me rent, Teni says i dont leave debts, i have thrown rent on your wife’s face. Mansok asks waiter to take her order. Teni opens menu and thinks that she is in english, what will i order now? she says waiter that why its not in gujrati, she asks Parul to give order and order anything, i am coming, she leaves.
Shorvori asks Parth how is our surrogate mother? she is smiley or what? Parth says i will tell you, Shorvori

says you didnt even tell me in clinic, Parth says relax, he hugs from behind on road and close your eyes, i have surprise.
Teni comes out Restaurant, outdoor restaurant is fully decorated. One waiter says to other that i understand if someone does this for girlfriend but husband spending so much for wife to decorate lunch table? Teni sees decorated table and its surrounding, she says i have to see this, waiter says you cant go there, that is reserved, she says sorry, waiter leaves. Teni says i even travel in train without ticket so i dont care about reservation, she comes on decorated table, she sees gold coins stick on cake, she says that woman must be lucky to get such rich husband. One gold coin falls off from cake, Teni says God you saw i didnt touch it but i feel like this coin wants to go with me, i cant break his heart, its real gold after all, Teni squeezes coin in her hand and sees chocolate coming out it, she sees its actually chocolate wrapped in gold color paper of coin shaped. Teni says this is rich people wrap chocolates in gold paper only, she eats chocolate and says atleast its free. She sees Parth and Shorvori coming there, she says if he sees me here then he will ask me to give 2lacs back, i have booked visa too, where should i hide? Teni hides under their lunch table. Parth brings Shorvori to table and says open your eyes, Shorvori sees decoration and says its beautiful but why suddenly this? Parth says i wanted to celebrate my 2nd biggest happiness of life with 1st biggest happiness, we have to celebrate change in our lives that is to come. They sit on table, Parth says lets have sweets. Teni under table thinks that their lives will change in few days but i am going to America today only, how do i leave from here? Shorvori says to Parth that i am fasting so i cant eat cake. Parth says what to do now? Shorvori says we should take all this for surrogate mother of our child, she has right on it, Parth says you are right. Teni hears it and says what is surrogogate? sarrogaate? what it is? i ate their chocolate first so i became their surrogate first, Dil se dil tak song plays and flashback shows couple’s connection with Teni.
Mohini shows Shorvori’s picture standing on road to Sejal and says why did Shorvori lie to Ambika and dada that she was going to meet her friend? i will trap her now, Sejal says Shorvori is clever, and you get trapped always, Mohini says i am innocent thats why, Sejal says make solid plan against her, Sejal gets call and leaves. Mohini says i will make solid plan.
Parth is sitting on table and says lets stay here for sometime. Parth nudges Shorvori’s foot with his foot, Shorvori plays with his foot under table. Teni sees it and says they are romancing with foot now. Mansok comes there and asks Shorvori what she needs? Shorvori says pack our lunch. Teni tugs Mansok’s pants and says take me out from under table, she hides from Parth. Mansok says your couple is nice, lets take your picture, Parth and Shorvori stands up to take picture, Teni runs away from there. Parth gets call from doctor. He turns around and sees Teni running away from there. Parth is asked to come in clinic.
Shorvori is in clinic and recalls how Parth told her that soon surrogacy process will start and doctor will congratulate us for becoming parents, Shorvori says it feel so good to hear it, what will happen when it happens for real? Ambika calls Shorvori and says come home fast, she ends call, Shorvori says Ambika seemed angry, i should leave asap, i will message Parth.

Scene 2
Shorvori comes home and says to Ambika that you called me home suddenly. Mohini says Shorvori says you must be wanting to eat something, you want to eat sour and sweet pickle? you want to sweets? no? Shorvori nods in no, Mohini says you can eat mangoes, eat it, Shorvori looks on, Mohini says not even this? you are pregnant, dont you crave them? this is weird, leave it, by the way you can hide as much as you want but we all know why you dont crave things which all pregnant women wants. Mohini asks Indu to tell Shorvori about it, Indu looks down, Mohini says Indu is not even looking in eyes, Shorvori thinks that they all got to know i am not pregnant? Mohini says how can you lie so much, how can you do such big sin? what if dada gets to know it? how will he bear it? he was ill recently only and now this kind of cheating. Ambika says to Shorvori that i fought with dada for first time for you, to give you rights as daughter in law, i did so much for you which i wouldnt have done for even my own daughter and you cheated us like this? you broke our hearts. Shorvori sits in her feet and says forgive me, i didnt want to hide it, i didnt want to lie but it was my helplessness. Mohini says it was not helplessness, you couldnt stop your craving, you didnt stop doing such bad thing? She makes servant bring cooked fish there. Shorvori says fish? Mohini says this is fish but sweetdish, Shorvori says i didnt eat it. Mohini says then what it was doing in your room? Shorvori says i dont know, Mohini says dont lie, accept your crime. Shorvori says to Ambika that i dont know how it came in my room, Mohini says servant found in your room while cleaning. Shorvori says from the time i got married in this house, i didnt touch meat or anything like that, you can even ask Forum, Mohini glares Forum to not say anything, Forum thinks that when i met Mohini earlier outside Shorvori’s room, i smelled fish there, she recalls how she even asked Mohini about smell, how Mihini denied it, she thinks that it means Mohini did all this against Shorvori. Shorvori says give me some time, i will bring real culprit infront of you all. Mohini recalls how she brought fish and put in Shorvori’s room, she thinks that Shorvori’s confidence will break at what i will do next. Shorvori asks servant if he found something like this earlier ever? servant says never, Shorvori asks who asked you to clean my room? Mohini recalls how she ordered servant to clean her room, she asks servant to leave with fish, he leaves without answering. Mohini says dont answer questions with more questions, i have proofs. She shows Shorvori’s picture standing on road near fish centre, Mohini shows it to Ambika, Indu and Shorvori, Shorvori identifies it road near clinic.
Parth meets doctor and says you said process will start from tomorrow. Dcotor says surrogate candidate backed out from it due to some problem, i will find another woman in one month, Parth says i dont have time that much, doctor says talk to senior doctor then, she didnt come today. Parth huffs.
Mohini says to Ambika that Shorvori didnt cook bhog, and said she was going to meet her friend who was ill, you saw how Shorvori was standing outside infertility clinic and fish centre, Shorvori is pregnant so there is no need to go to infertility centre but tell me truly you are going to me mother right? you are pregnant right? what work will you have in infertility centre? you must have gone to fish centre, so tell us did you go to clinic to get baby or to eat fish?
Parth comes in another doctor’s cabin and says what is this drama? once you say you have surrogate mother then you say you dont have her, what is this? Woman sitting on chair turns to Parth and Parth is shocked to see doctor as its none other than Jalpa, Parth says Jalpa aunt? Jalpa is shocked to see him there. Bharat comes there too, Parth is shocked to see them.

PRECAP- Indu says to Shorvori that Mohini gets to know everything we say, you have to be careful, she should never know that you are not pregnant. Mohini is eavesdropping on their conversation and is shocked to hear that Shorvori is not pregnant. In clinic, Parth asks Teni if she will become mother of his child? Teni is stunned to hear it and slaps him hard, Parth is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Angelk1

    Hi everyone!!! The precap looks interesting. That mohini is so annoying. Why cant she leave them alone. What will she gain from this. And that was nice of parth to surprise her with dinner so cute.

    Anyway, happy valentin day!!!

  2. Presha

    Awesome nd the precape looks interesting

  3. Nivu99

    Hai Dsdt friends…….
    The first half of epi was nice. Teni’s character is too funny…… Jas.. ❤❤

    Mohini jst is behind shorvari all the time….. she made the poor fishv such a big issue …… !! waiting eagerly for the precap……

  4. Super episode super shour n teni

  5. Chithu

    I like the connection they are showing between parth shorvori n Teni. Its as if Teni is destined to enter their life to give them child. It was such a cheap trick by mohini to degrade shorvori. Mohini heared the conversation now she will expose them.
    This serial is really sailing fastly.

    1. Nitee

      Yes I too hv a thought like you that Teni was destined to give birth to the child of this couple..

  6. The way Parth gave surprise was supr!! Precap seems to b intrsting!! Looking frwrd fr d serial…..?

  7. Nitee

    Hi frnds… Sry for being late.. I hope u r all fn..
    Coming to epi..Parth surprise to his wife was superb, it was a good valentine’s day gift for the viewers of this show..
    I think Bharath and Jalpa will help parth and shorvori in their surrogacy drama..
    And in precap, Auchhh! Teni slapping parth(my sid), oh no.. I think the question which he ask her would leads to that slap on him.. Whatever it is I don’t like anyone to beat my sid..

  8. At least jalpa knows truth she help parth and shrovori

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