Dil Se Dil Tak 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Parth holds Teni as Shorvari’s murderer

Dil Se Dil Tak 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The inspector says its better they solve their personal matters at home. Mohini was interested in the game being played. Parth comes to ask Dada ji if he saved Shorvari’s murderer. Dada ji says they had mistaken to recognize Shorvari, and today Parth is mistaken in recognizing Teni. He stands with Teni in this matter. Parth says he will soon unveil Teni’s reality. Dada ji says he believes in Teni, she can’t do any harm to any of their family member. Teni says she got this family because of Parth and today Parth doesn’t trust her. Parth says alright, he is giving her a time of only one week to prove herself, he won’t question her then; but if not she must go to jail no matter his child has to borne in jail then. He was determined not to spare Shorvari’s killer at any cost. Teni says

she doesn’t want a single day, she doesn’t have to prove her innocence and bring any proof to him. She says she shared a hearty relation with Shorvari. Her proofs would be played upon, she is ready to go with police. Dada ji announces this is his house, police will never come to this house again. Teni slips while going upstairs. Dadi and Indu were concerned. They discuss they must assure Teni about their side with her.
In the room, Teni cries about the accusations of Parth. She promised Shorvari to be with Parth and it makes her liable to be with her. She wonders why this happens to her, why she even loved Parth. Indu comes to Teni and wipes her tears, giving her a glass of water. She says she understands Parth hurt her, but everyone here loves her. Teni cries that she came to this house relying on Parth. It hurts her badly, she isn’t as selfish as to kill someone.
Parth speaks to Shorvari’s photo and wonders what he must do to punish her killer. If he punishes Teni, their child would also suffer.
Indu says Parth hasn’t been able to come out of Shorvari’s memories. He doesn’t want to help himself, but they can’t leave him in such a tough situation. Teni shares with Indu about Shorvari’s illness and her commitment. Indu was shocked to hear this. Teni says Shorvari didn’t want Parth to shatter. She asked him to only show the video to Parth when he has leaned to handle himself. Indu suggests about showing the video to Parth. Teni wasn’t ready but Indu insists on her to take the video to Parth now.
Dadi was worried in the hall, she was upset about Shorvari’s death and poisoning of Parth’s mind. He was ready to punish Teni so severely. Parth just came downstairs, Dadi stops him but Parth says he wants to stay alone for a while. Indu brings Teni downstairs and says Teni wants to say something to him. Parth announces he doesn’t want to speak to anyone. Indu says Teni has an important proof of her innocence. She asks Teni to bring the video. Teni thinks about Shorvari’s promise, then thinks if she should break her promise to prove herself right?

PRECAP: Teni asks Parth what has happened to him, why he wants to prove what’s not true. Parth says he hates Teni as much as he loves Shorvari, and will continue till he lives.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Poor thing, party needs to get over this accusation and think. Teni shovori is assume to be dead, just show him the video.

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