Dil Se Dil Tak 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Shorvori says to Parth that we should thank the one who threatened us with money and we came here and found solution to our problem, God bless her and fulfil her wishes. Shorvori sees Parth smiling and says propose me here, Parth says we are in market, Shorvori says just think about us, think how you proposed me first time, please. Parth sits on his knees, he holds her and says i love you Shorvori, will you become mother if my child? Shorvori dances in park and says yes i will become mother of your child, she takes baby from someone and says i want chubby kid like you, Shorvori says i want to fly today, i want my baby’s eyes like me, Parth says her smile would be like me, Shorvori says her voice will be like dada. Parth says dont tell this to anyone in family, Shorvori says

why? just womb will be of someone else, baby will be mine and yours only. Parth says family wont understand this, they wont agree and will taunt you only for being not able to conceive, we just have to talk to doctor and find who can be surrogate mother.
Teni comes to parlour and asks girl where is Parul? girl says she didnt come since morning. Teni says what if Parul cheated me and ranaway with my money? she cant do this, she is my friend. She calls Parul. Praul comes there and says you called me and i am here, Teni says i was thinking such bad ideas, Parul says like me running away with your money? Teni says no no, i was thinking if you are fine. Parul says i went to bring your passport, she shows her passport, and says sees its your name inside, Teni says i dont know how to read but i can smell my name written on air ticket, thank you Parul, if you didnt give me that idea before then i wouldnt have done this. I will get settle in America and then call you there, i thank Parth and his wife to fulfil my wish so i pray that whatever their wish is, its get fulfilled too.
In Bhanushali house, Ambika is making pickles and says to servant that i want to know what taste Shorvori will like, either sour or sweet. Indu gets tensed hearing it and thinks that no one should know about Shorvori’s miscarriage. Mohini says there is always some drama in house since Shorvori has become pregnant. Mohini hides her phone in holy book and thinks let me see how many people liked my photo, she sees that 15people saw her photo, she gets happy. Parth and Shorvori comes there. Servant says Parth is called by Ramnik. Shorvori comes Ambika. Forum tastes pickle and says its so sour, Indu is tensed, Ambika makes her taste other pickle, Indu says its spicy. Forum asks Shorvori to eat pickle, Indu gets tensed thinking that Shorvori wont be able to recognise taste. Shorvori says to Forum that you will get pimples from pickles, Ambika asks Shorvori to eat pickle, Shorvori says i dont feel like eating it, Mohini thinks that she is pregnant and doesnt want to eat pickle? Ambika says to Indu that Shorvori doesnt want to eat any pickle? Ramnik comes there and there is festival tomorrow and we will have to arrange for bhog(food that will be served to lord), Ambika says we will do arrangements. Indu says i will cook bhog. Dada comes there and says no Indu, you wont make bhog this time, this time Shorvori will make bhog, all get elated hearing it. Mohini thinks that what has happened to him? he was so bitter for this bengali girl and now this? i have to do something. Mohini sees Parth’s phone on table ringing, she says whose phone is ringing? she is about to take his call but Parth comes and takes phone, he says its mine, Mohini says i was not running away with it, Parth leaves with phone, Shorvori goes behind him. Mohini thinks that why he looked tensed?
Parth says to Shorvori that doctor said we can go for surrogacy, reports are fine, he has called us tomorrow to meet donor and then we can sign contract. Shorvori hugs him and says i am so happy, she thanks God and says thank you for bringing happiness back, i cant wait. Shorvori says tomorrow is bhog, how will we go? Parth says i was thinking that but doctor is going to America tomorrow night, Shorrvori says i will manage and we will meet him tomorrow afternoon only, Parth hugs her.
Shorvori comes to Indu and family. She says to family that i wont be able to make bhog tomorrow, all are shocked to hear it. Indu asks why? Shorvori says my friend is really ill, i have to go. Ramnik asks which friend? Mohini thinks that phone did come but why would her friend call on Parth’s phone. Dada says if thats the case then you go Shorvori, Ambika says you can go, just make parsad, we will pray for your friend. Mohini asks whats your friend’s name? Shorvori says Stuti.. Mohini says full name? Shorvori stutters and says Stuti Rastogi, Shorvori leaves. Mohini opens her phone and searches for Stuti on facebook, she thinks that this girl lives in london so it means something is fishy and i have to find out truth.

Scene 2
Teni is meeting everyone in her society, she says i might never comeback, i will miss you all, she hugs all kids and says remain happy, i would have taken you all with me, she gifts her dress one girl and says you liked it. Teni says to Parul that you did so much for me, thats why i will give you party which will never forget, she says goodbye to everyone and sits in rickshaw. Shorvori is sitting in other rickshaw which passesby Teni’s. Shorvori calls Parth and says yes i am coming to hospital. Mohini is following Shorvori’s rickshaw in other rickshaw and asks driver to follow her, driver says you dont look like spy by face, Mohini says you dont look like owl by face, just shut up and follow. Shorvori comes to clinic. Mohini sees her leaving, she gets down from rickshaw to follow her but her saree gets stuck in ricshaw and she loses Shorvori’s sight.
Shorvori and Parth are in clinic, Doctor tells them about surrogacy, how father and mother’s sperms and eggs are planted in someone else’s womb and baby grows there and then after delivery woman gives baby to parents, once baby is given to parents then woman giving birth to baby has no right on baby, its like business deal, we can sign contract in evening, Parth says can we meet who is going to be surrogate mother? Doctor says sit outside, i will call her. They comes outside clinic, Shorvori says i dont want to go, Parth asks what happened? you know why we are here, we are doing right, lets go. Shorvori says i am scared, you go. Parth says why scared? you were so happy yesterday, lets go and meet surrogate mother, Shorvori says she will make me feel about my inability, Parth says it was accident, Shorvori says what she can do, i wont be able to do it, you go, you wont understand, Parth says i wont understand? Shorvori says i am hurt, remember when you proposed me, you asked me if i will become mother of your child, i wont be able to hear same question you asking some other woman, Parth is sad seeing her cry, he wipes her tears and hugs her tightly, Parth says okay you stay here, i will go and meet her, he leaves. Shorvori is tensed.
Doctor comes to Parth and shows him one woman Anita, she says Anita is doing surrogacy second time, she knows process, Parth says to Anita that you are no less angel for me and my wife.
Mohini is in market and sees Shorvori coming on road. She hides and says Shorvori is liar but such big lie? now dada will know what she is doing in real, she captures Shorvori’s photo on road and smirks.

PRECAP- Mohini says to Shorvori that you can hide as much as you want but still whole family knows truth, Shorvori is tensed to see all family members there. Parth comes in doctor’s cabin and says what is this drama? once you say you have surrogate mother then you say you dont have her, what is this? Woman sitting on chair turns to Parth and Parth is shocked to see some woman and not doctor. Ambika says to Shorvori that you cheated us, you broke our hearts like this?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Angelk1

    I thought he would asks teni in this eps. Oh well, i think teni friend played her. Shes not going to america after all teni cant read. I can understand shivori worries, but she cant back down from it now. She already got parth involved. Also mohini is annoying why cant she leave them alone jeesh.

    And lastly, i kinda feel bad to some surrogate mother. If teni comes to love her child and have to give it up, i will feel bad.

    1. Chithu

      I agree Angel its so difficult to give away a child who was thr within u for 9 months. Surrogacy is a brave step

      1. Angelk1

        I agree especially knowing she has no one in her life. The baby is the only thing she loves

  2. Angelk1

    I forgot one thing Hiiiiii!!! Everyone, sorry i couldnt post friday. I was working the whole week. As soon as i came home, i fell asleep. I hope everyone’s doing well

    1. Nitee

      Yeah that’s k dr..

  3. precap….about the pic of shorvori…..nothing else.this mohini is too much.but teni….. let’s see.

  4. Presha


  5. Gosh I’m so mad now, I wrote a nice commentary and because of an internet glitch, I lost the piece???…nevertheless, I’m trying again. Dear friends, did I miss something in this serial? What I want to know is…. Shovori had no medical or biological problems so why isn’t she able to carry her own baby but has to resort to surrogacy? She fell accidentally and lost her baby, writers want me to believe that she’s unable to carry another baby? So what will shopar do now, cover one lie with another, wear a padded pillow under her clothes or come clean and speak the truth? Do they realize how devastated the family and grandpa will be when he discovers that they kept such a major thing from them? Grandpa put aside his hatred and welcomed Shovori because she is giving him a great grandchild…..so what?? Try again and I’m sure they will be successful but…..this is the drama of soapland and if all happens like clockwork, then it will be boring. So carry on writers, I just wanted to point these discrepancies out. I know our comments are read across the board because I notice that KKB comment section has been disabled ….LMAO….. Ekta Kapoor and the writers couldn’t bear the sound bashing they got on a daily basis….. I didn’t check for today so………

    1. Nitee

      Yeah naz, I think you miss the episode, in which doctor said that shorvori couldn’t able to conceive ever again..

      1. Ohhhh dear…… ☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine’s♡ ☆Day☆ to all my friends on this forum ????????????and since I’m getting difficulty in loading WOH APNA SA page…. ☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine’s♡ ☆Day☆ as well you ALL ADIVI fans…… ??????????

    2. Angelk1

      While they were chasing each other she fell an lost her child. Causing her to not have kids

  6. I dI’d enjoy the beginning of the episode, so lovable and happy they both are. I so like Siddharth Shukla….. ??

  7. Show iz osssam n they are not dragging the show by unesessary track n as usuall shour iz ossam by her excellent acting skills

  8. Nitee

    Loved parori scenes very much, there I could see so much love, care, emotions for each other.. yes I agree Shorvori’s pain is too big it couldn’t be understand by others, but she is very lucky to get such a lovely husband to stand with her at any situation…
    I think Teni’s friend would betray her.. and mohini is just irritating, I wish she couldn’t find parori’s secret .. overall good episode …

    Hello everyone.. wish you all a very happieee valentine’s day guys… luv u all…

  9. Chithu

    Its because of pressure from family parth n shorvori have to take this step. If the family has accepted shorvori earlier it would not have stressed them n they could have told everyone. Here i dont blame shorvori because she was unacceptable in the family. Only after the news of pregnancy dada, indu etc shown some concern for her. She just wants to bond with the family.
    Jalpa got to know about their idea of surrogacy. It will be a difficult tym for shorvori to explain herself. Everyone started to blame her again. Dont Mohini have any other work than stalk shorvori.

  10. Hey Nitee…..now that I know about Shovori not able to conceive, it’s sad and now this has become the only way to be able to feel the love of parenthood. I still think it would have been better if they had told the family. I dislike mohini…. ?

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