Dil Se Dil Tak 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Dada says to Manav’s family that you did wrong, you bought their love with your money? you have very narrow minded thinking, its good Pallavi came here stopped it, i wouldnt be able to forgive myself. Manav sys it was my mistake, i bow down to my family and left Pallavi, i would have destroyed two lives if Pallavi didnt come here, Teni I have hurt you too, forgive me, Teni acts and cries, she says just leave from here. Manav leaves with Pallavi and his family, Parth smirks at Teni and Shorvori, Teni thinks now its time to party, Teni cries and says to Parth that see what happened with me again, i have ill fate, Parth rubs her arm and asks her to calm down. Bharat says to Dada that you have seen world but you got cheated? if groom’s family was in haste to do engagement then

we should have found out why, Dada says i did mistake, Parth told me research but i didnt listen to him. Dada comes to Teni and says i did mistake unintentionally, forgive me, he folds his hands infront of Teni, all are sad, Dada leaves. Bharat says only Forum is responsible for all this, you didnt try to find out about groom? you didnt know about his relationship, Forum sys Manav told me he broke up with Pallavi and doesnt love her anymore, Bharat says did you hear it Jalpa? you didnt see behind things, what if Pallavi had come after Teni’s wedding? Teni whispers to Parth that ask Bharat to scold her less, its not like i was going to marry him. Forum comes to Teni and says i am sorry, if i knew Manav loved that girl then i wouldnt have brought him, Teni says its okay, my fate is ill. Shorvori says Forum it was not your mistake, dont be sad. Bharat says this is why Shorvori is best daughter in law, its her goodness that she is forgiving her but to be honest, Forum will take time to become good daughter in law, Forum cries silently, Jalpa says whatever happened, it was not Forum’s fault, its good that it didnt happen after wedding, Bharat says its good that this problem got solved, Forum destroyed everything, Forum runs from there, Suyog goes behind her.

Parth, Teni and Shorvori comes to room. Shorvori asks Parth how he got to know about Manav’s girlfriend? Parth says i stalked Manav’s profile and found that he had some relation with that girl so I went to Surat and convinced her to stop this engagement and its all wrong and Manav is her love, she agreed to come here to stop it, Teni says you went to Surat for me? brought that girl and stopped this engagement, you are great, she hugs tightly, Shorvori looks on a little surprised, Parth asks her to not doubt him again, she says no, Teni gives hi-five to him, Teni says Shorvori you are behind us, Teni’s hand in Parth’s hand, Shorvori puts hand on their hand and says we three are together, Teni says nobody can come inbetween three of us, Parth ask Dada to stop finding relations for me. He says i will talk.

Scene 2
Mohini scolds Forum and says this happens when you try to act very nice, Suyog asks her to leave, he will handle forum, Mohini glares her and leaves. Suyog comes to Forum and hugs her, he says no one is blaming you, Parth, Shorvori and Teni didnt blame you, Forum says but i am alleged, i wont be able to face anyone, Suyog says you are crying so much and that Teni was running away from this engagement, she was leaving house before engagement but Parth stopped her, i feel even Parth didnt want this engagement to happen, he realizes what he said and turns to leave but Forum holds his hand and asks what happened? Suyog says earlier when Manav came here engagement, i saw Teni running away, Parth came there and stopped her, he asked where you are going? and sees rope lying from balcony, Parth asked what was the need to do it? what if you had fallen? Teni says you were not coming so i had to run, Parth said you didnt have to run, i have brought Manav’s girlfriend and this engagement wont happen now, Teni said really? thats great news, lets go inside, suyog saw all that, flashback ends. Forum asks why did Teni runaway from house? Parth brought Pallavi here? it means Parth wanted this engagement to break but why? Suyog says they must have some reason, Forum says no, Parth stopped Teni from running away and Shorvori was so tensed, it means Shorvori knew Teni ranaway too, it means Teni, Shorvori and Parth didnt want this engagement to happen? there is something they are hiding from us and thats why they didnt want this engagement but what it could be that they didnt tell us?

Baa brings milk for dada, Dada is sadly sitting in room, Baa says matches are made in heaven, its not in our hands so dont feel bad, Dada says you are right, pairs are made in heaven but we have to make couples unite here, till i dont find good groom for Teni till then i wont sit quite.

In morning, Shorvori is cooking veggies, Indu comes there and says its good to see you are eating veggies, its good for baby, did you eat breakfast? Shorvori nervously says no i didnt, Indu says i will make breakfast for you. Forum comes there and takes water jug, she is about to leave but water jug falls from hand, water spills on floor, Forum goes to bring mop, Teni comes in kitchen and is about to come to Shorvori but she slips on water and is about to fall down but she grabs kitchen counter and composes herself, Shorvori is shocked to see all this, Indu asks Teni if she is fine? Teni clutches her stomach and nods, Shorvori recalls how she fell from stairs once and lost her child, Shorvori faints after seeing almost repeat of that scene, Indu and Teni runs to Shorvori, they shout for Shorvori, Parth comes there and asks her to wake up, he lifts her bridal style and brings to his room, he makes Shorvori lie on bed, Parth says i will call Jalpa.
Forum says to family that Shorvori is pregnant and she works so much in kitchen and takes too much stress that might have made her faint, Indu says she doesnt have to work in kitchen, we can handle it, Suyog asks her to not worry, we have doctor, Forum calls Jalpa.
in room, Shorvori says to Parth that i didnt eat anything thats why i am feeling weak but I am fine, Parth calls Jalpa but her phone is not reachable.
Teni comes in lounge and sees Forum calling Jalpa, she ends call and says to family that Jalpa has gone to Delhi for conference, Ramnik says dont worry, i know a good gynecologist, i will call her to check Shorvori, Teni hears it and runs to Shorvori’s room.
Teni comes to Parth and Shorvori, she says its raining season of problems, we get one after another, Parth asks what happened? did Dada find another groom for you? he laughs, Teni says you both will cry when i tell the new, he says tell us, Teni says Jalpa has gone for conference so Dada has called some doctor for Shorvori’s checkup, Shorvori says what? Parth gets tensed. Shorvori says doctor will get to know that i am not pregnant, Parth says i will tell family that you dont need any doctor, you are fine, he leaves, Shorvori says what if family finds out that i am not pregnant?
Parth comes in lounge, Dada asks how is Shorvori? Parth says she is completely fine, Baa says you are not doctor, she is pregnant and we shouldnt take risks, Parth says Jalpa has been watching Shorvori so we should wait for her, Dada says other doctor is compatible too, Parth says but.. Indu says why you keep arguing Parth? let us call doctor and let her check. Doctor comes there, Ramnik says our daughter in law is pregnant and she fainted, dada asks Parth to take doctor to Shorvori’s room, Parth gulps and takes her.
Parth brings new doctor in his room and is stunned to see Shorvori wearing Teni’s clothes and Teni lying on their bed wearing Shorvori’s clothes, Gol maal hai sab gol maal ha plays.

PRECAP- Parth says to Shorvori that dont know how many lies we will have to tell our family, Shorvori says i pray that this was our last lie and we never have to go to this doctor again. Doctor meets dada and says i saw a girl Teni(actually Shorvori) in your daughter in law’s room, she is of marriage age and i would like send wedding proposal of my son for Teni, Dada says i cant believe that you like Teni for your son, he gets happy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Oh no, what will they do now. The doctor will know the real truth. Shovori should have hide somewhere so the doctor wouldnt see her. Hope parth stops this

  2. Superb episode n iam just loving it

  3. such a hypocrite,even the bhanushalis didnot accept shorvori in the beginning and now they are questioning others for buying their son’s love

  4. all the family will know the truth

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    Hii everyone
    Do u know that Parth and Shorvori won colors golden petal award for best jodi

  6. Ohh god teni sticks to parth like a chewing gum…which is funny?………shorvori and parth have won best jodi award but in the show they are hardly as a couple…?… Biased ☺☺☺


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