Dil Se Dil Tak 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Parth waiting for Shorvari while his fast

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Shorvari held her red dress, she thinks she is the unluckiest girl in the world. It’s her last Karwachot and she isn’t with him. He mustn’t place his hopes with her, she won’t come to him. She sits to get ready. There, Indu and Dadi get Jagruti ready and blesses her to live happy forever. Sejal stood outside the window and says money is worthy than any love in the world, Jagruti would realize it when she will break her fast after watching Rishab. Mohini comes to take Sejal, and asks if Rishab would come. Sejal boasts he will surely come, Mohini blesses that she will sure get Rishab. Sejal asks about money, Mohini was speechless then assures she has spoken to them already. She will soon get them.
Everyone come for the fast. Parth thinks he knows well that Shorvari will surely come.

Shorvari reaches and calls Teni that she has arrived. Teni tells her to come inside, everyone is in the garden. Jagruti notices Parth had forgotten his sieve. Parth goes to bring it from the room. Teni watches Shorvari come inside and signals her to come upstairs. She was shocked to see Parth coming to the hall, but Shorvari wasn’t attentive. Teni thinks about something and goes to turn the lights off. Parth and Shorvari stood close to each other, Parth could sense Shorvari and moves to touch her. He was shocked to see Teni and says he could feel Shorvari here. Teni asks if he has gone insane. Parth tells Teni he sense Shorvari even if she is near him. Teni says none is here. Shorvari was hiding behind the wall. Teni asks Parth why he came downstairs. Parth says he came to bring a sieve. Teni sends him upstairs as she will bring it. Parth asks her to be careful, Parth is somewhere near. Shorvari comes outside.
Upstairs, ladies discuss the moon is always late on Karwachot. Sejal watches Rishab come and says someone’s moon was right in time. Jagruti cheers as Rishab takes everyone’s blessings. Ramnik wish Rishab and Jagruti the best in life, as he wasn’t there when their proposal was about to fix. Sejal thinks Rishab would only be hers, Jagruti will get to cry only. Jagruti thinks she always wished for a life partner like him. Rishab wonders why he got such Behn-ji. Had Sejal revealed her money earlier, he wouldn’t have left her wishing Hello, Hi. Jagruti suggests about playing Antakshari. It was Rishab’s turn first. Next was Sejal’s turn. Parth was lost in thoughts of Shorvari. It was Parth’s turn but he wasn’t mentally present. Sejal requests him to sing but Parth apologizes. Dadi calls Sejal back. Indu prays that Shorvari arrives and Parth can break his fast.
Sejal asks Mohini that she has to speak to Rishab, it’s really important. Mohini was worried but Sejal tells her to send him inside. Mohini takes Jagruti’s permission to take Rishab inside for help with serving. She was relived atleast one of Sejal’s task was accomplished.
In the room, Shorvari says she can’t go in front of Parth. Teni says she knows that Parth won’t break his fast otherwise. Both Shorvari and Parth were thinking about each other. Shorvari gets a call from doctor saying MRI report was really bad.

PRECAP: Dadi announces Shorvari is here, she comes in veil and breaks Parth’s fast. Parth removes the veil and throws the pot as it was Teni. He asks why Teni betrayed him? Teni says either Parth will have to marry her or forget about his child.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Stupid storyline.

  2. What happened to this serial….such a boring storyline
    Acha show ko barbad kar Diya writer ne
    Byy byy dil se dil tak

  3. itne interstd serial ko..itna stupid kr diya..ya storyline change kro..ya channel ko bye bye kr dho

  4. The wife sacrifice even her good name for her husband.she doesn’t needs to be alone even after her lifetime.

  5. Kunal_Chauhan_the_Great

    I just don’t get this Rishabh drama. How could all of that lovey dovey moments that they had become fake… nothing makes any sense and how could he call Jagruti a behenji?!?! I hope Shorvari exposes Rishabh, thus winning the trust of her sasural, and Teni accidentally blurts the truth out or Parth overhears both of them or something like that… these cvs keep making a mockery out of our customs and traditions, by making Teni break Parth’s fast… they drag everything soooooo much! Hope PaRi reunite and Shorvari’s brain tumour gets cured!

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