Dil Se Dil Tak 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shorvari decides to go to Parth

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In the hospital, Shorvari again hears Parth’s talk in the Sangeet. He considered Shorvari’s love a strength behind all that is happening today. Shorvari wish she had never woken up, she wonders what Parth must have gone through after hearing about his death. It must have been difficult for him to decide and marry Teni. The doctor says he thought about informing her family regarding her condition. He only knows she won’t be able to live without Parth, she must return to him. Shorvari denies. Shorvari cries thinking about Parth and decides not to fell weak. She cries out of confusion as she was unable to stop herself. She wished to see Parth for once.
Teni sat alone in her chawl thinking about Parth’s proposing her. Chutkan comes to Teni and says she has changed since her engagement,

Dadi has been calling her for long. Dadi tells Teni that henna is the most special ritual of wedding. She is sending a henna applicator girl. Chutkan brings the lady, then invites the ladies to sing some wedding songs. The lady writes Parth in Teni’s henna design.
The next morning, everyone gather for Parth’s Haldi. Teni sat with a face pack and cucumber over her eyes. Chutkan comes to eat the cucumber piece and says it won’t help her at all. Chutkan says he will miss Teni here but he is happy that Teni has chosen Parth to marry. Teni offers him to come to meet her anytime. They were playful when Baa comes with some chawl ladies for Teni’s Haldi. Teni goes to change her dress.
There at Bhanushali house, Indu performs Parth’s Haldi ritual and blesses the couple to always live together. Other’s take their turns.
After the ritual, Chutkan hands Parth’s dress to Dadi as he is loaded with the responsibility of all preparations. Dadi tells Chutkan there is no need for all the formalities. Chutkan says he will celebrate her wedding to the full and remembers giving advance to the tent arrangements. Dadi tells Teni to try the dress fitting. Teni asks Dadi if she would mind if she asks something, then murmurs in Dadi’s ear. Dadi was worried and tells her to think again. Teni says Parth will really be happy that way.
The doctor comes to Shorvari happy about her decision. He hands her medicines and some valuables and gets a taxi arranged for Shorvari.

PRECAP: Bhanushalis arrive for Teni and Parth’s wedding. Teni also arrives at the stage when Shorvari reaches the wedding venue but with a hidden face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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