Dil Se Dil Tak 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni and Shorvari accepts a one month challenge

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Dada ji says he will accept their decision of if they are able to live as per his challenge for one month. They agree to it. Dada ji warns that this is a testimony for both of them, if any of them try to switch places with the other he will consider them as failed. They agree. He tells Shorvari to live as a mother to Ipshita only, and Teni must control his motherly emotions towards her. He sends Indu to bring Ipshita, and instructs her to give Ipshita to Teni. He then asks Teni to give Ipshita into Shorvari’s arms.
Baa whispers to Dada ji what he is doing. He reminds he said that he can see something no one can. Both Shorvari and Teni were ready to leave the house together as they didn’t want to hurt each other. He must now see if they can go through such limits for each other in future

as well? He and Dadi go inside saying their testimony has begun. In the room, Mohini asks Dada ji why he told them to do so. Dada ji narrates her a story. ‘There was a businessman, one was good at business and the other at conduct. One day the businessman called them and asked the brothers to take responsibility of the business now. The sons were ready. But the father told them to switch each other’s responsibilities to learn the skills of others as well’. Same was the case with Teni and Shorvari. Mohini says she fears it won’t work for long, as Teni and Shorvari are females. Baa asks if Teni and Shorvari would be able to understand this testimony well. Dada ji says time will tell.
Shorvari tells Parth and Teni that they have to be a strength of each other and stay as a strength for each other. She was sure Shorvari will take care of Ipshita well. She was a little tensed and gives Shorvari a few quick tips to take care of Ipshita. Shorvari says they have struggled a lot to get Ipshita, and assures to take good care of her. Parth was silent in all this, he was frustrated and says he understands it might not be easy for him. He wonders how this will happen.
Later at the dinner table, Parth gets a cough. Both wives hurry to get water jug for Parth. Teni tells Shorvari to pour water for Parth. Parth was still upset. Mohini thinks it’s the confrontation of a fork and knife, she will soon get to enjoy the clattering of the two. She asks Dada ji if Shorvari must live with Ipshita in a separate room. Teni says she has shifted Ipshita’s cradle into Shorvari’s room. Mohini says this means the room is empty for her and Parth then, and sends them to the room. Parth and Teni turn to look at Shorvari. Teni notices Parth’s stare at Teni, while Shorvari turns her face away. Shorvari leaves with Ipshita for her room.
Jalpa was crying in the room when Spursh comes to wipe her tears. He blames himself for separation between her and Daddy. He asks if she wouldn’t ever forgive Daddy. Jalpa sends him to school without a reply. She gets a call from Bharat but doesn’t attend it.
Parth was confused how he will spend this month. He and Teni lay on different ends of the bed. Shorvari was afraid of thunderstorm and thinks she will have to stay in the other room with Ipshita for this whole month. Teni was also awake, worried about Ipshita. Shorvari unbolts the door of her room, then remembers Dada ji’s challenge. She finally leaves and room and comes across Teni. Both think that they have reached the verge of losing the challenge in a single day.

PRECAP: Shorvari slipped at the door while Parth holds her into his arms. Mohini asks Teni what Shorvari is doing in her room. Later, Indu tells Parth to stay home tomorrow as there is a Pooja to be attended by the whole family. Mohini asks who would participate with Parth as his wife, Shorvari or Teni.

Update Credit to: Sona

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