Dil Se Dil Tak 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Engagement ceremony starts, Manav and his family comes there, dada greet them. Shorvori is tensed. Bharat says i have to say that this super fast engagement decision is good and Teni is very innocent, have high values to Manav Kumar is lucky, i used to praise Shorvori but i have to say Forum is great. Shorvori whispers to Jalpa that Parth is not taking call, what if Teni does something? Bharat asks where is Parth? its his sister in law’s engagement, Jalpa says Teni has special gift from Parth and Parth has gone to take it, he will come soon. Shorvori thinks that Parth has to come on time. Indu shows engagement rings to Shorvori and says dada bought them, Shorvori says they are beautiful, Mohini sees rings and says to Sejal that such expansive ring for that Teni?

comes in corner and calls Parth. Parth is driving car and take call, Shorvori asks where is he? Teni has said clearly that she will runaway, Parth says its not going to happen, he tells her some information(which is muted) and says i will reach soon, Shorvori asks him to take care, he ends call.
Shorvori comes to Teni and says Parth is going to come on time, Teni says what will he do stop this engagement when there will be no time left? Shorvori says trust me, i have talked to him, he said he will come on right time and will handle everything, he wont let your engagement happen, Teni is tensed, shorvori leaves.

Shorvori on in engagement function and is tensed. Manav asks his mother to start ceremony. Manav’s mother asks dada to call Teni and start ceremony, he says why not. dada asks Shorvori to bring Teni from her room, Forum says no i will bring my doll, you take care of things here, Forum nods.
In her room, Teni says Parth hasnt come till now. Shorvori comes there, Teni asks Parth came? she says no, they are call you downstairs, Teni says they called me and you came here to take me? i wont do this engagement, you said Parth is going to come but where is he? Shorvori says just trust Parth, he is not going to let it happen, Teni says fine, bring lemonade for me, i am little tensed and thirsty, Shorvori says okay and goes to bring lemonade, Shorvori comes in kitchen and says Teni is bearing all this for us, dont know how much it will affect our baby.
In room, Teni says i cant trust Parth and Shorvori more, i waited as much as i could, i have to runaway now, i dont have any other chance, how to run away from here? Teni comes on balcony of her room and says I have to find some way to go down from here.
Indu comes in kitchen and asks Shorvori where is Teni? shorvori says she was tensed so i am making lemonade for her, Indu says all are waiting for her for engagement, Mohini says there is pious time(muhrat) to do engagement so call her down fast, Shorvori says okay, they leave.
In her room, teni thinks that i cant jump from balcony, what if baby slips away from my stomach? she looks in her closet and brings out all dupattas, she ties them together and makes rope, she says now Teni is going to fly away, brace yourself baby. Teni comes on balcony and puts rope down to floor to climb it and reach down. Teni climbs down from balcony using rope and says nobody can tie teni, she runs away.
Shorvori comes to Teni’s room and reads Teni’s message on mirror which says “I dont accept this engagement so I have runaway, phurr, phurr, phurr”. Shorvori sees rope going to floor from Teni’s window, Shorvori says Teni ranaway? what will i say to my family? my baby, she calsl Teni but her phone is in her room only, Shorvori calls Parth but his phone is unavailable, Shorvori says how will i go downstairs?

Scene 2
Shorvori comes downstairs, Mohini asks why she didnt bring Teni? and why she is terrified? Baa asks Shorvori where is Teni? Shorvori gets tensed. Dada asks Ramnik and Indu to take care of guests, nobody should know anything, they nod. Dada and Baa goes to Shorvori. Dada asks Shorvori where is Teni? Shorvori says she.. Bharat asks where is Teni? Mohini says her silence means that Teni did something wrong again, i was sure this Teni will create problems for us, Shorvori looks down, mohini says is that your sweet sister ranaway? she did runaway right? i am sure she did, Bharat says what are you saying? Shorvori says actually.. Mohini gets hit with flower, they all turn to see Teni standing there with sling in her hand, Teni says Mohini you always think wrong. Shorvori have sigh of relief seeing her. Teni says dada i was tensed so i went to balcony, sorry for making you tensed. Teni says Mohini made so many stories un such less time, you are unique item, Bharat says she does drama on daily basis. Baa says lets go to engagement area, groom is waiting. Teni asks Shorvori to come, Shorvori says what? Teni says you will know everything soon.
Shorvori brings Teni to engagement area, Manav smiles seeing Teni, Teni blushes fake, Teni thinks that i am not going to tie down in love trap with him. Manav takes ring and is about to make Teni wear it, Teni is all smile but Shorvori is tensed, Manav is about to slide ring in her finger but some girl comes there and says stop it, all turn to look at girl, girl is in tears, Teni jerks her hand away from Manav. Manav comes to girl and says Pallavi you here? Pallavi hugs him tightly, all are stunned, Pallavi says i am sorry Manav to go away from you, i did mistake but i cant live without you, i love you, i love you so much, Manav hugs her back and says I love you too, Teni cries fake tears. Parth comes there and sees Manav and Pallavi hugging. Teni whispers to Shorvori that you were right, Parth and brought that girl to break my engagement, Shorvori says how cameback inside house? Teni says Parth told me there is back door to your house too, if i knew it then i wouldnt have used that rope stunt. Dada asks Manav what is happening? Pallavi says me and Manav love each other for 5years but i am poor and Manav’s parents wanted to marry him in rich house, we had to break our relation under their pressure but when i got to know that Manav is getting engaged, i couldnt stop myself and had to come here to stop it, Parth smirks at Ten.

PRECAP- Teni says Jalpa has gone for conference so Dada has called some doctor for Shorvori’s checkup, Shorvori says what? Parth gets tensed. Later, Parth brings new doctor in his room and is stunned to see Shorvori wearing Teni’s clothes and Teni lying on their bed wearing Shorvori’s clothes, Gol maal hai sab gol maal ha plays.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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