Dil Se Dil Tak 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Parth and Shorvari fast for each other.

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Teni brings milkshake for Parth but he denies it. Teni speaks to the child that it’s because of his father that they will stay hungry. Parth was concerned about her, he makes her sip the milkshake. Teni forces him to drink it too, else his baby would hit her. She says his baby miss Parth’s smile. Parth was upset about all the development. Teni thinks she knows even what he doesn’t. She gets Shorvari’s message, concerned if Parth ate something? Teni thinks she couldn’t fast for Parth and there he and Shorvari are fasting for each other, in spite of being away.
Sejal joins everyone for Sargi. She says she wish to get someone like Rishab through fasting. Dadi smiles, while Mohini goes to get a thaal for her. Sejal thinks Jagruti will get any alike, Rishab only belongs to her. Parth

joins them, Mohini serves him with the thaal. Parth day dreams of being with Shorvari. Indu notices he was smiling, lost in some thoughts. She asks if he needs something. Parth realizes about his day dreaming, and asks for apple as Shorvari said it lessens the thirst.
There, Shorvari had her Sargi alone. The doctor had warned Shorvari that fasting could be fatal for her due to heavy medicine dose. Shorvari wasn’t ready to accept, at the most she would die but the fast would add to Parth’s life. The doctor says he must have told Parth everything by now. Shorvari reminds him of his promise.
Both Shorvari and Parth were upset, recalling their past Karwa-chot together. Shorvari cried in the room.
Rishab’s mother cut Sejal’s call. She warns she doesn’t want him commit any minor mistake that he is targeting the two of their daughters. If Parth senses about him he won’t spare them. Rishab was sure Parth is not attentive towards the issue. He says he isn’t interested in either of the girls, but only the 300 crores.
Ramnik returns home, he was tensed and asks what brought the matter to divorce. Indu was upset that her son’s marriage was being broken, she only prays Shorvari gets some brains. Ramnik assures to speak to Shorvari. Indu forbids him go to her, she has insulted everyone. Mohini brings foot for Ramnik and says Indu is right. Shorvari kicked everyone and left. Mohini asks Ramnik for 20 lac rupees. Ramnik was worried at once. Mohini says Sejal never demanded anything from her, but today she liked a car. She needs the money to buy that car. Indu says they already have 3 to 4 cars, and even Jagruti goes on scooty. Sejal can use any car with driver. Mohini interrupts Indu that her daughter can’t suffer because of Indu’s children. She blackmails Ramnik. Ramnik says he must get Baa and Bauji’s consent for the matter. Mohini strictly mentions her part in the property and leaves. Ramnik doesn’t let Indu go behind her and ruin the festival.
Teni comes to Parth and asks how he can be thirsty. She wish Shorvari implements well what he has decided to break Parth’s fast. Parth notices her lost in a thought and tells her to go. He remember Shorvari always felt thirsty during fast.
There, Shorvari cries watching Parth’s photo.
At night, Parth await Shorvari. Shorvari enters the house.

PRECAP: Someone announces Shorvari is here in veil. Parth removes the veil and finds Teni under it. He throws the water pot away asking why she betrayed him. Teni says its Parth who is betraying him. Teni demands either Parth marry her or she will take the baby with her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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