Dil Se Dil Tak 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth-Teni Sangeet

Dil Se Dil Tak 11th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shorvari requests the doctor to find out about her and Parth’s child, if it’s a daughter or a son.
Bhanushali’s welcome the guests. Parth and Teni come downstairs. They were seated together. Jagruti announces she won’t spare anyone from performing in Sangeet and its Teni’s turn to dance. Teni performs on ‘Jagg Ghumya’.
Shorvari sat in her hospital bed, upset.
Baa notices Parth was shy and tells him to give the ring to Teni. Parth checks the pockets but he had forgotten to get the ring from jeweler. Mohini considers it a bad omen. Parth says he understands one thing, there is a power of love which surrounds him; she is always around whenever he miss her and this wedding is also taking place only because of her. He comes to his room and takes Shorvari’s ring, speaking

to Shorvari’s photo that he feels as if he will get Shorvari in Teni. And this was her wish to develop an interesting relation between them. She will give her ring to Teni. Teni recognizes the ring as Shorvari’s. Everyone claps as she wears it. Teni puts the ring in Parth’s finger then. The couple takes everyone’s blessings. A man makes the video of ceremony in his mobile.
The doctor informs Shorvari about her daughter. He shows Shorvari a video of the engagement, it begins with Parth’s words.
They hear Ipshita crying, Parth goes to look after her. Mohini stops Teni and says Parth couldn’t get rid of Shorvari’s memories, he gave Teni the ring of Shorvari. She goes after blessing her. Parth comes downstairs with Ipshita, Teni asks to speak to him. Baa sends Parth with Shorvari. They come to Parth’s room. Teni says they are friends and have promised not to lie to each other; she wants to ask Parth if he is happy with this marriage or is there something in his mind that stops him. She will always be a good mother to Ipshita, no matter they are married or not. Parth says he didn’t decide to marry her under any pressure. Shorvari will always be his love, he would never be able to forget her; she will always be there between them. Teni place a hand over Parth’s shoulder and says she got this interesting relation only because of Parth and Shorvari; their companionship holds sweet memories. She never want Shorvari to get away from between them. Parth holds Teni’s hand with a smile.

PRECAP: Parth and Teni’s Haldi and mehndi rituals. The doctor appreciates Shorvari’s decision to go back. Shorvari replies this is what she finds right at the moment.

Update Credit to: Sona

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