Dil Se Dil Tak 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Indu’s attempt to convince Shorvari unsuccessful

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Indu requests Shorvari not to be stubborn. Shorvari says she is indifferent, she won’t come and cuts the call. Shorvari cries apologetic towards Indu, as she must lie to them all just for their happiness. Indu wonders such misbehavior and redials, Jagruti comes there and asks why is Indu so tensed. Indu says she has to get something for Pooja tomorrow, she must go and do the shopping by herself. Jagruti thinks there must be something big, Sejal behaved really weird during shopping today and Mohini and Sejal were also talking about 3 crores. She thinks about sharing with Indu but Indu doesn’t listen to her and says she must fast for Rishab as per her wish. Sejal thinks Karwachot would be special but not for Jagruti.
In the hospital, Teni asks Shorvari how Parth’s fast would be broken.

Shorvari was sure to do the fast, they will both break their fast. After all it’s her last fast.
At night, Baa brings Indu her Sargi, she must accept it with a smile. She asks if Ramnik would reach in the morning. Indu says he will return at 8am. Baa asks Indu about Shorvari’s Sargi. Indu was irked and says she didn’t prepare any, if she must gift Shorvari for sending Parth to jail. She is indifferent and cut her call in the mid. Baa says she wish Indu prepares Sargi for her, but right now they have to handle Parth as well. Indu agrees. Parth comes to ask them for Shorvari’s Sargi. Indu says she will get it by herself. After Parth has left, Baa tells Indu this is the right time to speak to Shorvari and convince her. She will surely come.
There, Shorvari was shocked to see Indu standing outside the door. She hides her medicines and files and stuffs her ears with headphones. She opens the doors and asks Indu why she came here. Indu asks to come inside, Shorvari gives way. Inside, Shorvari asks why she brought this all. Indu says a mother in law brings it for every daughter in law. She insists a wife fasts because Parvati ji did this. Shorvari says she won’t fast this year, she tells Indu to get this all to Teni. Indu was enraged, she says Shorvari isn’t worth calling a daughter. She needs to be a real mother in law now. Shorvari says its better Indu has ceased the drama already, she must never have snatched the bangles if she considered for her. Indu says she agrees she was angry with Shorvari then, but today she is upset with God for sending someone selfish like her into Parth’s life. She curses Shorvari will never live happy otherwise. After Indu has left, Shorvari cries that she wants to save Parth from being hurt after her death. She holds everything in her Sargi to her heart.
Sejal pinches Mohini and asks about her 20 lacs. Mohini wishes she had got some brains for herself. Sejal warns if Mohini doesn’t speak to Ramnik tomorrow, she will speak to him by herself. Baa assures Parth Indu would return successful. Indu comes home doomed. Mohini says its obvious what Shorvari must have said to Indu. They must be thankful Shorvari hadn’t sent Indu to jail as well. Teni makes Shorvari hear this on the phone call.

PRECAP: Parth makes a video recording for Shorvari, as they are connected through souls. Both fast for each other. Shorvari cries while Parth was also doomed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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