Dil Se Dil Tak 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Parth suspicious of Teni

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The next morning Teni wakes up in Shorvari’s bed and finds Parth staring at her. She asks what is he looking, couldn’t he sleep well. He himself offered her to sleep here, atleast he can wish her and baby a good morning. She asks why he has made such a bad face, alright she is leaving his room. Parth asks why she did this?
Police arrive at Bhanushali house and asks about Parth. Parth called the police as there is some criminal in the house.
Parth tells Teni he won’t forgive her for what she did. Teni takes it as a joke and turns to leave. She gets her foot twisted and screams in pain. Teni cries in pain and asks him for help. Parth was furious and says Teni joked his trust. That lady was right, girls like her play with a person’s weaknesses only. Teni manages to stand up and

asks him to be clear.
Indu and Dadi insist on inspector there is no such case.
Parth tells Teni that girls like her would only accept their sins in front of police. He got his eyes open, he got the proof and hates her for ruining his life. Teni was ready to go with Parth as she isn’t afraid of anyone. She was in severe pain.
Indi and Dadi go to speak to Parth. Mohini goes to bring tea for the inspectors and decides to give the news to Dada ji.
Parth wasn’t ready to lend Teni anytime. Teni tries to walk but her foot aches. Parth sprays a muscle relaxant and tells her to get up now. Dadi and Indu come to the room and ask Parth about the matter. Parth tells them Shorvari didn’t die in an accident but was murdered by Teni. Teni stands up out of shock. Teni questions how he can even think about this. Indu asks why she would do so. Parth says she fall in love with him, she never loved Aman and also knew well Shorvari won’t let him marry someone else. He had sent her to bring Shorvari back. Parth blames Teni for killing Shorvari just to get her love. He wasn’t ready to hear any explanation. Dadi asks him to let Teni explain her stance. Parth says she got enough time, now he got all the proofs himself. Teni asks if Parth still need to blame her for something else as well. She was as shocked about Shorvari’s death as Parth was. Parth asks Teni to reply in yes or no only. If her car hit Shorvari’s car? Teni was about to explain, then replies yes. He says Teni is selfish, she burnt his life in quest to get her wishes fulfilled.
Mohini informs Dada ji about arrival of police at Bhanushali house. Dada ji was worried.
In the room, Teni doesn’t let Indu support her as this might also get him suspicious about her. She was ready to go to police with Parth. Dada ji stood at the door and says no one will go anywhere. He tells Parth they must investigate the matter before any step. Parth shows the video of accident and says only Teni is Shorvari’s murderer. Dada ji and family were silent after watching the video. Dada ji says this doesn’t prove Teni is responsible for Shorvari’s death.
Dada ji tells Parth he can recognize the intentions of people, he has seen Teni sacrifice a lot for them. Parth says this was all for her own interest, she wanted to marry him and be a daughter in law of Bhanushali. Dadi tells Parth Teni denied marrying him a number of times. Parth tells Teni it was a good emotional drama she played, his own family got distant from him. He drags Teni to be taken to police. Dada ji says she won’t go anywhere, he must see her condition. Dada ji asks if Shrovari would have let her go to jail. Parth interrupts this won’t be a problem if Shorvari was here. He can’t spare Shorvari’s murderer. Teni stops the family from speaking in her favor. A servant comes to call Parth to the inspector. They all convince Parth but Parth says they have forgotten about Shorvari. He lost Shorvari and is now losing his family just because of her emotional drama.

PRECAP; Parth tells inspector to take Teni. Dada ji says he won’t let any innocent be punished, if he has to choose between Parth or Teni, he stands with Teni.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Parth isn’t thinking rationally. He wants to find the one responsible so badly that the first clue he finds, he starts accusing. Teni obviously didn’t kill her, someone probably sent that video to her. Also this will probably result in the video message being reveal and parth agreeing to marry teni.

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