Dil Se Dil Tak 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Teni says to Shorvori that he is behind me like ghost, Shorvori says i feel Aman has changed, Teni says you dont know how guys lie to trap girls, Shorvori says his eyes shows how much he loves you, Parth used to do these things for me too, Teni says Parth tried to be romantic lover like you? tell me your story, Shorvori says I used to work as clerk in his big office. Flashback shows Shorvori as commom girl and working in Parth’s office. Parth calls her in his office but her slipper breaks, she says i dont even have money to repair, she scrambles on floor using her broken slipper, all laugh seeing it, Shorvori is stunned to see Parth scrambling on floor with broken slipper too, she stops him and says my slipper broke and I dont have money to repair it but you are mimicking me to

make fun of me? you are making fun of my condition? Next day, Shorvori comes to office and sees new very nice slipper there, she comes to Parth’s office and says you think by gifting this slipper, i will forget my insult that you did last day? my self respect is not that cheap, she leaves. Parth applies spray on his foot as his foot has sprain, Shorvori comes there and realizes he was scrambling on floor not to mimic her but his foot has sprain, she says i am so sorry, I didnt know about your foot, please accept my apology, Parth says on one condition, you accept my sandals gift and I accept your apology? they smile at each other, Shorvori nods, fb ends. Shorvori says then be proposed me like aman did to you, he was behind me till I didnt say yes, i still have sandal, Teni says it means your love story started with slipper? Shorvori laughs and says yes my breath used to hitch seeing that sandal, my heartbeat would run faster, Teni says you dont see many films, Shorvori says it was love, my breath hitch when Parth looks at me, i love Parth most in this world, i can do anything for him, Teni nods smiling and trying to understand her love.

Teni is leaving but sees Jagruti and Sejal, she says lets see what drama is going on. Jagruti says to Sejal that Shorvori is so nice, she helped me in exams and gifted me pen too. Jagruti says to Sejal that Teni is so lucky to get a life partner like Aman, Sejal says they both are clever, Shorvori trapped Parth and Teni trapped Aman, Shorvori used her mind and held Parth’s hand and see she was normal clerk but now owner of this palace, Jagrtui says you mean to say that love is not important, Sejal says it might be but not as much as money, see now Teni will leave one palace and go to another and have luxury life. Teni overhears and thinks what she is saying? Aman’s identity doesnt concern me, i dont care, she recalls his proposal, how he brought chips from Mumbai for her, she thinks am I doing a mistake by saying no to Aman?

Teni lies in her bed and recalls Sejal and Jagruti’s words that she is lucky to get Aman. She recalls aman’s words that he is hers for life, how Shorvori said that his eyes show his love for her, Teni says if that Aman really loves me? even Shorvori said it, what if he really loves me? but i dont care, i only love money and i wont ditch my money for him, i know he has a lot of money but he wont give his will to me, i shouldnt think about him but about my 10lacs, its not good for baby’s health to remain awake, she goes to sleep.

In morning, Shorvori is getting ready, Parth comes there and is mesmerized by her, Shorvori takes sindoor bottle, Parth pulls her closer and applies sindoor(vermilion) on her forehead, she says arent you late for office? Parth says i am but when I look at your face, i feel like time has stopped and I just keep looking at you, shorvori smiles and says romantic Bhanushali is back, she asks how she is looking? he says beautiful but one thing is missing, she asks what? Parth says it will compliment your beauty. Parth brings out jewelry box and shows her very nice diamond necklace, she gasps and says its so pretty, thank you so much, one minute, its not valentine or our anniversary then why this expansive gift? Parth says we are together and happy and also two days after today, our baby’s identity will be for three months in this world, its enough of an occasion, Shorvori in that case, make me wear it, Parth holds necklace, he comes behind her makes her wear it, he intimately kisses her neck and hugs her, they are lost. Teni is on their door and says i am carrying their baby and he is gifting his wife diamond necklace? Sejal is right, we should love like Shorvori.

Scene 2
Teni says to baby that i left my sister wine for you, i do yoga for you, i do everything thing but your father is gifting Shorvori? he says i am part of their lives but he showed me that outsider will remain outsider, i cant do anything so lets drink milkshake. Aman comes there, Teni huffs and says if someone know that i am chilling then they come to irritate me, she turns to leave but Aman holds her hand, she tries to jerk it away but he holds it tightly, he smiles, Teni looks at him confused. Teni says leave my hand, Aman says i am sorry to disturb you but I have brought something for you, he shows her diamond ring and says its for you, Teni says i have seen people like you to give fake diamond rings to trap girls but i cant be fooled, Aman says this is not fake diamond, this is most precious things to me as its of my mother’s ring, her last thing, my papa gave it to her when they married and now I want you to take it as their blessing and my identity, my mom used to say that ring is the best gift that a guy can give to girl, its a promise to bright future, i want to promise you that how much i love you now, i will love you same tomorrow, my only mission in life is to fulfill all your dreams and happiness and I will live to fulfill that mission, he gives ring to her, Teni says but it must be so expansive, Aman says yes but when you will wear it then it will be priceless, I love you Teni and if you love me then I would want you to wear this ring when you come to me, he lovingly smiles at her while Teni is dumbstruck and lost, he leaves, Teni looks at ring and thinks.

Parth and Shorvori comes to Teni’s room but she is not there, Teni comes there and says what they are doing here? she hides Aman’s ring, Shorvori asks where were you? Teni says i was hungry so i went to drink milkshake,, Shorvori says leave all that, we have surprise for you, Parth gifts her, she says what is it? she opens gift and finds pants, Shorvori says these are elastic jeans with baby bump support, we have brought that from America, Teni makes face and doesnt like it much, Parth asks if she didnt like it? Teni says you people can give anything to me using America so i would have to like it, Shorvori says you didnt like it? Teni says this is for baby, what did i get? Shorvori says there is one more gift for you, Shorvori shows her watch and says this is not normal watch, this is smartwatch, Teni says this is great watch, Parth says two days later you will be three months pregnant thats why we bought these gifts from America as we know how much you like them, Teni asks if this watch is as expansive as diamond or gold? Parth says why you are saying it? i brought it with heart, Shorvori says mood swings happen in pregnancy, Teni thanks them and wears watch, Parth looks on.

PRECAP- Shorvori says to Parth that I am worried about Teni, for the first time she didnt like our gifts and went on walk alone too, is Teni hiding something from us? Parth looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shiksha


  2. I didn’t like teni behavior in today’s episode, she is being too selfish &meany

  3. Wow! I love the pair of Teni – Aman. Excited for further episode!

  4. I love teni and aman chemistry very very very much plzzzz yr in dono ki bas jaldi se shaddi krwado plzzzzzz 🙁

  5. Shrilatha

    Teman is the best…guys even if Aman traps teni….he will be the final person….it’s dil se dil tak…may be its about four people….Teni is the lead of this show…neither parth nor aman….

  6. Annie1

    Teni’s behavior wasn’t good today.She became greedy and selfish. Money can buy Everything on this Earth

  7. Why do they often portray Teni as a nosy golddigger? The show was a breath of fresh air just because of its positivity in comparison with other shows. Here u can actually find that almost everyone are good at heart at some point. So why is this negativity put in sudden? Now the writers have reached the show in such a way that a movement in any direction would create a bad feeling for any one of the character if not wisely handled which would actually spoil the theme of the show. If Teni betrays Aman then he would reach a hope loss in life. If Teni says yes because of love then P&S would assume her to be a betrayer. Even if she yesses because of money she will be a betrayer and heartless person for others. If any of the above happens this show would be no different from other gross family dramas and if love triangle gets in then it would be the death of DSDT.

  8. Teman rocks…….

  9. dilse diltak fan

    I agree with you apz but it’s teni she can handle all the problems in her own way and sure she won’t betray anyone parth gifts her pant the point is tenI is there for baby only…. So they will gift her like she and baby needs…. Love aman and teni…….. But iam watching this show from first episode in first it is made that ten and parth….. But now many changes aman enters her life…..and showed that parth and shovori…… So don’t know what will happen after we must wait and see. Very superb dsdt

    1. Maybe you are right. Nice to meet you anyways.

    2. Angelk1

      Welcome to the team

  10. Nice episode…… waiting for tomorrow episode…?

  11. I hate teni as she only lives for money .
    Money cannot buy emotions and love.
    I like aman’s attitude.

    1. Angelk1

      Sakshi. You have to understand that surviving is all she knows. She didn’t have someone to teach her right or wrong. This is teni way of doing things and her way of learning. teni isn’t a gold digger, she’s just a surviver and some one with morals.

      Something is fishy about amen, i bet he won’t last long in the show. I just hope the show moves on. Something tell me he will find out about teni pregnancy and will not accept it.

  12. Angel I am not sure but I hope that aman will never leave teni even after knowing her truth.

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