Dil Se Dil Tak 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shorvari tells Teni to get ready, its last date for form submission. Teni cheers.
In the corridor, Teni was cheerfully speaking to herself about Parth’s apology. She watches Jalpa waiting in the corridor, Jalpa blesses her to stay happy like this forever. Teni was relieved that she didn’t hear anything. Teni prays that Shorvari must not mind anything, she is good at heart after all.
In the room, Aman was annoyed why Teni didn’t go to couple classes with him. He says its alright, she must not have gone with him for some reason. He speaks to her photos that she is perfect for wedding. Mohini watches Aman speak to himself in the room and comes inside. Mohini says she thought he must have gone with the trio, they always leave him behind and he is left alone. She says Teni is his fiancé,

he must learn to control her. Aman says he wants to see Teni exactly the way she is today.
Jagruti was ready to leave. Baa comes to the hall and asks if Jagruti is going somewhere. Jagruti says Rishab has to take her for coffee, there is a quiz there. Baa says she knows about it. Sejal comes to sit beside Jagruti, she says Rishab is a really boring man. She hasn’t seen someone as boring as Rishab. She deliberately tucks her dupatta in the couch, Jagruti hurries at the door bell and the dress was torn. Sejal taunts that already Jagruti isn’t pretty, what impression will Rishab get of her now. Rishab comes inside and finds Jagruti crying. He tells her to go and wear anything, any color; it would suit her.
Back at home, Teni was excited about the dance. She asks about something to eat. Parth calls Mohan Lal. Teni takes her sandwich. Parth notices Shorvari was upset, he thinks about giving a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth as it’s her favorite. Teni watches this. She demands Parth to give her a spoonful as well, with his own hands. Parth offers her to have it herself, but she insists. Parth looks towards Shorvari who nods at him. Teni asks Shorvari if she won’t feel awkward if Parth gives her a spoon. Shorvari says no. Teni says it won’t digest her otherwise, Shorvari tells her to take it. Teni smiles thinking about the three of them.
Rishab and Jagruti return, Rishab asks her to stay the same as she is. She is a nice person. He comes to open her side of car’s door and gives his hand to her. Sejal was restlessly waiting for Rishab and Jagruti. Rishab and Jagruti return home cheerfully. Rishab takes blessings from Mohini. Sejal asks where they had gone. Rishab excitedly tells Sejal they won the same quiz they had lost yesterday. Rishab gifts Sejal the vouchers of makeup she wanted. Mohini tells Sejal to take Rishab inside for a good coffee. Rishab agrees. Jagruti nods at him while Sejal takes her by arm. Mohini takes Jagruti along.
Upstairs, Jagruti comes to inform the designer has come downstairs. Teni cheers that Mastani dresses have arrived. The choreographer introduces himself, Teni insults him and says she would choreograph the dances of her own wedding and he must get away. The choreographer wasn’t ready to leave, he wants to see what Teni does. Parth calms Teni down. Teni announces she has decided to do Bajirao Mastani drama in her wedding. Shorvari and Parth were taken aback, Aman says it seems to be a mood swing. Teni distributes costumes for everyone. She tells Shorvari to play Kashi Bai, she would play Mastani. The choreographer asks who would be the Baji Rao. Teni takes the costume and says Parth would be Baji Rao against everyone’s expectations. Parth was shocked, he questions how he can be Baji Rano. Teni says it’s clear, only he is married in the house like Baji Rano. She would play his Mastani. Shorvari thinks about all the actions of Teni in a while. Aman asks about his role. Teni says Aman would be Bajirao’s friend who played a supporting role. Shorvari says she is right, if she is Kashi her husband would be Bajirao. Teni asks everyone to go and get into their costumes. Parth calls it hormonal imbalance, and explains to Aman that she has been really teasing since morning. Shorvari wonders why Teni is trying to be close to Parth, what’s going on in her mind.

PRECAP: Everyone comes in Bajirao’s attire. Teni and Shorvari dance together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shit se shit tak

    Teni ki nautanki nahi hui khatam…
    Bajirao mastani skit in the name of mood swings..wah…
    Now the b*t*h wants to swoon with parth by throwing shorvari aside in the couple’s dance class..brilliant
    I hope she gets the most bitterest realisation..and i really hope its parth who is blo*dy going to bring her out of tat stupid vulgar fantasy world of hers…
    Asking parth to feed ice cream coz he fed shor..like really? How much more shameless can she get to think she will become his wife just by making parth do everything he does to his wifey
    And she thinks shor will share parth like everything else she is sharing with her just coz of the baby ….such a b*t*h..

  2. Angelk1

    This marriage track could have went better, i just hope tení goes back to her home and clear her mind. The baby is so needy right now, its confusing tení. Hope the ending isnt like the movie.

  3. I love teni I know what she is doing is not right but she is pregnant and having mood swings and all together for the first time she is in love so she doesn’t know what’s right or wrong

  4. am i the only one who thinks shorvori’s dance is way more graceful than teni’s?

    1. Rashmi is a trained dancer man..she was bang on..and lavani isnt everyone’s cup of tea…
      Jasmin cant dance..she was just running around..no grace..no expressions wat so ever…
      Rashmi looks beautiful and dances more beautifully
      Unfortunately i cant tell the same about jasmin??

    2. I agree with you Hardika, Shorvori’s dancing style is so graceful than teni..

  5. i like parth aur Teni .. baajirao aur mastani .. this is funny moment Teni loves parth and she is acting silly like a child .. ????

  6. Poyny kaki will play as bajirao ki maa haha… Aman expected that teni will choose him as bajirao, he bent his head also but he don’t feel bad…. He is so innocent, he don’t anything about teni’s plan… Teni shameless intention will expose in front of their family… I don’t like this track but m eagerly to watch Shorvori’s dance

  7. Omg!!!! Cringness on peak…..such a ridiculous episode…. Foolish cheap teni.

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