Dil Se Dil Tak 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Teni starts going to lounge and says let me see who has come with proposal for me. Teni comes down stairs and sees groom’s parents. She recalls flashback how once she bought wine and was going home but one car(which belongs to groom’s mother) stuck her wine bottles and broke them, car leaves without stopping, Teni notes car number and says you destroyed my sister wine, i wont spare you. Later groom’s mother comes on road to get in her car and is shocked to see someone(Teni) has stolen her car’s tyres and ranaway, groom’s mother got angry on her that time. She sees Teni selling her car tyres infront of her only. Groom’s mother says to Teni how dare you sell my car’s tyres? Teni says your car zoomed passed me, i didnt get hit but my sister wine

got hurt, i am very possessive about my wine so i sold your car tyres and earned money back, groom’s mother says i will call police. A man comes there and says i will call police and tell them how this bar dancer stole your car tyres, Teni says go ahead and call police but i will call this woman’s husband and tell him how you both are having affair behind his back, groom’s mother get tensed, Teni says dont dare to call police, she smirks and leaves. Groom’s mother said i will see this girl. Teni gets tensed recalling that memory and says she truly came to see me, after that incident this woman found everything about me that i am bar dancer and all that, if she sees my face then Parth will be insulted, it will become a mess, if she opens her mouth infront of family that i used to dance in bar then my respect will vanish, I cant go infront of her, what do I do? Parth sees her standing on stairs and nods her to come down, Teni hints that she is dead, she runs away and goes back to room. Parth whispers to Shorvori that Teni ran back, something is fishy. shorvori and Parth goes behind Teni.
Teni is pacing in room, Shorvori asks why you didnt come downstairs? Teni says the woman who have come to see me, knows me well, she had fight with me and she even knows that i was bar dancer. Parth says how many people did you fight with? what will we do now? Teni says i will jump out of window. Parth says no think about dada’s respect, we cant have much time, they are all waiting for you? Shorvori says i have an idea, we should put veil on Teni’s face, i know its old fashioned but i have heard that groom’s family is conservative so they will like veil on her, Parth says what will happen once veil will be taken off her face? Teni says i will handle it, i have idea, dont worry, they nod.

Shorvori brings Teni in lounge with veil on her face. Mohini whispers to Indu that why Teni is in veil? is this her new antic? Indu says dont say anything. Shorvori says Teni was feeling shy thats why she put veil. Bharat says she has values and is shy too. Mohini murmurs shy and Teni? not possible. Groom’s mother says shyness is real gem of girls. Teni thinks that once this veil will be taken off then you will see light of this gem. Groom’s mother says she has old values which used to be our rituals. Teni thinks one veil is off then all rituals of mine will come to fore. Teni sits beside groom’s mother, she asks her name. Teni says its Teni. Groom’s father how much educated she is? Teni says i didnt educate much because i think we can learn from our elders much more. groom’s mother says we needed less educated for our son, you do know how to cook and house work? Teni thinks she wants servant without salary not bride. Teni says i know everything from cutting, peeling, beating, cleaning you and cleaning your cupboard.. i mean i know how to cut veggies and stuff. Groom’s father asks her to take off her veil, we want to see your face. Teni says my mother wanted me to touch elders’ feet before taking off my veil, can i touch your feet? groom’s mother is impressed and says why not. Teni one by one touches feet of everyone, Bharat says i like this feet touching ritual, Sejal learn values from Teni. Teni says if you dont mind then i want groom’s mother to take off my veil in mandir, i believe daughter in law and mother in law’s relation is special, groom’s mother says yes lets go. Sejal says this is height of drama, Baa says she is just making everyone happy only.
Teni brings groom’s mother in mandir, she lights diya, groom’s mother says such values, is impressive. Teni sits in her feet and pinches her foot, she takes off her veil and says surprise. Groom’s mother bar dancer Teni? what are you doing between these respected people? i will your truth to everyone, she is about to leave but Teni pulls her hand and hugs her. Bharat sees it from lounge and says she formed bond with her so soon, she is so nice. Teni whispers to groom’s mother that if you tell about me to family then i will tell your husband about your affair with man in my society, i even have video of that, you are old but you dont have control, groom’s mother says i wont say anything about you to anyone, just dont tell anyone about my affair, Teni says you will say to family what i am telling you.
Teni brings groom’s mother in lounge, Mohini asks how is Teni? groom’s mother says she is very nice, very simple, very pretty, very mannered, we wanted this kind of girl for our son. Soyug says Parth get ready to dance in Teni’s wedding, Shorvori wont be able to dance as she is pregnant. Teni hugs groom’s mother suddenly, she whispers in her ear that if you say yes to this proposal then i will bring such mess in your house that you wont be able to come out of it ever, she breaks hug and glares at groom’s mother. Dada asks if they agree with this wedding proposal? Groom’s mother says Teni is a very nice girl but we cant do this marriage, all are shocked. Baa says you said you like Teni then why no for relation? Groom’s mother says Teni and my’s hand lines are not matching, daughter in law should match with mother in law, its good that she has values but fate should match too thats why we cant do this marriage, Shorvori and Parth are happy to hear it. Groom’s family start leaving, groom’s father says our decisions are taken by my wife only, if she said no then we cant do anything, he greets dada and leaves with his wife, all are confused. Jalpa shows thumbs up to Parth. Teni starts making sad faces, she stealthily winks at Shorvori. Teni says to dada that dont get sad, you tried your best but my fate is ill, who will take in girl like me who is orphan, poor and without any permanent place to stay, she runs to her room crying, Parth and Shorvori goes behind her. Dada says what happened today shouldnt have happened but this didnt make my mission weak, we will bring another proposal for Teni where there will be no chance of saying ‘no’, all are happy to hear it except Jalpa.

PRECAP- Shorvori says to Teni that why you did it? Teni says you both told me that dada and Forum should not be insulted, did i do any mistake? Parth says no you didnt do anything wrong, infact you impressed groom and groom’s family in first meeting only, you wanted this only. Teni says i dont want this, you both want it, you both dont understand what i want. Teni says to Shorvori and Parth that you both have 24hours to make this groom runaway from here otherwise i will runaway from this house before this engagement happens.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Teni love u so much!!
    U r just wonderful and a packet of happiness and surprises..U r very sweet.remain like this always

    1. I love teni tooo ????

  2. i have brains, unlike you

    This is a hopelessly stupid show. I mean, does anyone in this country know anything about surrogacy? This is a serious topic but they have turned it into a joke. I’m even more surprised by the fact that the educated class doesn’t even protests against this show, which has done nothing but to spread lies regarding surrogacy. I’m disappointed.

    1. Shrilatha

      Excuse me wake up I think u r sleeping from a long time…everyone knows about surrogacy..most of them don’t practice it that doesn’t mean…they don’t know it…ugh

  3. parth should love teni and ditch shorvori because she’s of no use she can give offsprings to the family. this is a very sad case.but can’t do anything all are helpless

    1. U shouldn’t​ have said that
      Think of yourself at shorvori’s place.giving heir is not important than caring and valuing relations.i am proud of Shorvori.

  4. Excuse me ms ridima think before u post any comment n i just veiwed ur comment n just imagine ur self in shour position n iam going to apply ur comment on u is it ok for u well its amarraige which consist of purity were ucant ditch or ucantlive ur life partner for silly n stupid reasons n i hope that u dont post such kind of stupid comments njust be positive n i knew it that my comment is going to hurt u but i should tell u the fact n iam sory for my aggressive words

  5. Well its ossam n superbepisode n entertanimg as usuall

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