dil se dil ka rishtha (Swaragini) ragsan (intro+ epsiode 1)


Hello everyone I am back with a ss on ragsan hope u like it and j I am not the poonam who write everything is fair In love and war I am too a big fan of her ff but don’t why she stopped I am also waiting for her ff
Sindhu di pavani di richa arzue crystal and many more I read many raglak and ragsan ff sorry guess I didn’t comment so many days but I love u all salute to u all for such a lovely and wonderfull ff’s
Hope u all like it and I wrote a one shot on raglak plsz read it links

Life is unexpected anything can happen but whatever happens ,happens for good some people come in your life as angle who change everything ur life gets a new dimension a new goal new dream a new life. My life too changed when she came she changed everything my life her words encouraged me and today I am at this position
(He was sitting in car thinking about his past a smile came on his face thinking about some one special the car stopped in front of venue he came out of his thoughts he came out of his car media surrounded him posting thousands questions for him he just smiled at them a smile that stole many girls heart heartthrob of all he just simply walked in )
When I moved in I saw my best friend swara she was waiting for me she was looking dame angry she looked towards me and came to me
“where were u are so late” she started scolding me
I was just smiling
“u idiot I am shouting at u and u” she gave death glare
“relax dear why are u getting so panic” I said
“relax first u come late and telling me” she screamed all looked around us
“swara all are seeing us” I said
“yeah let them see that the great sanskar maheswari successful business men youngest bachelor is late for award show and his best friend swara gadaodia the big star most hottest girl of world is waiting for him ” she said in one breath
“thank u for praising me aren’t we getting late know” he said playfully
“ur true idiot because of u I too got late know come” she pulled him
Both moved together on red carpet it was usual from past 2 years they were attending every event together many parties were spotted together but still they say they are best friends yeah that’s true they were so they never cared for the world around they were surrounded by media they were asking questions about his success about his life his realtion with swara he didn’t feel to answer
As they walked in another friend of them joined them laksh kapoor a famous director and best friend sanskar and best enemy friend of swara swalak use to always fight for even small small things sanskar was always struck in btw them who would believe that big director and famous actresses who have already done two great successful films together fight like small kids
They took their seats the best director award went to laksh for his film in which swara was main lead he came on stage to receive award
He took the award “I thank all my team its because of their support family thank u all” he was about go he came back “I don’t wanna thank her because she did no work it was me then too thank u swara” he said all audience brust into laughter swara was dame angry on him
Best actresses award went to swara sanskar was called on stage to give her award she was very happy to receive from him
“this award goes to all my fans thank u all this is because of u guess thank u for u love thanks to my family who supported me and special thanks to the kadoos director sabh who thinks himself to be very great” she said know everyone busted into laughter laksh was dame angry sanskar knew what’s going to happen next so thought to better escape their was party after the ceremony swara and laksh started fighting sanskar just escaped from their
He was returning back to his home he was sitting in his car he just looked out of window to see his surroundings he said driver to stop the car he came out of the car he walked towards the sea the night view of the busy Mumbai city know had some peace he was enjoying the beauty of the queen’s necklace he was enjoying the cool breeze that touched his face he found some sort of peace in that he didn’t knew why but he was happy happy for some reason sad as he was missing some one but he felt as that person was close to him close to his heart he sat their on some rock it was a quite long time know he looked towards his watch it was around night 1 pm he walked towards his car and headed towards his home soon they reached he without disturbing anyone headed towards his room he switched on the lights and went to change he came out of washroom and headed towards his cupboard he opened it and took out a photo it was some’s girls he moved his fingers on that photo and smiled thinking about her
Three years back I met u first time and u changed my life u changed me on that day I don’t know why u said those words but that supported me reach where I am today I fell in love with u I thought its just attraction but it was more than that how much hard I thought to forget u I fell for u more u were the most beautiful girl that I saw but people say correct some love story’s can never get complete they remain one sided always love is done without any expectations I loved u without any expectations will always love u I promised myself that no one can take ur place in my life ragini no one I just love u and will always love u he thought and kept the photo in and dozed off
So guess how was it plsz comment ……………………………………….

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  2. Nice one
    Excited for ragsan
    BTW is ragini dead…

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      thank u j and ragini is not dead she’s live u’ll come know soon

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    Nice introduction

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      thank u pavani

  4. Superb

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    awesome and interesting too

  6. Oh god its amaznggg yaar!!! Sanky loves her soooo deeply…waitng eagerly to know about past…plz plz plz post nxt part ASAP !!!! Keep rockng n stay blessed???

  7. Super dear.nice concept

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    Awesome start dear..loved it soo much

  9. Love ragini

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  13. Nice intro….waiting for ur next updates….

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  15. Awesome..waiting for ragsan scene

  16. Poonam di which os did you write?
    Plzzzzzzzzz give me the link

    1. Poonam

      thank u farru shaikh i had written on raglak the kinks

  17. Amazing

  18. wait for rags pov

  19. Amazing start……??

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it DEAR

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