dil se dil ka rishtha (Swaragini) ragsan (epsiode 2)


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The next day
Sanskar woke up as his regular routine he freshened up and went for jogging and then gym after an hour workout he retured home he wished his mother good morning who was arranging breakfast he side hugged her and went to his room

Ap’s prov
I am very much tensed for sanskar four years passed he has changed a lot he has started taking things positively I can’t imagine the time when all the business responsibility fell on him and he was almost in depression continuous losses and his attitude changed laksh stood by him he tried to cheer sanskar a lot he failed I had lost hope after my and his dad divorce he stared hating relations I was fearing that will he ever be able to love anyone will anyone stand by him will he be settled in life me and his dad talked about it and decided to give him time and space to understand things and meaning of relations we had our own reasons to separate but we never wished those to effect sanskar laksh was my brother’s son they were best friends we were staying in Kolkata when he was child then we shifted to Mumbai because of his dad business expansion

One day without informing any of us he went to Kolkata we were badly worried for him no contacts with him we searched him a lot and after a month he returned his attitude had changed alot he was know taking things positively because of his hard work our business developed within less time it was among top ten companies of country I was wondering that what had happened in that one month that he changed a lot he was finding ways to go Kolkata he used to chat with some one a lot he used to smile talking to some one I was wondering that who’s the person who changed him so much but then he lost his smile he was know seemed very quite and composed he shows that he’s happy but I know their’s something that hurts him a lot I tried to know from him but he never said
I hope some one comes in his life and fills it with colors

After having breakfast I headed towards my office I am sitting in my car checking mails then my eyes fell on a cycle some small girls were riding a smile appeared on face thinking about her she loved to ride cycle we race she always tricked me and win our cute fight about it I came out of my thoughts when we reached office I attended the board meeting we signed a new deal I was happy for it
I had to shimla to attend the swara’s birthday party yeah crazy girl and her crazy ideas only some of her close friends were invited and laksh didn’t get invitation he got special one
Day was very tough I was tried the next day I had to board flight to go to shimla I dozed off early today
Next day I finished my some office work and boarded the flight I was sitting in flight
She loved snow she had a crazy fantasy about it I still remember her long saying about the snow I found some sort of happiness that I am going to shimla may I get what I have lost soon we reached shimla I and laksh came out of airport whole time during journey he was just sleeping we came out of airport cars were arranged for us I and laksh went in different cars as we were travelling I saw out of the car my surrounding very thing was so beautiful I loved nature I saw some childrens along with a girl it remainded me of ragini she was also like this always laughing and spearding happiness around her suddenly car stopped

“what happened driver” I asked
“sir I don’t know I’ll check” I came out of car driver was checking
“what happened” I questioned
“sir car broke down I have called a mechanic he will be here soon” he said

I heard some song I felt as if I know this voice it seemed very smilar to me I know this voice I just walked towards the direction from where the sound was coming I saw those children’s again that girl she was singing and those children were dancing around her I was unable to see that girl’s face I walked towards them and I was spell bound seeing that girl she ragini my ragini I was so happy to see her I was frozen their seeing her what was she doing here may came on holidays with her family and husband seeing her after 2 years it was unknown happiness soon she waved bye to those kids and went from their I followed her she has changed a lot she was quite she seemed to be very sad her smile was lost some where soon she reached her place she entered in I thought to meet her but what would I say
“sanskar just go and meet her as friend” their was battle btw my mind and heart and my heart won I went to meet her I ranged the bell of her house radhika her younger sister she opened the door seeing me she was surprised I gave a warm smile to her
“sanskar bhai app” she said
“yes my dear radhu will u not call me in” I said
“yeah sorry plsz come in”she said as we moved in I heard ragini’s voice
“radhika whose that” she said coming out of her room she was surprised to see me
“sanskar what a pleasant surprise” she said
I moved close to her and side hugged her

“I missed u a lot” I said
“yeah me too” she said giving a warm smile I felt some sort of pain in her voice her eyes said that she was sad their was something that was bothering me about her
“how come u here” radhika asked
“ wo came to attend a friends birthday party” I said
We talked for some time but ragini was quite majority of time she seemed lost she was sad
Where was veer I wanted to ask but I got swara’s call I had to leave
I reached the party venue swara was angry on me but my mind was occupied by ragini I decided to meet her next day talk to her about all this
I was lost
The first time I met her I was sad and depressed about business losses without telling anyone I went to Kolkata their’s the first time I met her I was near the mountain cliff enjoying the cool breeze this madam thought that I will suicide and came to save me

Fb shows sanskar was near the cliff enjoying the scenery ragini who had come with her friends their saw sanskar she misunderstood him sanskar had stretched his arms
“hey u stop their” ragini screamed but sanskar didn’t pay any attention to it he moved little more close to end ragini ran towards him and pushed him aside her force was too much that she too fell down with him they rolled down ragini was on top of sanskar he was lost in her beauty they came to sense hearing her friends calling them they composed themselves

“hey u idiot how can u think of suicide everyone has problems in their life that doesn’t mean that u end ur life by running problems they won’t get solved” she said
“listen miss” I tried to say something she cutted
“u listen u r such a big coward who run from his problem”s she was giving lectures I was angred by this
“just listen to me” I screamed she became quite
“I was not suiciding” I said
“don’t lie then what were u doing their” she yelled
“oh mad women why would I suicide and u have misunderstood me” I said
“what would I know that why u were suiciding I saved u, u should thank me and u are yelling at me” she said
“don’t u understand simple thing I was not going to suicide i was just enjoying nature and u spoiled my mood idiot”
“oh hello ur are big monkey how dare u call me that”
“I think u came from some mental asylum mad women”
“u r mad monkey go to hell” saying she left

Precap: what has happened

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