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sanskar decided to see the city he roamed around many places he again met ragini in mall and they again fought sanskar was pissed off by her behaviour she called him mr.atmahatya
one day sanskar helped ragini’s mother. Sumi was very impressed by his genuine nature later she got to know that he was sanskar maheswari their old neghiobour’s son ap and sumi were good friends she was the one who informed ap about sanskar being in Kolkata she even called sanskar for dinner
that same day sanskar went to garden to relax he saw a puppy on road and a small boy approaching to it and from another side a truck was coming ragini to saw the scene she ran to save the child before she could reach she saw a man saving that boy and puppy both she was quite impressed by him she moved towards him and was surprised to see sanskar their
she thought in mind : so mr.atamahatya can also help others

sanskar noticed her he thought :not her again he was about to go
“thank u for saving them” she said sanskar was quite surprised he looked towards her
“what did u say” he asked
“golden words can’t be repeated” she said in attitude tone
“attitude ha I see know will u tell me why did u say thanks” he asked
“because u saved them” she said
“I don’t think u have any relation with him then why” he asked
“because u saved two lives its not necessary that we do everything having a reason when we do things for others without excepting anything in return the pleasure we get in can’t be expressed in words and u did it u saved someone so thank u” saying she got onto her cycle sanskar was just amazed by her nature and words she rode off sanskar was seeing her smiling she turned back and screamed

“mr.atamahathya i won’t forget what u did” she said
Sanskar was spell bound he never saw some one in his life who was so sweet and so much kindness
At evening sanskar reached ragini’s place sumi informed shekar about sanskar’s arrival
(ragini and jai were shekar and janki’s children when ragini was 4 years old her mother dies in a fire accident in front of her ragini was in some sort of depression she was unable to understand anything she had nightmares about it till many years it was a worst deram for her jai stood by her and supported her when she needed him after janki’s death shekar married sumi , sumi gave all love to both jai and ragini after some time she gave birth to radhika she was youngest of all)
Ragini was busy in her room sanskar arrived he met all her family members he met everyone jai and radhika liked him a lot all were sitting in hall ragini came out of her room
“ma bahout bhuk lagi ha kahna do” she said coming towards them
She saw sanskar both were shocked to see each other
“you” both said at a time

“do u know each other” shekar asked
“ ha I met him ma baba remember I said that I saved a man he’s only that so mr.atamahathya how come u here”
She said chuckling
“first stop calling me that and how many times should I tell u I was not going to suicide and I should ask u what are u doing here” he said
“oh relax young man” she said she turned towards sumi“ ma” she questioned
“he’s sanskar I said my friends son and ur old neighbour and childhood friend “ she said
Ragini thought for sometime
“ohh snow white know I remember” sanskar hitted his head
“its worst day of my life” he said all laughed at his condition
“waise how u both met” jai asked

“I’ll tell” both ragsan said at a time
“ bhai listen to me” ragini started narrating everything
“and this madam misunderstood me” he said
Jai and radhika laughed at him
“sanskar bhai app buri tara pass gaye ho” radhika said it was true bechara sanskar
“but di whose this snow white” radhika asked
“I’ll tell in childhood sanskar was very fair and cute so ragini used to call him snow white” he said everyone laughed

“I could never imagine that u’ll be ragu” sanskar said
“me too I didn’t know that snow white would become so handsome” she said
They had great time sanskar first time saw such family he was happy seeing them how they had fun sanskar was lost in ragini her antics her naughtiness he was falling for her more
The next day early morning sanskar went for jogging their he again saw ragini with some old people they were laughing ragini was entertaining all she was flirting with old mens and teasing women she was enjoying each and every moment sanskar smiled seeing her ragini was very talkative she can’t be quite more than 10 seconds her talks were long and big sanskar used to get irritated by it and she loved to irritate him

Days passed ragsan became good friends they used to have cycle races in morning ragini used to always win she did small cheating and mischief’s sanskar used to lose to her they used to hangout together and sanskar was in love with ragini he was know enjoying his life he was staying happy one day dp came to meet him

(note: ap doesn’t know anything about ragsan but dp knew)
Sanskar was shocked to see him he didn’t except him their dp tried to talk with sanskar but he was angry on him he talked rudely with him ragini was not understanding anything later she came to know that he was sanskar’s dad she was sad seeing him sad she decided to talk to him
He was sitting in garden alone ragini went near him
“why don’t u talk with ur parents and solve ur problem” ragini said
“their nothing to solve” he said rudely

“sanskar running from problems won’t solve them u have to face them how much u’ll run from them they’ll scare u that much” she said
“what do u think ragini everyone’s life is not esay as ur’s u r happy but not everyone are happy in this world without knowing my problem without understanding them don’t advice me what do u know hoe it feels when ur parents separate in front of u when all responsibility falls on u and u are unable to tackle them” he said in angry tone and went from them ragini felt bad for what he said but she understood his situation and decided to make him understand

The next day she said sorry to sanskar and convinced him to come with her she took him to orphanage and old age home she said him to talk to them and learn about their problems he talked with everyone and he got to know about their problems some said that their children’s send them here as they were not able to take care of them they felt their parents as burden they throwed them out of house some children’s said him that they never saw their parents so were physically challenged their parents didn’t except them sanskar was sad listening to them he know understood why ragini brought him their ragini started singing and all children’s started dancing around her she even pulled sanskar with her she was enjoying each and every moment sanskar was in deep love with her he fell for her kindness she was the most beautiful girl he ever saw
Later at night sanskar was sitting in garden alone thinking about recent happenings ragini came to him with two mugs of coffee she sat near him

He took the mug both started to drink their was a complete silence btw them
“so how was ur day” ragini started the conversation
“thank u for such a pleasant day” he said
“u know what sanskar everyone has problems in their life its not big or small they are it depends on people that how they take them if we think as esay they are if we think they are big they are things are always simple its us who make them complicated yesterday u said that I don’t know how it feels when parents apart” sanskar saw towards her

“I am sorry for that” he said
“its ok u know what I may not know how it feels I know how it feels when ur mother dies in front of u” she said sanskar was shocked to hear
She was teary she composed herself
“I was 4 years old when my mother died in front of me in a fire accident I was in great depression jai bhai and sumi ma helped me to come out of it I used to have nightmares about it till many years it was worst of my all dreams them ma said me that if we fear from problems they would fear us more so be brave and face them people around us are in more big problems than her we should try to be happy and make others happy be positive always ” she said sanskar was astonished by her words that how can anyone be so positive

“I hope know u’ll not run from ur problems and just face them “ she said she was about to go sanskar held her hand
“I am sorry and thank u I’ll try to handle them and be positive” he smiled at her and she smiled back both talked for some more time

Sanskar returned to mumabi back he was know not more the old sanskar he started taking things positive and handled them with smoothness he used to find ways to meet ragini every weekend he use to go Kolkata spend a lot of time with her ragsan became early very close friends they use to share everything late night chats became common for them they didn’t get sleep without talking and discussing about their day with each other

Sanskar accepted that he love ragini he decided to propose her he went to Kolkata their he got to know about veer ragini and veer loved eachother soon they were going to get married sanskar was totally heart broken by this but he decided to be positive and move on he was happy that ragini was happy he started engaging himself more in work he didn’t talk to her more he started maintain and a creating with her she was sad but she understood that he was busy during this time he met swara they became good friends he learned from ragini that love is done without any expectations he loved her truly if his love is true then they’ll be surely united not in this birth may be next one
Fb ends sanskar was lost in deep thoughts
She has changed a lot from a chirping bird to clam ocean which is filled with deep sorrow she was never like this what has happened to her I need to find it I can’t see her like this and where is jai uncle aunty and veer they were going get married what has happened where is he and why is ragini and radhika here In shimla

Precap: present reality

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