Dil se dil ka Rishta (C 2) Pt 5

Let’s begin….

Sanskar moves to Ragini with a smile

Sanskar:you here?
Ragini:i study here.. And you?
Sanskar:oh.. I can to meet Dr verma can you say where is his cabin?
Ragini points to the direction
Sanskar :thankyou

Ragini then sees aman

Aman comes to her :who is he?
Ragini:Dr Aman i want to talk to you!

Aman:yaa sure..!

They goes out


Aman and Ragini were moving in a beach side!

Ragini:so this was my story
Aman who was eating gola:so he rejected you?
Ragini:no he didn’t said it.. He just said i am a kid

Aman:can we sit somewhere.. It’s getting hard for me to eat this gola


They sits nearby

Aman:so you love him even now?
Ragini nods:and i think he is still depressed about his lost love.

He smiles widely:did you ever had drugs?
Ragini looks at him shocked

Aman:hey don’t look at me like that.. Even i too didn’t.. I just wanted to compare the situation.. Even lost love is somewhat like drugs.. A drug consumer knows it’s injurious to health and should stop it but still they can’t.. Same way one decides to stop thinking about the lost love but still they can’t forget!

Ragini thinks:hmm…

Aman:and don’t worry you will get him soon.. And one more thing you don’t need to hesitate to ask anything from me.. I am always there for you….
She smiles

Aman:it’s said that make a new place in his heart.. Like he should feel ki tumhare aage sab bekaar

Ragini smiles and nods

Ragini:you wanted to say something..

Aman:no.. He smiles.. Jab time aayega tab zaroor kahunga?let’s go back in few days your course is completing.. So search sanskar!

Ragini nods

*that day i realised even there’s guy’s who can take a girl as a close friend.. Dr Aman? don’t be confused aage jaan hi jaoge yeh Aman.. Aman nahi….?? Chalo baad mein bata dungi*

*sanskar has come.. But where he went.. I didnt knew it.. Kaise dhoondti mein unhe..i was on his world when a patient came on 304 Mr sharma a musician.. Who just waits for lyrics and the books.. He was just like my dad i used spend my time on him… I just did everything which i used to do with my dad.. But day when he got discharged after meeting him i was crossing by 305..306…and 30….*

Ragini passes 307..being shocked moves back to the door of 307 and turns towards the door she had a shocked smile

There sanskar was walking here and there and was talking on the phone

Ragini was smiling widely
He sees Ragini and gives her a small smile

Ragini then sees Radha on the bed

Ragini:aunty.. What happened to you?

Radha:arey baccha tum

Ragini:aapki yeh baccha ab doctor hai?

Ragini checks her file: haemoglobin 6!itna kam! And reports bhi acche nahi hai
Sanskar looks at Ragini

Radha:haan beta…why coming here.. But sanskar had a friend here Dr verma.. It isn’t necessary

Ragini:why it isn’t necessary.. It is necessary… And when people can go for unwanted things to china.. Why can’t you come to bangalore?

Sanskar looks at her with a expressionless face.. Somewhere he knew the particular dialogue was for him ?

Ragini:and now when you are here.. I will myself take care of you!

And she goes out..

*i had decided.. This time I would make he.. ???my hero clean bowled koi bhi mauka nahi chodungi*

Ragini takes out a saree and wears it.. She looks extremely beatiful

She comes out running towards the steps and sees many students and shouts:side side side….

Everyone gives her ways…

She goes to Radha’s room and spent her time there
She used to admire sanskar whenever she gets chance in middle unnoticed by him..

Next day.. The situation was same near the step ahe shouts runing in steps:side side side….

Even daily it was the same situation

And again the situation was same.. But this day before saying side.. Everyone have already gave her the way to move

While ragini smiles…

She goes to the room… And sees radha and talks to her:you are fine now aunty… U can be discharged soon
Radha:hope that day comes soon

At the time a girl enters the room:maa ji

Ragini turns…
And sees a beautiful girl saree standing in the saree..

Behind sanskar was also present

Sanskar:maa see who have come?

Radha:anitha.. You!

They gets into a talk

*i was sidelined in the next minute*

She goes out sadly

She couldn’t tolerate it… Again the thought of losing sanskar made her angry

She shared it with diksha and saher

They went for a lunch to a hotel

Diksha:i told you usko koi na koi mila hoga..

Diksha:look there…
Ragini was shocked to see sanskar and anitha enjoying their lunch

Rag:huh i hate this anitha

Saher:he looks smart

Ragini angrily:smart nahi jerk

Saher:dr Aman ka kya

Ragini:he only told me to make….
A toddler from next table was pulling Ragini’s clip

Ragini irritated:leave it baccha

Ragini:he only told to me to make….

The kid again pulls

Ragini:leave it baccha

But the kid again pulls

Ragini angrily takes the clip:you want this right take it!

Kid cries loudly

Kid’s mother:heartless!! She is a kid

Ragini regretted.. Kids mother moves from there to some other place

Diksha:ispe bhooth chad gaya hai.. She laughs

Saher:ragini why did you take his anger on the kid

Ragini as sanskar and anitha moving out

She made annoyed face

atlast she is going back to her home land.. Her home

She packed her bags and went to station

Later in station..

Ragini was sitting sadly

Her eyes falls on anitha who is sitting next to her

Anitha was reading the book

Ragini takes out the book

And acts reading.. Anitha sees her

Anitha:arey Ragini you

Ragini acts unknown

Anitha:sanskar ki best friend

Ragini acts:ohhh

A guy:madan chai..

Anitha:ragini you need it?


Anitha:no thankyou bhaiyya

Anitha:so going back?


Anitha:sanskar is a good man isn’t it? Anyone can easily like him

Ragini annoyed:hmmm

Anitha:he is a cupid between my.. He made it.. me and my husband’s breaking relation into an understanding relation..

Ragini smiles excited :u are married?

Anitha:haan.. I said na he is a cupid in my love story

Ragini:bhaiyya chai.. U need one

Anitha smiles shocked:no..

Ragini drinks it happily

*like i won everything wali feeling aa rahi thi mujme and finally i reached home*

Shekar and Ragini were taking bags

Ragini:machli jhal ki raani hai… Aha.. Jeevan uska paani hai

Shekar :ruk ruk.. This is your first grade poem right

Ragini:arey pappa.. Bade logo ne kaha hai insaan bada hote hi baccha ban jata hai


They enters

Ragini hugs janki

Janki:look who has come to meet you

It was sunny

Ragini:oh sunny!

Sunny:ha.. Now i have opened matrimony.. First wedding would be yours!

Ragini looks at him

Sunny:ek se badd kar ek rishta hai… If you say yes.. They would come to see the girl

Janki:haha… Someone will come to see her? She would go to see the guy

Ragini smiles and imagines

Ragini and her parents were sitting

And a guy comes with coffee….
He is revealed to be sanskar?

He bends towards ragini and forwards the cup!

Ragini taking :what’s your name?


Sunny:arey behen ji let him say


Sanskar hiding behind Radha in a low voice being shy:MA hindi


Sanskar in same tone:MA hindi

Ragini laughs….

Imagination ends

While here ragini is laughing

While trio looking at ragini

Janki:what happened?

Ragini goes in

Sunny:she is shy…

Shekar comes to room:ragini..

Ragini:haa pappa

Shekar:sunny was saying u were shy! Is it? He asked being shocked

Ragini laughs :aap bhi na… I am going out will be back soon!

She goes

Ragini was praying for the dead peoples at the graveyard

At the time

Ragini opens her eyes and looks around and finds none :hein? God?

Voice:arey Ragu mein tera tommy bhaiyya

Ragini:tommy bhaiyya

She turns to him

Tommy:now i am not the old tommy but now i have became thomas fernandes

Ragini smiles

Tommy:i want your help… Woh kun…

Ragini was praying..

Ragini:ok now say

Tommy:woh do you know AR jewellery they said they will give sponsorship

Ragini:for what?

Tommy:i thought of a good plan for this generation kids.. As to make them all to teach the Kung Fu..

Ragini :nice plan.. But how will i help you?

Tommy:woh actually i want sanskar to teach the Kung-fu as hestudied in china and came.. I want you to talk to him about it

Ragini:no no i will not tommy bro go and do it.. After these many year’s he won’t take his anger of shiny didi on you

Tomm:still he would hit me

Ragini suspiciously:i think the matter is something else

Tommy bends his head:ha.. How would i explain you.. Think that i and sanskar was in the army

(tommy and sanskar were dressed army uniform

Tommy:captain help

Sanskar helps him to come out of the tunnel

Tommy:captain you are so kind

He sits being tired

Sanskar gives him water

Tommy:thankyou captain…

Sanskar smiles :it’s ok

Later they stands..

Sanskar:becareful left hand tommy… Enemies may have created some trap for us

Tommy:captain… Save me

Tommy has placed his leg on bomb

Sanskar:oh shit… Don’t panic.. Don’t panic

He bends to the leg places his hand on the bomb tommy removes his leg

Sanskar:left hand tommy.. Bring a rock…

But tommy has runaway

Sanskar shouts:left handed tommy.. Left handed tommy.. Then blast)

Ragini shocked:haww you did something like that?

Tommy:i have did more than that!

Ragini:ok i will talk and see


Sanskar:i am not doing for helping him but for the kids

Sanskar filling the potato bags in the vehicle

Tommy signs ragini to help him

Ragini too picks and placeson the vehicle

Sanskar glares tommy:what are you seeing pick up!

After doing it..

Sanskar goes and washes his face and wipes

Ragini was seeing him

Sanskar:and then.. This year’s community marriage is nearing i want you and your dad to help

Ragini smiles :sure.. And whatever i can i do i will help in them.. And from next meeting onwards i will be there for your help!

Sanskar gives a small smile and goes


Ragini get ready and goes out

Shekar:where are you going?

Ragini:for the community meeting pappa

Shekar:ok good.. Go fast

Ragini reach the community office

Where everyone was sitting

And she sanskar who was discussing something with guy… She admires him…

Sanskar sees her:would you please help in making the list of couples
Ragini smiles and nods

She takes the papers

She sees girls names.. And smiles.. She sees Radha

Ragini:aunty.. Myrah di is getting married? I didnt knew

Radha smiles:haan… This year’s community marriage i wanted sanskar to marry.. And with the thought of helping the poor i asked sanskar to marry Myrah

Ragini was shocked… She was hurt.. Heart Broken

Radha:myrah ek acchi ladki hai.. When she would enter new life with sanskar.. She would be really happy!

Ragini was shocked she sees sanskar who was discussing with a guy about something

To be continued….

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