Dil se dil ka Rishta (C 2) Pt 4

Let’s begin….

Ragini returns home all broken
But with expressionless face

*I was feeling like all the broken heart hindi songs are made for me…it was simple for him to reject me..but was it easy for me to move on…naah…its not.. My life changed a lot after the rejection pehle ENTRANCE EXAM naam ka bhooth jo madra raha tha?..usme bhi sabse bada bhooth Prof.dushyanth sethi ka class*

There was no rest for Ragini…
Dushyanth wasnt letting any of them just to look other than the board and books..

One fine day a girl next to Ragini fell unconscious

Two ladies comes and picks her up and goes
Professor yells at students for looking the girl other than the board or book.

Ragini tried many ways to run….

Ragini holding her bag runs out of the campus..

But 2 ladies holds and drags her

Ragini: no…leave me..i don’t go there..i want to live ???

*Finally i was back to home..i slept one night and a day for compensation for my hell hectic days…and i was going to bangalore for my medical course..my bike was sold to someone…?and i took the special cap with me..i was missing him badly ?*

* before going i wanted to see my her??..i mean Sanskar ji*

Ragini went to sanskar’s home and sees Radha working there


Radha smiles widely: arey Ragini beta

Ragini:how are you aunty?
Radha:am fine beta

Ragini smiles:aur mein kal jaa rahi hoon.. Bangalore medicine padne

Radha:oh that’s great..and i know you will be a best doctor in future

Ragini smiles

Ragini: actually i wanted to meet sanskar ji

Radha:but he went to Kung Fu academy

Ragini:ok i will go there..

Radha:arey beta..not here..but he went to China..


*After i went bohoth kuch badal gaya.. somnath’s store cassette’s changed into Cd’s..Tommy was caught by the police for the immoral trafficking and kaashi tiwari’s show was closed there was one person who depressed about my leave and that’s Sunny the mechanic..*

*Bangalore…oh now it’s changed to Bengaluru but those times it was Bangalore..was famous for hasiru belebath uppittu holige chakkuli chooda ruchikara peda…yummy… Where highly a kind people stays and very easy to learn the language because of peoples..and me .. there’s one more year for me being called as official doctor… diksha is with me but sadly samiya isn’t. she chose the different field..but i am happy for her..but there’s one more friend with me and we were just like amar akbar anthony?*

Ragini wakes from the sleep and her eyes falls on the cap which hanged on the wall..she smiles Sadly remembering him making her wear the cap

At the time 2 more girl wakes up

3 were in the bed

Both:till how many days?

*One is the same diksha the flirt? she feels bored when i just talk about my he…i mean sanskar ji and the other one is Saher extremely Sweet friend*

Ragini:he is my love..

Both didn’t say anything

*We 3 stayed in a house and we ourselves cooked for us..cooking??..now i cook but i am expert in roti and green gram curry*

Trio were cooking

Saher:maan na padega..you cook green gram curry really well..i am just loving it

Ragini smiles

Later Ragini tried to search sanskar in orcut which was newest app those times..but all went in vain

*and then there was Dr.Ashok’s boring sleepy class*

All the students were almost sleepy

Diksha fell into desk because of his class

Ragini sees her bored

Diksha straightens herself sitting but still she was sleepy

While saher kept the sad face as waiting when will be the class over

Ashok:now i would explain you all about the cardiac arrest…let me show you all a demo

He turns and keeps his hand on chest
And falls

*Everyone thought it was demo but it was the real demo of heaven journey..unko 2 din ki shraddhanjali*

Everyone are sitting in the class

*It was the time when sabke dil mein Aman hi Aman chaa gaya tha.. Don’t be confused salman as aman in Kuch kuch hota hai.. director ne galti kardi aman ko usme single chod ke?and till now aman is single ?so there comes our new sir..ahaan not salman? but Dr Aman*

A guy’s back is shown..then straight his smile..he opens gooday biscuit pack and eats the biscuit

Then washes his hand

And then moves picking up the book…

He enters the class with his charming smile

Everyone stands

He gestures all to sit:please please sit down am dr Aman..your new professor!

*Every students liked his way of explaining the class and his gestures mainly..but particularly girl students liked him a lot unme se ek diksha bhi hai?*

Aman:any doubts

Diksha stands:i have the one


Diksha:sir are you married?

All laughs

There was a shy smile on Aman’s face

Aman:any other doubts?

*Soon days passed the first viva exams arrived*

Saher went for the viva

Where aman and other professor were sitting

Aman:take one

Saher takes

Saher:bone marrow aspiration needle

Here outside ragini was reading for the exam

It was her turn..she goes

Saher while coming:all the best
Ragini: thanks

Ragini sits

Aman:take one

But ragini sees the gooday biscuit on the table..she misunderstands thinking he said to take it

Ragini:no sir

Aman:arey..if you won’t take how would the viva proceed

Ragini:no sir

Aman: don’t worry..take one

Ragini nods and takes the biscuit and eats

Seeing it aman laughs:arey i said about the instruments kept in front of you

Ragini felt embarassed

Aman smiles

*From then we became good company..*

They were walking

Aman looks at her lovingly

While Ragini was talking with him and saher noticed it… She smiles

One fine day Ragini and saher were sitting in the college garden when aman comes there and gives a gift to Ragini

Aman: now don’t ask me why..because u are an amazing fantastic fabulous friend before a teacher

Ragini smiles and takes it while saher finding their relation taking next step

And once Ragini and slips…
And aman helps her to walk: what is so urgent…you should take care of yourself Ragini
Ragini smiles: i am sorry..meine dekha nahi…i am sorry.. She makes a cute face
Aman smiles:u know how to tackle me

While saher shows it to diksha

Diksha smiles

*My two dumb friends thought something else and also made me thought the other things..i didn’t expect saher will also tell this..diksha ki tho chod hi dho?*

Ragini was working on her laptop

Diksha:kya chakkar chal raha hai tum dono ke beech?

Ragini looks at her: what?

Saher: don’t lie… Dr Aman and you…

Ragini:sochna bhi mat!we are just good friends
She looks the cap on the wall

Saher:good friends only proved to be good lovers

Ragini: it’s always him and i love only and only him..not anyone else

Diksha:oh come on Ragini.. Who knows this guy have married now

Saher:and you said he went to china ..may be he wouls have settled there ..he is elder to you with 7 years right.?..ab tak tho uske dho bacche bhi honge

Diksha:i agree…

At the time Ragini gets aman’s text

“Meet me tomorrow at the hospital garden whenever you are free i want to talk to you something important”

Diksha sees it: it’s sure now the he loves you

Saher:it can clearly be seen!

Ragini: my hero ?

Diksha:bhool jao usse..china ki kudi se hi byah racha kar dho bacche ho kar theesre ki planning kar raha hoga


Here a china lady is shown making the 2 kids sleep

And she goes out and sees a man whose back was faced to her..he has wore a Kung Fu gown and tied his hair

She moves to him: chiyun chonche chiyun
He turns…he is Sanskar…
He has grown the thin long moustache

Sanskar:necho chamkichiyunecho
Lady:natanesihe sose natheseketha

Sanskar smiles naughtily by pulling his thin beard :chon..chamchincho..
Lady:sose chiyun…she goes

Amd she sleeps on the bed and sanskar comes and sleeps and pulls the comfort over them


Both diksha and saher wakes with jerk

Saher:kya hua?

Diksha:did you see any nightmare?

Ragini angrily:destruction


Saher: Ragini..

Ragini holds her:u both sleep!

Later trio sleeps

*Next day has been arrived…i don’t know what my life taking a turn what twist is arriving.. i am scared… Don’t know what stored in my fate??*

Ragini was walking in the veranda

And she sees Aman coming towards her.. She stops her step being scared

Here sometime was coming in the bike…..
He parks the bike and gets down from it and moves……

Ragini was stuck….aman was about to move when a person enters the scene

Ragini was shocked..

He turns towards her and sees her.. he was like barrier for Aman…Aman to cross her

And the person is none other than Ragini’s Hero ?

Sanskar had a small smile on his lips

*This.Is.The.Turning.Point.Of.My.Life……. hurray..yaya..my..no no ??hero is back hero is back hero is back???..yahooooooooo*

To be continued….

So how was the part?

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