Dil se bandhi ekk dorr by Vrushy and Hales (Chapter 6)

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Previously-kaira naira keerti naksh akshara and naitik reached london for kaira’s trearment ….kaira met kartik n fluffy (kartik’s dog)….kaira tells the incident about meeting  a nyc man with dog fluffy….hearing the name fluffy naira gets restless n searches whether  there is any comapny of goenkas in london …she is relieved tht none of them is here but is suspicious about a company named Kartik…


Next morning
Naira decides to visit kaira company office….as she wants to ward of all thoughts  tgts troubling her so tht she can just focus on kaira’s health

Naira makes an excuse to meet up with a dance associate  who lives in london …she gives kaira’s responsibility  to keerti as she loves spending tym  with kaira 

Naira is feeling some nervousness  n cinfusing thought in her heart! Even she is unaware wat she wants ….does she wants  him in tht company  or not! 

During her way to kaira company office …all the old memories get refreshed ….

Finally she sees a big building on the board its written kaira ….

Her logic tht this company belongs to kartik goenka ..becomes  strongle as its a building full of glass windows

Kaira sleeping in kartik’s bed ….

Naira’s head on kartik’s chest n kaira held each other’s  hands…

Kartik: uk its very boring at work 

Naira: y?

Kartik: first of all i dont get to see my beautiful  wife …n second of all the building is very boring….

Naira  smiles n asks then wat kind of building u want it to be like

Kartik: a building full of glass windows…it gives everyone a nyc classy look…

Naira: hmm …nyc choice

Kartik: obviously  my choices  r awsum….as one of them is u ..

Kaira have a liplock

Flashback ends

Naira has tears in her eyes….

Naira collects herself back n decides to go in …

Naira says to herself….’naira u r a strong independent woman …u can face anyone now …ur past cant make u fall weak! U have a daughter who looks up to u …be strong!!’

Naira enters the office ….the office surrounding seemed very friendly just like naitik’s office surrounding is …

Karthik was sitting in his office when he suddenly started feeling very uneasy. It felt as if what he wanted was near his hands reach but he could not grab it. It really pained his heart.

Naira goes upto the receptionist…

Naira: excuse me

Receptionist: yes ma’am…how can i help u

Naira: i want to meet with ur head …i mean CEO

Receptionist: ok ..but do u have an appointment 

Naira: no …but i just want to meet once

Receptionist: sorry ma’am  he is very busy with lot of meetings

Naira thinks of something  n says ok so wen cab i have an appointment with umm…Mr. Goenka

Receptionist shockingly saw naira’s face …

Receptionist: ma’am  ….wat r u saying  …Mr. ..Mr. Goenka..no one is here in tht name

Naira: ohh sorry …my bad …thnk u 

Naira turns to relieve

Naira thinks-
Thnk god! I had to say like this to know whether  the CEO is goenka or not….now m relieved 

Receptionist thinks today my job would have gone …if anyone heard tht someone refered kartik sir as  Mr. Goenka then he would have fired me!!

He suddenly felt a flutter in his heart and he felt that naira was somewhere near him. He had this restlessness in his heart and he got up from his chair and moved out of his cabin.

He walked out of the office searching for his heartbeat. He finally stopped at the reception desk and asked the ladt if someone had come asking for him. The receptionist replied about a girl coming

Precap- Kartik sees keerti

Hello guyz we r really sorry for the delay actually i (hales) was busy in my practicals n board exams comming up so wasnt able to contribute ….but finally i toom out tym…

Vrushy n me have written this part of our collab ff ….hope u like it …do tell us ur reviews…we r open to suggestions ☺

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