Dil se bandhi ekk dorr by Vrushy and Hales (Chapter 5)

Naira, Akshara, Naitik, Kaira along with Keerti and Naksh had reached
London almost an hour ago. While the elders were unpacking their luggage,
kaira had asked permission from her mumma to go to the beach, which was
facing their hotel. After lots of persistence, naira had agreed and kaira
went off to wander around the beach, all alone.

Karthik was out for his usual evening run. He had his ear phones attached
with music blasting through it. Fluffy was running ahead of him. Karthik
had taken Fluffy’s leash out of the dog collar because they had gone
through this routine for so many times. Fluffy won’t go far from the
designated path.

After naira had left him, Fluffy was his only source of happiness. Fluffy
was their dog, that naira had gifted him on their first wedding
anniversary. She was very fond of him and when she had left Goenka Mansion,
Fluffy was the only memory she left behind.

Karthik stopped after sometime and bend over to place his hands on his
knees. He was spent. He straightened and stretched his hands above his
body. Then as usual he walked towards the beach. Fluffy was already at
their usual spot and was already having a blast chasing around the birds
that dared to sit on the sand in the dogs vicinity. Karthik walked to his
usual spot on the beach and sat down on the sand. Soft relaxing music was
playing through his ear phone as he watched the rise and crash of waves.

He was disturbed from his routine when he turned to find that Fluffy was
absent. That was a surprise. He never wandered around. Karthik got up and
looked around to spot Fluffy running circles around a little girl. He
walked towards them.

“Hey doggy. Do you want some ice cream ?!! Mumma says to always share with
my friends. I will share with you if you will be my friend.” The little
girl said.

Fluffy enthusiastically barked and wagged his tail to show his consent.

Karthik reached them and smiled at the little angel. She really was the
cutest thing with chubby cheeks and dimples. Her hair was long that reached
her shoulders. She smiled up at him showing him her dimples.

“Hey there cutie pie. I am Karthik and this is Fluffy. What’s your name ?!!”

She scrunched up her face adorably, “ I am Kaira.”

Hearing this kartik is surprised as this just scratched some old memories

Kartik smiled.

Kartik: nyc name !! Whats ur mother’s name ?!!

Just wen kaira was going to tell him he got a call …n just then kaira
spotted someone n got out of clutch of kartik n ran.

Kartik gets reminded of days wen mishti gave the couple name kaira to him n

Here naira caresses kaira n takes her with her.

Kaira tells her experience of seeing a cute dog ..
Naira: oh wow! Even i love dogs..even i n ur..

Naira stopped

Kaira: mumma even u had one?

Naira: hmm …so wat was the name of the dog u met?

Kaira: umm ….it was something  like slushy…blufy…oh wait i remmber it ….it was fluffy

Naira paused ….

Aftr this naira rushed into the hotel room with kaira ….n started to browse something on net

Aftr a while 
Naira thinks …
Thnk god! There is no goenka group of industries here …this fluffy must be different then …

Just then naira sees something n gets a little worried….naira sees tht therr is a kaira grp of industries in london….

Naira wonders is this industry being kaira also just a coincidence 

Precap-naira enters the kaira grp of industries head office  in london ….on the other hand kartik is working in his cabin

Guyz here u go with  a very long update …as u all wanted  one

 thnk u for so much of love n support keep on showering ur love on our ff….we write coz u all like it …do comment n let us know ur reviews 

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