Dil se bandhi ekk dorr by Vrushy and Hales (Chapter 4)

Naira enters singhania  mansion’s gate with kaira ….

Kaira: wow mumma! I never saw nani n nanu’s house as they always use to come to us …

Kaira makes her hands relased from naira’s clutch  n runs to tge garden 

Naira: kaira wait! Slow down baby!

Naksh: naira u go in i will go with her …

Naira  smiles n nods ….

As naira takes each n every step towards the main house  …she gets flashes how few year  earlier she came  here helpless n miserable!

Keerti notices it n holds naira’s hand

Keerti: no matter wat naira this is always yr home …it wont let u fall! I know u might feel awkward  talking to me with this because..

Naira: bhabhi  no i dont feel awkward talking to u about it as i know  u stood by me going against ur own family! How can i forget tht!!

Keerti: yes naira n till the tym  they r wrong  i will stay by u only! Out of everyone i knew in my family ..i never thought

Just then  kaira comes so keerti stops

They all go inside  the house akshara n naitik hug kaira n naira n greet them in ..

Kaira: wow nani kachoris!! My favourite 

Akshara notices naira’s face how she us getting reminded of someone from past seeing kaira like this…

Then kaira runs towards the krishna idol kept in temple …

Kaira: hi my closst frnd! Hi krishna ji 

Listening to Kaira’s way of talking made naksh naitik n keerti furious while naira is all teary n gets flashes of kartik talking to krishna ji like this …akshara consoles her

Akshara: naira  u have to stay strong like u have been in these past years!

Naira:few years ago i had a reason to stay strong n thought now bad phase is over n everything will be set ryt. ….but today destiny has again made me stand at tht phase where i m feeling so miserable again ..knowing  about kaira’s heart condition …if this tym my loved one is taken away i will die for sure!

Naitik: no princess dont say like tht we wont let anything happen to kaira! Even god is seeing the hard work u put in …u will surely get the good result

At night
Naira is sleeping with kaira in her own room

Kaira is asleep…naira is still awake …getting flashes of old tym

Naira n kartik enter naira’s room …naira is wearing jagger n a long top n has vermilion  on her head …n kartik wearing a simple nightwear tshirt …n lowers

Kartik closes the door 

Kartik: so finally aftr marraige we came to stay at ur place …n my sasural!

Naira smiles … n says how r u feeling getting the royal treatment

Kartik: to be honest very wierd …i mean i cant even take a apple from the fruit basket …naksh gave it to me in my hand …m not even allowed to move a muscle 

Naira laughs 

Kartik: but in this room i can move freely n do anything 

Kartik comes close to naira ..naira blushes

Kartik puts his lips on naira’s lips n they kiss  passionately…n they make love

Flashback  ends

Tears flow from naira’s eyes ….n thinks we made a promise of forever but i never knew forever  never  lasts!

Naira sleeps 
In the morning Everyone wake up and gather at the breakfast table. There is a little excitment in the air as all of them would be going to london today. They had their flight in the afternoon.

“Have you packed everything ?!!” Akshara asks Naira.

” Yup, and anyways if I need something you are always there. Right ?!!” Naira replied.

“Yes, always.” akshara says and kisses Naira on her forehead.

All of them have their breakfast. Naira makes kaira eat. She also makes her have her medicines and then asks mishti to take her out. While mishtI and kaira play outside in the garden, Naksh and Naira talk about  the hospital and its formalities. Naira notes down all the important things in case she forgets anything.

Naitik and akshara look on as they see their daughter fighting back her tears. They both know that she is only pretending to be strong. She wants to cry her heart out but is being strong infront of her daughter. They knew Naira would never loose hope but then she has alreadt faced so much in her life that akshara and Naitik had become over causious and protective about her now.

The time passed by very quickly, and soon it was afternoon. It was their time to leave for airport. They packed their bags and went to airport. After completion of all the formalities they were seated at their seats.

As the plane waited to take off, Naira thought about how different it would have been if Karthik was here with her today. She needed him right now.

On the other hand Karthik felt something uneven in his heart while he was sitting in a meeting. He pressed his right hand at his heart and rubbed the area to soothe it. Little did he know that the heart fluttering was a good sign.

Precap : Kaira meets Karthik !!

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  1. Hey hales and vrushy! !!
    It was amazing WAITING to see kaira meeting karthik!!!

    Keep on writing! !

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    But I couldn’t resist after reading this!

  2. Wow! Loved it. The track is awsum. Pls post the nxt one soon.

  3. Awesome luved it
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  5. Fenil


    I am crying . U both will get punishment dear for making me cry.

    Kaira’s attachment with karthik’s nature make me remember Sneha And Anurag of Kasautii Zindagii Kay.

    Naitik and Naksh getting furious seeing kaira’s style hii krishanaji….its make me think karthik was also responsible whatever happened in past.

    Where is your legs dears ?

    Thanks for this update , give me next but obvious gain next update also make me cry .

  6. Super excited!!!
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  7. And I must say the way you have written that last para about kartik feeling something in his heart is just mind blowing!!!
    It gave me butterflies in my stomach!!!

  8. awesome….yup I m excited…naira’s past scene was cute…..m curious to know how n y they separated…update soon

  9. I’m eagerly waiting for the nxt episode. Your ff is just amazing Vrushy and Hales.

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