Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara Review: Apt, pacey and an unconventional love tale

Star Plus’ Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara started air on October 23rd at 10.30 pm slot. The show stars Smriti Kalra, Niki Aneja and Sanjay Kapoor in lead roles. It was earlier titled Ishq Gunaah. It brings a bold new love story of a young girl Ahana Raichand and a middle-aged widower Anant Mathur. Ahana doesn’t bother about their age difference.

Ahana has many barriers to cross. One such barrier is her mother Laila who also wants Anant’s attention for her selfish motives. Laila wanted Anant in her life desperately to get rid of financial tensions. Ahana doesn’t give her a chance to use Anant. The story then becomes an intriguing love triangle. Ahana doesn’t lose to Laila when she finds her true love in Anant.

Main Characters:

Ahana Raichand:
Ahana is a smart, go-getter and no-nonsense girl. She is more of a rebel, only when she gets miffed by Laila. She turns into a simple and sensible girl when she is with Saloni and Anant. Ahana is responsible, bold and mindful. She doesn’t believe in love, after learning her parents’ marriage truth. She then believes in true love when she meets Anant. She is quite generous and helpful. She regrets to lose her dad because of her mother. Ahana pledges to take revenge from Laila. She falls in a dilemma when she proceeds to make Anant a part of her life.

Laila Raichand:
Laila is a sharp, clever and selfish woman who doesn’t have love in her dictionary. Laila just equates relations by money and status. She is a rich socialite. She can go to any extent to get success, status and richness. She doesn’t get back from reaping benefits from her daughter’s marriage. She gets too mean at times. She has no emotions. She fails to connect with her daughters. She wins Ahana’s hatred. Laila sheds tears only to gain sympathy from people. She holds a good image in society, while many know her true side.

Anant Mathur:
He is a middle aged, decent, simple, successful and rich businessman. He doesn’t have any pride or attitude around his richness. He has lost his wife. He misses her dearly. He takes care of his children. He is a good father and a wonderful human being. He believes in keeping promises. He is much polite by nature. He doesn’t think of remarriage. He finds love again when he meets Ahana. Gradually, his feelings get evident for her. He decides to marry Ahana when she makes her own place in his heart.


Sanjay Kapoor as Anant Mathur
Smriti Kalra as Ahana Raichand
Aashim Gulati as Rehan Khanna
Niki Aneja Walia as Laila Raichand
Cheshtha Bhagat as Saloni Raichand
Puneet Sharma as Tarun Gupta


The show begins with Ahana’s relationship with her best friend, her dad Rahul. She gets much pampered by him. Rahul means a lot to her. Rahul drives her home. Rahul gets a shock on finding Laila cheating him. Ahana witnesses her parents’ marital discord for the first time. It gets unbelievable for her to digest her mother’s ugly truth. Laila’s truth spoils Ahana and Laila’s relation forever. Rahul couldn’t tolerate Laila’s cheat. The heartbreak takes away his life. Ahana recalls the bitter time. She gets into an argument with Laila. Ahana misses her dad dearly. Ahana remains just Rahul’s daughter post that day.

Ahana doesn’t approve Laila’s doings. She stays in her own world. She goes to the pond side to pass her message to her dad about her sister Saloni’s marriage fixing. Ahana happens to meet Anant. She likes spending time alone in the serene environment. She strikes a conversation with Anant, when she finds their pain similar. Anant has lost his wife. He cherishes her memories at the same place. Ahana finds an instant connect with him. Anant reveals he is a widower and father of two children. He tells her that he is Rahul’s friend and has met her before. She feels his love for his wife is true, that he still remembers her. Anant drops Ahana home.

Laila gets to see Anant. She gets happy thinking of her plans to bond with Anant. She decides to invite Anant in Saloni’s marriage. Ahana spends time with Saloni, who is getting married within two days. Saloni shares her worry regarding her irritating ex boyfriend Rehaan. Ahana decides to teach him a lesson. Rehaan happens to stay at Anant’s house. Ahana reaches there with a serious advice for Rehaan. She gets to meet Anant again. Rehaan offers to drop her home, but she prefers to go with Anant. Laila goes to meet Anant at his home. She tries to use her charm on Anant, but fails. Laila invites him in Saloni’s marriage. She hopes Anant can fall in her trap. Laila doesn’t know Ahana will become a major hurdle in her plans.

Our Take:

The show is interesting, while keeping the entertainment packed within the limits of decency. Ahana’s character is sensible, apt and bold. The dynamics between relationships is presented beautifully. Each and every member of Ahana and Anant’s families got a distinct characterization, woven into the story nicely. The scenes are shot well making the story more impressive.

The show turns promising because of the unusual love tale. It drives complications via Laila’s character. Story line is written in a manner so that it doesn’t look immoral. Ahana has her own reasons to step in Anant’s life, than just attraction. Anant’s character of a mature and selfless man is played well by Sanjay Kapoor. His subtle mannerism makes the character more likeable. He underplays appropriately, just as the character demands.

Smriti Kalra is much appealing as Ahana. She completely justifies her role. Niki Aneja as Laila is someone viewers will love to hate. Niki is perfectly cast for Laila’s role. She emotes well as the gold-digger socialite. Supporting cast is equally good. Viewers can hope the plot is handled with same dignity and does not involve loud drama. The story runs on a right pace. Track doesn’t deviate from the main plot. Scenes, execution and dialogues are inclined. The title song of the show is wonderfully pleasing.


The show is a typical off-note love story. It gets interesting with every episode. The leads chemistry is something to watch for. The show tries to keep it classy and chic. It is much different from many on-going melodramatic shows.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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  1. Apart from other positives I am really liking the smooth editing of this show. Scenes transition from one to another seamlessly. I am watching a couple other shows and the scene changes there and with other things shows in the past have been a little or a lot abrupt and choppy. Here, there is a cinematic quality. Maybe because the show is by Vikram Bhatt and experienced movie director. I don’t know. Anyhow, I watch the show now and then and like the technical aspects of its making.

  2. I love this show.

  3. 4.5/5 for me.
    I love its title track and the show’s smooth,classy execution.

  4. For now I give it 4.5/5
    I am enjoy watching this show and can’t wait to see how it develops further
    Loves the maturity of the concept – a true Nayi Soch
    I was sceptical at first but after watching a few episodes I now find myself tuned on to it and keep on watching and waiting to see what will happen next. Good cinematography and dialogue

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