Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 5th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahana aborts her baby

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The Episode starts with Anant asking Ahana what was written in the letter. She gets silent. He says fine, I will go to the kids. He goes. She recalls Anant and says I m really sorry, I have no option left, I have to do this, its saddening that baby will be punished for my mistake. Anant talks to lawyer. Lawyer asks shall I come and give divorce papers to Ahana. Anant says no, I will give it myself. Pyaar hai ya saza…..plays…

Anant sees the ring and recalls Ahana. He signs the divorce papers and cries. Ahana hopes she could win Roshni and Aarav’s heart and give them happiness. She writes down, that Anant feels she can’t become a good mum, so she decided to give love to Roshni and Aarav, and Anant to accept this that she can become a good mum, she has to take this decision

for her family’s happiness. She calls Saloni. She says yes, I have taken the decision, meet me at the hospital. Saloni asks her to think again. Ahana says I have thought well, its my last decision. Yeh shaher hai…..plays…. Ahana cries. She leaves. Maid looks on. Laila comes. Yamini asks her to sit. She says Ahana is not at home, I will call Anant.

Rehaan comes and says Mrs. Raichand…. what brings you here, how are you. Laila says you don’t need to be surprised, I have relations with this family, where is Anant. He says Anant will be in his workshop, Yamini would have told him, he would be coming, you said I will go away. Laila gets a call. The man says your loan got cleared, come home, I m not able to find out who did this. Laila says I m coming. She thinks if Anant cleared my debts, it means everything is fine between Anant and Ahana. Rehaan asks her to say about his future. She says wait for some time, you will see, my work is done, tell Anant I will come again.

The man says its magic, don’t know who did this. She says none can repay this except Anant. The man congratulates her and leaves. She says Ahana has made me happy today. Gupta comes to her. She gets shocked.

She asks what are you doing here. He says congrats, even I have heard the breaking news, a noble man has cleared your debts, that person doesn’t want to show any pity or favor, that person just wants you to repay the money to him instead the bank, I mean you owe money to that person, the question arises that who is that person, its me, Mahendra Gupta. She asks what. He says its fine, I will explain, I m your angel, you are drowned in my debt now. He laughs. He asks her to go and get wine. He reminds her words.

He asks her to get out of his house now, she will be on streets, but she has one more option. He asks her to consider this as a bowl and beg on the streets. Anant keeps the divorce papers near the pic. Ahana signs on the abortion consent form. Anant picks Ahana’s diary. Saloni asks Ahana to think again. Ahana asks her not to say this again, Anant thinks I can’t become a good mum, I will bring my child in this world once I become a good mum for Roshni and Aarav. She hugs Saloni and cries.

Anant reads her diary. Mere saiyyan re….plays….Ahana goes for the abortion. Anant cries and thinks what did I do, this can’t happen. He calls Ahana. Her phone is away. Doctor says its done, are you fine. Ahana nods and cries.

Anant says I read your diary, sorry. Ahana says its okay. Maid scolds Kavita for framing Ahana. Rehaan hears this and says we have created a rift between Anant and Ahana, we should apologize to her. Roshni refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now this tym ahana made a blunder she shouldn’t abode the baby without talking to anant she really behaved immature this tym it will complicate the things more

  2. Absolutely sick serial! Not thinking twice about killing your child, I hate you ahana

  3. Wasn’t it written about her abortion in her diary.. so will anant be aware!!!

    1. I don’t think she had mentioned anything abt her pregnancy in diary n anant will be hurt after knowing this

  4. i m hating it now aahana did very much wrong cv’s u shouldn’t do this but how dash u r just for ur serial for ur this story u should go to …. i don’t want to say this but u forced me to do this

    1. I agree ahana did v wrong & she should be mature enough to think that this not only her baby so to keep or abode the baby should be a mutual decision of any couple even I am surprised how it happened without husband’s permission cos I heard that now a days there r some strict rules regarding abortion

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