Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tarun and Saloni get married

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahana seeing Saloni and Tarun and smiling. Anant says what happened, I m waiting. She says this place is not right, we can meet again. Rehaan looks on. Anant says interesting. Roshni falls down. They all go home. Yamini sees Anant dancing with Ahana. She gets sad. Laila’s friend says you are approving Anant with Ahana. Laila says Anant knows Ahana is the hurdle between us. Ahana asks did you think of second marriage, sorry if you felt bad. He says no, I m surprised, even Laila asked this some time before. She asks what did you tell her. He says I never felt the need to remarry.

Rehaan stops Saloni and says please let me say this, congrats. He laughs. She says its my marriage, please… Tarun comes. Rehaan says Saloni is awesome. Tarun says I know I m

lucky. Anant congratulates themselves. Rehaan says you would be busy. Ahana says obviously. Ahana says I have to go, hope to meet you soon. Anant says looking forward. Ahana taunts Rehaan and goes. Anant and Rehaan leave. Laila asks where are you going. Anant says thanks, we shall leave now. Laila says you made the evening special, thanks for coming. They leave. Laila asks Ahana what was she talking to Anant. Ahana says we were talking to you. Laila asks what. Ahana says we will talk once Saloni gets married.

Anant thinks of Ahana. He recalls his wife. FB shows his wife asking him to accept their togetherness is till here, life is long, its not easy to pass it. He says Rehaan is with us, he says he will always with us. She says I want you to get remarried, if you get some girl who gives you happiness, you won’t stop yourself. He says no Shweta, I can’t give your place to anyone. She says give anyone a chance, I know Yamini will take care of kids, what will you do, promise me if you like to remarry, you won’t stop yourself. FB ends. Anant cries.

Gupta comes to Rekha and asks for tea. She shows Tarun and Saloni’s marriage pics in newspaper. He gives her bank manager’s message and says 3 crores cheque passed. She says its good, I bought a good painting from big artist. He asks why. She says its Tarun’s marriage, I had to do something special, I took your responsibility as well, right? He smiles.

Roshni asks Karan to look for Anant. Anant comes and says come on, Aarav will come to play football, we will go for jogging, weather is good. They jog. Anant says you guys enjoyed the marriage, I forgot there is a world outside house and office. She says I saw you dancing with Laila. He asks how can I refuse if she asks me for dance. She says you stay lost, you don’t give me attention. He says that’s impossible. She asks do you love someone. He asks what’s this silly question. She asks him to answer. He says some answers are not simple. She says your answer is not no, it means you love someone. He says please stop it. She goes.

Laila greets Ahana. Ahana looks surprised. Laila asks Kittu to get strong coffee for Ahana. Ahana asks are you thinking I m Saloni, I never got love from you. Laila says I love both my daughters, what did Anant say about me. Ahana says he was saying about second marriage, why are you interested. Laila says I m interested in him, I want to come close to him, I think he also wants to come close to me, sometimes someone touches heart, I feel this happened with Anant. Ahana says you want to make relation with his bank balance, you are using a pure emotion like love. Laila says you think I m doing this for myself, did you think how I managed alone. Ahana says you are alone because of yourself. Laila says I was alone even with your dad, you will never understand. Ahana goes.

Anant asks Karan to drop Roshni, he will go later, Roshni thanks him and hugs. She goes. Anant smiles and thinks my Roshni gets happy by small thing, even when she gets angry. Ahana recalls Laila’s words. She says how to say truth to Ahana. She calls him. She asks can we meet tonight, I have to say something. He recalls Roshni’s words. Jeene bhi de…………plays………. He says I m very busy today. She says we shall meet tomorrow. He says sorry, I can’t meet for few days. She says okay and ends call.

Rehaan and Ahana argue. Her bracelet falls off his pocket. Ahana meets Anant and says I have tension to reveal my house truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I love this show. I couldn’t help but laugh at Tarun’ father when Laila was making her speech, he knows her really well. I hope he doesn’t take it out on Saloni. I love Anant and Ahana’s relationship, it’s so seamless. He becomes too happy when she’s around. She loses her anger when she’s around him and you just see a vulnerable, maybe very hurt young woman. Love it. Only thing is, I’m not waiting for 10.30pm overnight but it’s the first show I watch every morning.

  2. Aarya

    This show seems interesting….

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