Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anant attends Saloni’s wedding

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahana saying I will never forgive you mom. Laila comes and asks her to forget what happened with Tarun. Ahana says I don’t forget and forgive. She goes. Gupta asks how did Laila make her daughter sign, there is some reason. His wife says Laila is a mum, what can be imp than daughter’s happiness. He laughs and asks is Laila a mum, I know her, she just sees her happiness, her profit, what profit did she get by this. His wife says I wish you could understand a mum’s heart. He says fine, I understand, happy. Tarun gets relieved. Gupta goes. Tarun says if dad knows. She says I told bank manager not to tell your dad, I will manage, go. She calls bank manager. The man says he went to attend Tarun’s marriage. She thinks to keep bank manager away from Gupta.


sees Ahana’s pic on magazine. He gets ready. Roshni asks him to come back soon. She jokes. Rehaan comes and teases her. Anant says we shall leave now. Rehaan says you look great, Laila will stick to you. Roshni hears them. Guests start flowing in. Gupta asks Laila how Saloni signed pre nup easily. She says I m not surprised Tarun asked her to sign pre nup, you got what you want, I got what I wanted, I got a good son Tarun. She goes. Karan shows the bracelet to Roshni. She says its not mine. He says I got this in Rehaan’s car. She says I will give it to him, it will be of his GF. She says you are upset as Anant didn’t take you, nothing will happen there, I will take you, come. She asks how. He says I will talk to Yamini. They all convince Yamini. Yamini says fine, I will come along.

Laila welcomes Anant and thanks for coming. Rehaan compliments her. Ahana looks on. Laila says I m lucky or special that you came here. Ahana thinks Laila doesn’t regret, this time I won’t let her succeed. Bank manager greets Gupta and tells about Rekha’s cheque clearing. Gupta looks at his wife Rekha.

Yamini says Anant will be upset if he knows we came here. Aarav looks by binoculars. Roshni snatches it. Roshni sees Anant. Ahana sees Saloni and Tarun. Anant sees her looking at Laila. Roshni sees Anant and Laila. Yamini gets back. Laila welcomes everyone. She says if Rahul was here, this evening would have been more perfect. Ahana recalls Laila and Rahul’s argument. Laila says I miss Rahul, I bless Saloni and Tarun.

Laila asks them to always be together. They all dance on Kaisi paheli hai ye….. Laila dances with Anant. Roshni asks why is she dancing with dad. Laila flirts with Anant. Ahana sees Rahul’s pic and thinks its time Laila gets punished for her doings, and Anant knows her truth. Laila asks Anant why is he single, did he not think of remarriage. Ahana comes and asks can I dance with you. She dances with Anant and says I m glad you came, I want to tell something about me and you. He looks at her.

Laila says Anant has understood Ahana is the hurdle between us. She tells Ahana that she wants to get close to Anant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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