Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 2nd February 2018 Written *Last* Episode Update: Anant confronts Ahana and Rehaan

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The Episode starts with Roshni swapping the letter and saying Ahana you have seen his love, now you will see dad’s hatred, your relation with him and this house will end, you took advantage of his goodness, you have hurt him. She leaves. Laila asks Rehaan what’s happening, Ahana is Anant’s wife, does he understand the meaning of relations. She says I forgot, what does an orphan know about relations, Anant did many favors on you, will you cheat him, I know everything, you use your charm to impress everyone in this house, throw this charm and love out. Ahana comes and says stop it, you know clap doesn’t occur with one hand, I m not going to cheat like you. She asks Rehaan not to listen to all this.

Laila says wow, I m surprised seeing you like this, you misunderstood me and said

you won’t become like me, you proved you are my daughter, just like me. Ahana recalls Laila’s words. Laila says you proved it by defending Rehaan, don’t play with fire, else you both will be destroyed, Anant is a nice man, don’t cheat him.

Roshni talks to Anant on call and asks him to come and see the surprise. He says I will finish the meeting and come. She says please, I will always be a child for you, you have to give me time always, you are my dad, promise me you will meet me first when you come. He says someone is coming to meet me. She says promise me that you will just meet me first. He says I always lose, okay I m coming. She thinks come soon dad, it will be a shock for Ahana, dad will throw her out of his life. She smiles.

Anant comes to workshop and asks Roshni what’s the surprise. She says I bought tool kit from my credit card. He says oh, it means I have to pay the bill, I m joking, no one gave me such an awesome gift, thanks. She hugs him and goes. He sees the letter and checks. He reads… Roshni smiles and recalls keeping Vyoma’s letter in the workshop. She checks and reads it. She gets shocked. She thinks and takes a photo in her phone. She keeps the letter back and goes. FB ends.

Anant reads…. Rehaan and Ahana are getting closer, Ahana is much more than a friend for him, Ahana is very happy to make him part of his life, the people who trust the most, they are breaking his trust, this will just defame her, her motive is to save him from that defamation. He gets shocked and recalls Ahana and Rehaan.

Rehaan pulls Ahana into his room. She asks him to leave her. He says if my love is madness, then I m mad, I love you, I know you love me too, I can’t live without you, how could you think I can live without you for ten days. She asks shall I tell Anant that I can’t come with him, I want to spend time with you. He says yes. She says we have shared pain, but whatever happened in Goa was a mistake, leave me. He asks are you running away from this feeling, you know its not wrong, don’t call it a mistake, please listen to your heart. She says its wrong. He says please listen to me, I love you, its not wrong, I can’t live without you. She says I have a husband, he loves me.

He asks do you love him. She says yes I do. He says I can see in your eyes, you are lying, you were in love with Anant, you love me now, this is the truth. She says its not true, I don’t love you. He says look into my eyes and prove it. He holds her close. Music plays….. They have an eyelock. Rehaan and Ahana’s moments flash. They get close… Anant walks in. He asks what’s all this Ahana…..it means whatever is written in this letter is true, Rehaan say something, is this true? Rehaan bows down. Ahana sees Anant…..

Show ends…

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The show shouldve atleast ended properly if they wanted to stop the telecast. Many useless soaps are laghing on the channel for years like yrkk yhm what shit? They’ll never ended because of conventional soap viewers

  2. what a track and what an ending both were disgusting

  3. anything can be tolerated to me like a young girl marry an elder man and vice versa a normal girl marry a physically retarted man or mentally retarted men and vice versa but a girl cheating her husband after marriage is unaccepted if someone accepts this then it’s his/her opinion but i can’t accept it
    ito me these r some limits which no one should cross

    1. not even for myself although it’s a sin to think of that but if it happens with me i will not allow myself to cheat my husband INSHA ALLAH

  4. Stupid ending,waste of time

  5. Muriel Habib

    Hello India, I am from Holland. Dil Sambhal zara is our favorite series, why the series ended on 5th February? Please. Ring the series online, we are missing the series. Please write send me a message why they stopped the series? We are waiting the series’s and hope that we in Holland will see the series again.
    Thank you and with for a answer.
    Bye from Holland
    Muriël Habib

  6. Aditi chatterjee

    Why the show get over?? It should on the other side pls start the show because we love this show. Dil samhal ja zara.

  7. I enjoy star plus very much here in Africa and i can believe it just stop just like that without a proper conclusion. That was not funny at all.

  8. Why did the show end with an element of anticipation.
    Start the show.
    Hw can u end without an intimated.
    This is an open ended closure.
    Stupid thing.
    Start it again.
    Atleast reply

  9. This is one show which had some serious content in it unlike the oder stupid Saas Bahu melodramas.. It really ended abruptly. Pls bring it back

  10. I want this serial back on starplus plzz. That was favorite serial l

  11. I cant believe that you ended the show like that. It was an amazing show.

  12. Please bring back the series… love from USA…

  13. Then what??? I guess series 2 yet to come..

  14. After such a long time a nice and sweet show was airing in star plus. Due to other nonsense and meaningless serials I had actually stopped seeing and star plus and when this serial came I was so attracted to it that’s even though i am having exams. I make sure I watch atleast 1 episode and sleep. I just loved the story. Would like to see more of it.please try to make a season 2 of it. Please please???❤️❤️❤️❤️?????

  15. plss star plus start this serial back i really enjoyed it a lot at least give this serial a proper end. start it again pls

  16. Yes seriously I like to watch this show why you stop this. ☹️ bring this show back star plus come back with 2nd season as soon as possible please it’s request…

  17. i want to watch this show please continue the show… WHAT THE END IT WAS ..????

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