Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Laila plans to marry Anant

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The Episode starts with Saloni saying I want to marry Tarun, he really loves me. She calls him and asks him to answer, if she is ready to stay on roads, is he ready to leave his dad’s house. He asks when shall i leave. She asks Laila did she get answer. Laila says this is my last decision, this marriage won’t happen, I m not your enemy. Ahana says she has no greed like you. Laila says this is the problem. Ahana says don’t control her life, Gupta has problem with you, not Saloni. Laila says if your dad was here, Gupta would have not done this. Laila goes. Saloni faints. Ahana holds her.

Rehaan comes to Roshni. He says Yamini said you are playing good piano. She asks how much money do you want. He asks whatever you like, how did you permit Anant to go in marriage. She says I want

dad to meet people. He says Anant won’t marry. He teases her and says Anant will get you married and send you away. She says dad won’t go this. He says he is going in marriage to find a donkey groom for you. She throws her purse. He takes money and thanks her.

Doctor checks Saloni. Ahana asks what happened to her. Laila says marriage got cancelled. Ahana says it won’t cancel, doctor checked Saloni and said… Laila says she got a shock, what else, its about my insult. Ahana says you have to get Saloni married to Tarun, she is pregnant. Anant makes Roshni’s photo wood carving. Rehaan comes and sees it. Anant asks him not to tease Saloni today, its her special day.

Rehaan starts drama. Rehaan says I will tease Ahana, not Saloni, she is different, you would be knowing. Anant says how, I hardly know her. Anant says I just know she is close to her family and loves them. Rehaan says I also noticed this. Anant says we will go and prepare now. Rehaan says you want to impress someone. Anant asks will you do some work in life, be ready at 7. Laila says you should be ashamed. Saloni says sorry. Laila says its late. Ahana hugs Saloni and argues with Laila. Laila goes. She recalls Ahana’s words. She thinks what to do now, I can’t break this marriage, Gupta will use this and count the favor. She gets an idea and smiles.

Roshni recalls Rehaan’s words and plays piano. She gets dizzy. Yamini holds her. She shouts Anant. Karan comes and looks on. Rehaan lifts Roshni and takes her to room. Laila apologizes to Tarun. She shows the prenup. He asks what does this mean. She says you sign this, you won’t have any right on your child. He gets shocked. She tells Saloni was in shock and couldn’t give the good news. She says tell your dad that I will raise the child, no law can help you in court, go and tell him, its his turn now. Tarun says please, sorry….I promise I will take responsibility of my child. She says get three crores cheque till evening, then your pre nup will be signed, you can get baraat. He asks how will I get three crores. She says your mum has much money, mum can do anything for child, go Tarun, its a test of love. She goes.

Anant asks Roshni what’s the matter, he won’t go in marriage if she is upset. Roshni says no, you can go, I don’t want to do marriage, I want to be with you always, Rehaan told this. Anant pacifies her. He says your marriage has much time. Roshni says I don’t want to marry. Rehaan says we are stuck, you marry me, we both have to stay here, Anant can take care of us. Roshni looks at Rehaan and smiles. Yamini looks at her worriedly.

Tarun gives cheque to Laila. She smiles and says I m so proud of you, your mum is not foolish like your dad. He recalls his mum giving him the cheque and valuing his happiness. She says your dad shouldn’t know this. Tarun takes her blessings. FB ends. He says my mom can do anything for me, dad shouldn’t know this. Laila says I don’t want my daughters to know, tell your dad Saloni will sign prenup. Ahana looks on. Tarun goes. Laila says you wanted Saloni’s marriage to happen, I m protecting Saloni, you don’t tell her if you love her, go and ask her to sign agreement. Ahana scolds her. Laila slaps her.

Ahana cries and talks to Rahul’s pic. She says I tried to forgive mom, she didn’t change, you have to help me Papa. She goes and hears Laila and her friend talking about Anant. Laila says my aim is not to win Anant’s heart, but to link my name to him, I don’t dream, I get what you want. Ahana goes and says Papa, I understood how to take revenge with Laila, she wants to use Anant for money, I will never let this happen, I promise Laila won’t get the life she wants.

Laila dances with Anant and asks did you think of remarriage. Ahana dances with him and talks to him. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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