Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Saloni’s mehendi gets delayed

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laila meeting Shastri ji and inviting him in Saloni’s marriage. She gives her kundli and asks about the coming time. He checks her kundli. She recalls Anant. He says time is not good and bad, deeds are good and dad, sometimes hurdles come in happiness. She asks what hurdle. He says a person will create hurdle. She asks who can it be. Ahana cuts the family photo. She removes Laila and says this is perfect family. Laila’s photo falls down. Laila comes and steps on it. Kitti gets the pic from her shoe and says it looks your family pic, Ahana has cut it. Laila says its bad pic, do you know Roshni. Kittu asks Anant’s daughter, I know her.

Saloni comes and asks what. Laila sends Kittu. Saloni says Ahana is not getting her bracelet. Laila argues. Ahana comes

and says my dad gave me that bracelet. Laila says I forgot, I have all the work, I m handling alone, hotel manager is asking for guest list. Saloni says I told Tarun. Laila says learn to make him agree. She calls Gupta. Gupta asks Tarun not to answer her call. Tarun asks him to answer, they will want guest list. Gupta says I know this, what do you want, you want to make marriage successful or not. Tarun says I can’t do what you want. Gupta says then I can’t answer this call.

Aarav tells everyone that he has won the football match. Rehaan asks why is Roshni upset. Aarav says since flowers came for dad, she is upset. Rehaan asks who has sent. He says Ahana. Rehaan says let your dad enjoy, cheer up now. He jokes on her. Anant says he will never grow up.

Ahana comes to Saloni and asks why did you not have food. Saloni says Gupta didn’t give the guest list. Ahana asks her to leave this to mom, just think for your marriage. She jokes. She asks Saloni to sleep. Saloni asks her to sleep along. They sleep. Aarav and Roshni argue. Anant asks them what happened. Roshni says don’t go in Raichant’s marriage, we will go for dinner. Anant says fine, we will talk tomorrow, go to sleep.

He sees the flowers and smiles. Yamini says I was going to kids. He says I just scolded them and sent to sleep. She says they are lovely kids. He says they just listen to you, you don’t feel bad of Laila’s words, you managed my kids like a mum, I m extremely grateful. She says no need to say this, we know what’s my relation with them, I don’t care what others say. He says I know, I would have not managed kids alone, thanks. She says I should thank you, maybe I would have not got out from legal problems. He asks her to keep flowers in room and goes. She goes. Jeene bhi de…….plays….. Ahana sees her wrist. Anant waits for Ahana at the bond. Rehaan sees Ahana’s profile and says this is just starting, it will be fun. Its morning, Rehaan greets Ahana and says my uncle liked the flowers, no use to jog, its just two days for Saloni’s marriage, I m coming, else who will wear sehra, Laila came to invite us. She says all guests will be treated well, you can come in mehendi as well, you get bored soon right. He says ya its true. She goes.

Tarun’s mum gets mehendi. He says its formality. She says its shagun. He asks her to explain dad, he is saying he won’t give guest list till Saloni signs on papers. She says he won’t listen to anyone. He says explain him, he is wrong. She says fine, I will talk to him. Laila boasts of her status. Saloni waits for mehendi. Laila asks him to call Tarun and ask the reason for delay. Tarun doesn’t answer. He recalls how his dad asked him to get Saloni sign on agreement that she has no right on his richness. Tarun says I can’t do that, please…… Gupta asks Tarun to go, just remember he is alone now, family won’t be there on marriage. FB ends. Tarun stops the truth and thinks I have to tell truth to Saloni. Laila asks Saloni to call Tarun again. Tarun comes there. Ahana pulls his leg. Tarun says Saloni I have to talk to you. He takes her aside.

Ahana scolds Tarun. Saloni says I will sign and marry Tarun. Laila takes decision that the marriage won’t happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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