Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahana confronts Anant

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The Episode starts with Ahana meeting Laila. She cries talking to her and says everything is fine, just sleep. Laila holds her hand. Ahana goes. She gets Laila’s purse from the nurse. She sees the family pic and cries. She thinks mom doesn’t have a rupee in her purse. She feels sad. Rehaan comes to Ahana with flowers, food and clothes. He recalls Roshni’s words. She takes the bag from him. Ae dil na kar….plays….

Rehaan says I understand your fears of losing your mum, I have lost my mum and dad. He says your mom will get fine soon, she is out of danger. Anant comes. Rehaan says I will just come and goes.

Ahana says its good you have come. He says I m going out for work, Tarun will look after the necessary things. He asks her to keep his credit card and use

it if she needs. She cries. She takes the card. He says I have a flight tonight, have some food. He leaves. She goes after him and returns the card. She says nothing is fine.

She asks where did our love go, I don’t understand you, either love is there or not, its just nonsense. He says I know you are worried. She asks what happened to you, why aren’t you listening to me, its about us, I know whatever happened isn’t right, I m also hurt, I m also a human, humans make mistake and learn, I accept I did a mistake, I tried a lot to give love to family, but I was always doubted, why.

He says you are mistaken. She says no, you didn’t forgive me, I understand everything, why are you punishing me. She says its enough now, just tell me, you understand me or not, I have cried and begged a lot, just tell me yes or no. He says you are much angry right now, I will come back and talk to you. She leaves.

Roshni talks to Karan and says I have to remove Ahana from this house and dad’s life. Karan says I thought you were annoyed that day. She says no, I m serious. Anant comes. He asks Karan to go office and get the file he forgot there. He says my flight is at night. Roshni asks him to take her to Dubai too. He says I will be busy there. She says I have holidays, please, we will be together, I will do shopping. He says fine, do the packing fast. She thanks him. Karan asks Roshni to enjoy there and come back happily. He goes.

Aarav calls Ahana and talks to her. She cries. He says I miss you a lot, how is Laila. She says she isn’t fine. He says she will get fine, I have made a wish for her. She thanks him. He says I always miss you, dad and Roshni are going Dubai. She asks is Roshni going too. He says yes, but I m not going, I have school, I will talk later. She thinks Anant didn’t find it necessary to tell me. She asks Saloni to have food and take care. Gupta comes and greets them. Saloni asks by whose permission did you come here. He says it means I need permission to meet Laila and you, come on Saloni, we are part of one family.

Ahana asks him to leave. Gupta taunts her that she is ill mannered like Laila. Rehaan comes and stops him. He stares angrily and pushes Gupta back. Ahana and Saloni look on.

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