Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Roshni hates Ahana

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The Episode starts with Rehaan getting coffee for Ahana and saying its imp for you to stay awake, you can have this, it has no sugar. She asks how do you know I don’t want coffee with sugar. He says Saloni told me, I just remember. She says people used to say Saloni and I are very different, but we have much love between us, do you still remember this. He says yes, I have a great memory. She asks is this good to remember everything, the moment which you have left behind and moved on, remember that moment. She says it means that moment is till with you, it isn’t past then. Rehaan thinks of his dream. She says I wonder is such memory good or bad. He says it depends upon memories. They have coffee.

Karan says the girl I knew, you aren’t that, your hatred for Ahana got so high, how

could you hide about Laila’s accident from Anant, you couldn’t see anything, I m sorry, I can’t support you. She stops him and says I don’t understand anything, I never thought of these things, my dad was with me, solely with me, I did a mistake. He says I glad you realized, we will go and see her. She agrees.

Anant comes. Ahana holds his hand. Doctor says operation is done, but we have to keep Laila under observation. Ahana asks is she out of danger or not. He says she isn’t out of danger, can you tell me if she was on any medication, BP, thyroid, we want all the details, we have found traces of sleeping pills, do you know since when is she taking these tabs. Saloni signs no. Ahana says yes, I will inform you. She calls Kittu to ask. Roshni says look at her. She thinks Ahana your mom is in danger, you aren’t moved. Ahana thanks Anant. She says situations make us tired mentally, you give me peace, I get courage from you. He says don’t worry, I have talked to them about expenses, I asked doctor to take care of Laila well, Laila needs you and Saloni the most. She says you remember even the smallest thing. She holds his hand. He gets away. She says I don’t know how I should thank you.

He says its fine. Saloni and Tarun come here. Anant says I have work in office, I need to leave. Ahana says work is imp, you can go, there is nothing to say sorry. He says please take care. She says you too. He goes. Saloni asks Tarun to go along Anant, they will manage here. She hugs Ahana.

Roshni says leave my hand, I was going to tell dad, sorry I forgot. Rehaan says I told you to tell Anant, you didn’t tell him, Laila was dying, situation was tense, who are you, I don’t know this Roshni. She asks why do you worry for Laila, see Ahana is not tensed, Ahana was ignorant about her mum’s medication, I can tell everything about my dad, I worry for him, look at Ahana, does she look worried, look at Saloni, she genuinely worries for Laila, I m sure Ahana is praying for Laila’s death. He scolds her. Karan looks on. Roshni says everyone has own reasons, you have come to sympathize with Ahana, I came here to tell Ahana’s truth. He says then tell me what is it, shut up, you don’t want to know anything. She says she looks beautiful, but she is ugly inside. Rehaan says you are enjoying in exhibiting your wounds, you beg for love and sympathy, just grow up, people show sympathy for few days and then turn away, I care for you, you have just two ways, one where you can get selfish and other where you can love everyone, try to choose the second way, life gets easy. She cries.

Rekha and Gupta see Laila’s accident news. Rekha worries. She leaves to meet Laila. Shelly and Kabir come to the hospital. He says I have to see Laila at any cost, I don’t have time to think. Rekha meets Saloni and says I came to meet Laila. Saloni says its all because of Gupta, he made her homeless just for his win. She cries and says I would have not married Tarun if I knew this will happen with mom. Rekha consoles her.

Rekha asks her to be strong for her child and Laila’s sake. She hugs Saloni and consoles her. Doctor asks Ahana to go and see Laila. Ahana goes to the ICU and sees Kabir. She recalls seeing Kabir at the farm house. She scolds him. Kabir says this woman is fighting for her life, did you try to understand her ever, you have drawn a conclusion, life is not right and wrong, it runs between these lines, you are not right completely, you don’t know her truth, you won’t be able to forgive yourself. She asks him to leave. He says if you want to know her complete truth, meet me. He goes.

Ahana argues with Kabir. She says Laila’s mistake was she was in love with someone else than her husband. Anant asks someone to send clothes and food for Ahana. Roshni gets angry and argues.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why most of serials I started watching on star plus are going off air. Before I was watching only love ka hai inzadaar and it went off air all of sudden. Now I heard this serial also may go offline.. can’t the channel close idiotic and other dragging one’s. This show just started and not reached its original story line or climax even!!!!!!

    1. Exactly! They’re are stereotype dramas like Yrkk which are dragging for years due to trps I dunno why people choose to watch such drama they can’t accept something new. This show has a very low trp. I have no idea why people don’t watch something unique like this

  2. Yes I also agree that this serial is different from other saas Bahu melo drama so it shouldn’t go off air
    Even am surprised if people liking other crap like yrkkh n ishqbaz namkaran then y they have problem with this
    It has a unique storyline n good starcast too

  3. This serial is too good

  4. this serial is too good.it should be continued please

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