Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Roshni agrees for Anant’s marriage

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The Episode starts with Rehaan and Aarav cheering Roshni. She cries and says its not funny. Rehaan says go to your dad, talk to him, you understand things late. She asks him to stop the car. He stops the car and says I m not Anant to bear your nonsense, go. She gets down the car. He stops her and says will you agree to me if I say so, we will go home and fight, sorry, listen to me. He hugs her. She asks how can dad marry Ahana, its really upsetting me. Laila passes by and stops to ask what happened to Roshni. Roshni says I m fine, you manage your daughter. Rehaan says sorry, she is unwell, I m taking her home. Rehaan takes Roshni.

Ahana asks where did you meet Roshni. Lailasays I saw her on road, she was crying, when I asked, she scolded me, she is just a drama queen, I pity Anat.

She gets a parcel and checks. Ahana asks what’s in the box. Laila says nothing. Ahana asks again. Laila shows the watch for Anant. Ahana says you know we are bankrupt, how did you get money. Laila says I have sold your dad’s watch. Ahana says how dare you. Laila says Anant is my future, I have to think of him. Ahana argues. She angrily leaves. She drives off somewhere and recalls Laila and Rahul’s argument. Rahul gets a heart attack and dies. Ahana reaches the temple. She talks to Lord. She asks why did I get a selfish mom like Laila, dad used to ask me to accept people as they are, how shall I accept her, she killed my dad and now she is killing his memories, its not that I m marrying Anant to take revenge from mom, I like him, he is really nice, I will be happy with him, I will get happiness by hurting mom, I don’t care, I m not Lord, I m human, I will do mistake, you can punish me, I will take revenge of dad from mom. She leaves.

Anant and Yamini talk. He says I won’t marry Ahana. She asks because of Roshni. Roshni comes and says yes, because of me. He says I was wrong, you are saying right. She asks him to say truth. Aarav asks Yamini for food. Yamini goes with him. Anant says Roshni and Aarav are imp in my life, I didn’t wish to hurt you. Roshni says you have hurt me by lying, you said you don’t love anyone. He says I didn’t lie, I was feeling strange how to tell you, I was not sure if my feelings for Ahana is love or not, I felt this feeling will change with time, but no, feelings increased, I can bear if there is anyone in my life or not, but I can’t keep you away. She hugs him. She says promise me, you will never share my love, you won’t go to other side of glass wall. He says no, I promise I will always love you. She asks him when is the marriage. He asks what.

Laila says I m ready to marry Anant. Ahana comes there. Laila says Ahana has a problem, she did much drama, Anant is behaving silly. Her friend asks her to be around Anant, invite him in fashion show. Laila likes the idea. Anant calls Ahana. He asks will you hear good news or bad news. She says bad. He asks her to get ready to change address, Roshni agreed for their marriage. She says congrats, now my mom’s turn, her mood is good, come and talk to her. He says fine, I will talk to her.

He calls Laila. Laila gets glad. He asks can we meet today, I wanted to talk something imp. She says sure, tell me where. He says your house. She says everyone will be here. He says I want to talk and its necessary that everyone is there. She says okay. She tells Saloni that Anant is coming. She asks Ahana not to do any drama. Ahana agrees. Rehaan comes home. He compliments Anant. Anant says I m going to talk to Laila. Rehaan says I will come along. Anant says no, its better if I talk, thanks for talking to Roshni. Rehaan asks how do you know, I had to talk, times are bad, girls leave handsome and young guys and run after mature and rich men, you know I m happy for you. Anant goes. Laila gets ready. Ahana says something new will happen, you don’t know. Laila says I know, what do you mean, did Anant tell you something. Ahana says you like surprises. Laila asks Kittu to receive Anant. Ahana thinks Laila will know when heart breaks, it doesn’t sound.

Anant tells Laila that he decided to remarry. Laila congratulates him. Saloni asks who is she, say her name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m sooo disappointed with myself, I read this Turkish story plot. It is such a mismash, I just didn’t like where it went to or the direction. My only hope is that my fav show is not a re-make of that story but an adaptation. Or else what I thought we will get to see will have no morals whatsoever, is just a disappointment. I can’t believe that Ahana will turn out to be like her mother! Ohhh

    1. Thanks for the info.I was not aware of the Turkish show.Now that I’ve finished reading that plot,this seems like a remake unfortunately.The plot feels distasteful on so many levels.This show is not worth my time.. The quality of star plus is deteriorating beyond measure..I wonder what is its yardstick for picking up a show..choosing such plot to make an ‘indian adaptation’ forgetting that there is a thin line between bold and tacky.On the other extreme,there is that regressive show ‘tu suraj…’One thing is clear,creatives in the tv industry have unhealthy concept of family life and relationships.It is becoming increasingly difficult to find something normal to watch.

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