Dil sambhal ja zara ( krishnadasi ff ) epi 1


Hi friends. I am new here though I have written some ffs for swaragini but this is first time when I am writing for krishnadasi. I hope I’ll get your support and encouragement . Plz plz plz comment so I can continue this. I don’t want to waste time in introduction so here the first epi begins .

“My life my world my destination
You are the one for whom I survive
You are the reason I have a life
Life is like a beautiful song if you’re there with me
If you’re are not in my sight
I’ll be like a burning candle which don’t have a light
My world starts and ends with you

If you’re not in this world there’s nothing to do”.
‘ Wow di these lines are awesome , you really deserve to be the best poet ‘. Says ishu( sister of aaradhya, you can imagine anyone as ishu).
A girl in a beautiful pink dress stands and smiles and then says ‘ I know my poems are the best and that is the reason my books are so popular in the city ‘. She turns and her face is shown. She is aaradhya. She hugs ishu and tells ‘ now I have to leave for a meeting , take care ishu ‘ .
‘Bye di ‘ says ishu.
Aaradhya comes out of her room and calls her driver but her maid says that driver is late. Aaradhya gets angry and shouts ‘you poor and middle class people don’t have any brain, you all just need money and when it’s time to work you have so many excuses’. Ishu hears this and she comes to aaradhya. She says her to calm down. Ishu say ‘ Di please calm down, may be driver is having some personal issues that’s why he is late otherwise he is never late, pls for today can u drive on your own’.
Aaradhya says ‘I am leaving but when he comes throw his salary on his face and tell him to get out ‘. She leaves.
Scene shifts to a small house where a woman is cooking. She is tulsi. She serves food in plate and calls ‘ aryan , beta , please come your breakfast is ready’.
A handsome boy comes in hurry. He says ‘ sorry aai , but I am getting late for interview and please bless me so I can get this job’. And he goes out of the house . Tulsi smiles. He is aryan . He sits on his bike and thinks ‘ o my friend Ganesha , pls help me so I can get this job, this job is really important for me ‘.

Precap : Aaradhya is in her car. And some children break the headlights of the car . She gets out of her car and is about to slap those kids. Arayan holds her hand.

Sorry for mistakes. Hope you like it . Pls comment and you can also give suggestions. Pls support me.

Credit to: Aditi

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  1. beautiful lines u wrote tell is it orignal or copied
    by the way i m looking forward for next episode and
    and your plot gives a lot of expectations

    1. Thanks apra and its nice to know that u liked those lines and those lines are written by me . Thanks for reading and your valuable comment.

  2. I forgot to mention that Here the families of aryan and aradhya are changed and you’ll come to know other characters as the story proceeds.

  3. Quite different…I like it…

  4. Nice I liked the lines you wrote in the starting

    1. Thanks

  5. liked it very much

    1. Thanks rhimjhim

  6. Poem is mesmerizing, very gud,luking fwd to it,please update soon

    1. Thank you for reading manikarnika

  7. Wowwwwwwwwwww!!! that poem seriously I really liked them ??❤️❤️??………and the episode is just fabbbbbbbbbbbb????……..plzzzzzzzz do continue ☺️☺️….and Aradhya is very rudy here??…….but your ff it’s just awsomeeeeeeeeeee????………..post the next part asap??…….lovely start keep it up????????

    1. Thanks aribah and yes aru is rude in my ff

  8. Thank you so much

  9. AAN

    those lines were really nice <3 and also ur ff 😀

  10. Wow…ua FF z quite amaizingg…I lyk it very much..The Linez r so awsm..I had taken the screenshit dear..Too nyc..Precape z lil intrestingg..

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